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  1. Quote:Original post by Antheus Quote:Original post by BattleMetalChris I've fixed it for now using a try/catch with a blank catch blockThat did not fix anything, just exceptions aren't reported anymore, meaning that something now doesn't work correctly. *laughs* It's the equivalent of putting your hands over your ears and yelling "lalalala, I don't hear you!" when someone says there's a problem. You did notice how your program still didn't do quite what you were expecting when you added that empty try/catch block, right? Anyway, what Daniel suggested should work fine, though we may be able to give better suggestions if you post the code where you modify and access your vector or list.
  2. FlaiseSaffron

    Help me solve this collision

    I've been spinning my wheels over this problem for over an hour but I still can't figure out how to solve it. What I'm trying to do is collide a circular entity, which doesn't bounce, against the corner of a rectangular wall. When the entity overlaps the wall, I want to move it back so that its edge is more or less exactly touching the wall. To do this I am attempting to solve the following diagram for the length of edge e, or the x position of point A - but I can't figure out how to do it. (Point B is the corner of the wall, and none of the angles inside the triangle are known.) Can anyone help?
  3. FlaiseSaffron

    What If Bill Gates Were Your Waiter?

    I think you overestimate human stupidity. People do understand that if someone is a multibillionaire, he can do whatever he wants. The only important reason Bill Gates doesn't sweep floors is because he doesn't have to and doesn't want to. Who you choose to spend your time with is similar - common soldiers aren't going to think a general is one of them just because the general happens to spend time with them. What would make them think that is if the general acted like one of them.
  4. FlaiseSaffron

    Approaches to 3D humanoid movement

    Quote:Original post by Mussi I'm guessing you could have 3 rotation animations; 33, 66 and 90 degrees and play the animation that's closest to the rotation angle. If you're rotation is larger than 90 degrees just play a sequence of animations, rotating more than 90 degrees in one step seems unnatural to me. You could also have an animation for a small angle and loop the animation though that might look funny :P. 180 degrees is perfectly natural (and very necessary in real life) - you just put one foot back and pivot on the other heel.
  5. You're not supposed to override the event processing methods if you use an event listener. Furthermore, the event processing methods automatically dispatch events to your listeners, so you only have to register each listener once and you should not be registering a listener (or doing anything at all besides handling an event) in one of those methods. The solution is to move the addKeyListener() to an initialization method, and stop overriding the processKeyEvent method.
  6. FlaiseSaffron

    I don't want to level up. I just want to kick your @$$

    Quote:Original post by Bladerz666 Quote:Original post by Dathgale Quote:Original post by Alpha_ProgDes I don't want to level up. I just want to kick your @$$ For what it's worth, I feel the same way. But for some reason, level grinds sell. well if you looks at borderlands, the quests you do offer XP. They're fun to play and display tons of variety while offering XP as an extra rewards. XP works as an incentive to make the player do ANY quest. There's your reason. That's not a reason at all. If a quest or the endgame of an MMO is worth playing at all, it's worth playing without killing arbitrary amounts of time leveling.
  7. FlaiseSaffron

    Why Organize a Game Into Classes?

    Quote:will it confuse me if I do organize them into classes? If you don't know how to use classes properly, then yes. If you do know how to use them, then you should be able to determine for yourself whether and how to reorganize your code. Either way, don't ever use technology for the sake of using technology.
  8. FlaiseSaffron

    Thoughts on Yo Yo Games Game Maker

    Quote:I am just looking into game engines to make the game development process smoother and easier because they abstract out all the details or that's what it seems like. Then what you want is an engine/library, not a tool like Game Maker. For Java, I can suggest just using the standard 2d graphics library, Java2D.
  9. FlaiseSaffron

    I don't want to level up. I just want to kick your @$$

    Quote:Original post by Alpha_ProgDes I don't want to level up. I just want to kick your @$$ For what it's worth, I feel the same way. But for some reason, level grinds sell.
  10. FlaiseSaffron

    [web] Action multiplayer in Flash

    Really, no one has any recommendations at all?
  11. FlaiseSaffron

    Parentheses are not curly brackets?

    Quote:Original post by Rubicon < = Angle Bracket These are also called chevrons.
  12. I've searched online for this but I can't find any particularly helpful resources. Apparently not many people are trying to do what I am trying to do. Can anyone recommend a good library/framework/whatever with which to program a real-time, fairly fast-paced game in Flash?
  13. FlaiseSaffron

    How do you design a fighting game?

    Thank you for your input. Quote:Original post by Noctrine The mind games will come whenever anyone plays it, regardless. The ones you come up with, won't be the ones that players will come up with during actual play, and people will find something horribly broken in even the most balanced characters. From there, they will exploit it to no end. I mean, look at Super Smash Brothers series, I don't think the infinite grab-chains, and invulnerability spamming were actually parts of the design. I wouldn't be so sure about that. For one thing, Nintendo knew about wave dashing in Smash: Melee before the game shipped. (For anyone who doesn't know, a wave dash is when you time a jump followed by an aerial dodge at a low angle, resulting in you skidding a few feet across the stage. It looks like an exploit, but it's intentional.) Also, there are no infinite chain grabs in Melee. The victim can use the joystick to influence the direction he is thrown, and escaping can be as simple as getting thrown off the stage. In Smash: Brawl, the chain grabbing was adjusted so you can get out on the first try... but now you can be chain grabbed by being thrown against a wall, and they had to have seen that one coming. So why did they leave it in? Because they didn't design Brawl for hardcore gamers. In short, I don't buy into this "mini chaos theory" that states that you cannot predict what players will do. I made a game with a fighting element that had one hand-to-hand move in it. When play-testers approached each other and drew their swords, they used the exact mind game I predicted they would use. Adding more moves makes it harder to predict what players will do, but it never becomes impossible.
  14. Has anyone here designed a fighting game that at least made it through the prototyping stage of development? How did you go about plannnig the moves and how the moves interact? Designing a fighting game seems pretty difficult to do on paper because of the heavy emphasis on mind games, but making up the moves as you go along isn't normally going to be a good idea. Perhaps I'm missing something or making this too complicated, so I hope someone who's done this before can give me a few tips.
  15. The writeObject and readObject methods of the object streams are designed to work for single instances only. If you want to transfer the static values, transfer them the same way you transfer any other value. Object streams are suitable for this kind of data transfer.
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