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  1. I made two new stuff! The first, is a blog, for all those who want to follow closely the development: blog.agfgames.com The second, is that I managed to implemented my own Fluid Grid, http://www.indiedb.com/games/paddle-wars-hit-the-wall/videos/fluid-grid#imagebox
  2. Thanks :) Btw: Someone here is messing with the source?
  3. Some fan of the game unfortunately only owns a Mac... And he kept bugging me for the source, and I forgetting to hand him... That is no more! Mac and Linux fans, rejoice! Although I don't own a Mac, and don't know how to make Linux packages, you can now build your version of the engine! Basically, download the game from here, and unpack somewhere... Then compile the sources, put the binary in the game folder (there you will find a "game.exe" binary already), and it will run (if all libraries are installed correctly, of course...) The link for the source is this one: http://www.agfgames.com/files/novashell_modified_HTWProto3.zip Also you will need "clanDUMB", a library that I made to allow you to use "DUMB" with ClanLIB. (yes, all users of ClanLIB, now you are free from mikmod!!!), mind you, that it is really "prototype-ish", it is not extensively tested, the copyright stuff in the files is wrong (result of copy and pasting around), and some features I don't implemented at all (like music position change). Link to clanDUMB source: http://www.agfgames.com/files/clanDUMB.zip If for whatever reason you people decide to improve any of those codes, feel free to do so, specially clanDUMB... Mind you that Novashell development is not a bit messy, Seth stopped developing it, and thus the person that is making most code is me, this file is the first public file with my changes, so this file IS the lastest version of Novashell, but IT IS NOT official, because I don't sent a patch yet to Seth patch the SVN. Also my changes have no proper documentation except some comments, and not everything is commented... So if you want to make a game using my version of Novashell, you are free to do so, but you will need to contact me and Seth a lot to ask questions, because the manual is a bit outdated. (btw: if someone want to volunteer to improve that manual, I would LOVE, Seth would probably like it too)
  4. Heh, thank you :) It is even flattering when I think that I am not a musician or a artist or anything on the art side of the brain... I am pure math and code :P Btw: Can you people please spread the word too? I mean, no need to annoy your friends to death, but if you know people (or reporters) that like the genre, tell them about my game please! Or on your twitters! Or follow me on twitter! @agfgames So far I found no haters of the game, only lovers or fans, but if it don't get popular (I mean, I am not aiming at world of goo level...) it is kinda pointless...
  5. Thanks :) I am really happy that I did not hurt anyone with bad music or cringe-worthy graphics...
  6. Yep, I am from Brazil I am making it since march I think... 1 month solely to draw that self-drawing 1980s style logo (I made it frame by frame) Actually, that logo is half of the game size (the game packed has around 10mb, 5mb is the logo :/ That is already png optmized) And yes, the gravity power is really cool :) I changed the scoring system only to make it more useful (ie: if you grab all stuff on the screen without exception, and don't lose balls, you get bonuses, with that power this is waaay easier... if you know what you are doing it is possible to never lose a single ball, because of the gravity powers, that can repel too btw...)
  7. Hello! I made a little game, only to test some design concepts that I though would make a genre much better and more suitable to my taste... But it is easier to show, than to explain, so I ask you to watch my trailer, that also has music made by me, and both are really cool on their own too (well, according to people on other forums ;) ) http://www.indiedb.com/games/paddle-wars-hit-the-wall/videos/prototype-3-trailer#imagebox So, play the game, and give me some feedback! I want to make it a REALLY good game, something that not only shows on IndieDB monthly spotlight (like it already did), but that also deserves to be shown in other places too!
  8. using reimp for mingw

    Hello! I need to convert a msvc .lib to mingw I type "reimp file.lib" and the result is 72 files named with seemly random numbers and no extension (like "0" or "820" or "1653" and so on...) So... how I use reimp?
  9. Flywheel attitude control...

    Huh... How I use that said coefficient? (in fact I already planned the difficulty modes, each one will use a completly diffrent system) And the powerplant is not a arbitraty value, specially because I am usign a real-world engine and power-plant, and I like to make games where the "nice" thigns on the manual are accurate. So, that do not helped much :(
  10. I've made a spaceship to my game that uses a flywheel as attitude control (it is just a single flywheel, in the same rotation axis as the ship, so the player can aim around) The problem is: The game is a bit realistic, and I want to make the flywheel and ship combination turn using law of the physics (including inertia), but I've got the following problem: How much force or impulse I apply to a flywheel and to the ship, with the data that I know being how much power I can draw from the ship powerplant? Being more direct to those that do not understood: How I convert energy into impulse? A quick explanation about the ship and the flywheel shape: the flywheel is a "tube", that is: a circle with a round hole. The ship is like the flywheel, but much heavier, and the internal radius of the ship is just a tad bigger than the external radius of the flywheel.
  11. What is the best 2D art program?

    [quote]Original post by Ezbez Quote:Original post by Speeder Quote:Also fireworks works well with dithering, and I think that this is really usefull, specially to simulate 50% transparency without actual transparency (transparency on some systems is SLOOOOOOOOOW) What systems are you using? I can only imagine that transparency would be slow when doing software rendering. If you use OpenGL or DirectX on even vaguely modern hardware, transparency will be very nearly free. Unless, of course, you're referring to mobile devices or something else similar. Mobile devies are one of those devices, but I was refering to software rendered games, that altough people think that everyone on the world has OpenGL and Direct3D capable cards, this is not much true, here on Brazil where I am from, maybe 50 or 60% of the personal computers are Pentium III or below, using crappy onboard cards without any support to OpenGL, and I believe that this happen in other parts of the world too, so there are still a market where dithering is needed \o/ Btw: Also here in Brazil the majority of the population uses dial-up...
  12. The Evil Badguy Cliche

    A Good example of a bad guy is Saren from Mass Effect, that really believes that he is saving everyone by complying with the enemy instead of fighting against it.
  13. In fact I am trying to create a armor system on my space shooter game that works this way: First: The ship has his own health, that is sufficiently big to withstand some hits, a good player should be able to play on "normal" difficulty and not die without using any armor (good, since my game has realistic physics, and having armor means extra weigth, and extra weigth means less handling of the ship, somethign that when you have intertia is really "evil") But of course, not all players are good, and not all players want to play on "normal" difficulty, so I designed a armor system that works more or less that way: The armor has its own life, when at full, the armor offers 100% protection, at half, it offers 50% protection, and so on. As the armor receives damage, it usually (usually, because the armor against laser is a mirror) absorbs the damage, that means that it takes damage itself, the point is: I made in a way that the more a armor absorb a damage, the more it takes damage, meaning that it endure less time, if you are a great player, that is sure that will take one or two hits, using a armor that absorbs all hits is good, but if you suck, and will take a lot of hits, it is better to use a armor that absorb less damage, altough your ship will get damaged (and repairing the ship is more expensive than repairing the armor), you are sure that this damage will not be much, neither on the armor (example: instead of the armor getting gone, meaning that instead of simple repair you will need to buy a new one, and instead of you getting some damage, you will get a bit more damage, but you will still have the armor, so you will only repair it, not install a new one) Also, the armor has a quality attribute, better quality armors take less damage when absorbing some damage, but they may take more damage when absorbing something else (example: a high quality explosive ablative armor against explosions, will always take a lot of damage when absorving even minor hits... a poor armor, will not always get much damaged, but it may allow much more damage to pass when that damage is the "right" type, like if it take a armor piercing damage) The idea is that the armors will be tightly balanced, the player will always have more than one weapon (in fact the player has 2 weapons and a sawblade that few armors can defend against, so he can use the sawblade if for example he faces a enemy armoured against lasers and the 2 weapons of choice of the player are lasers...), and the player can play without armor at all and still survive if he is good enough (and the difficulty low enough), so the armor may not hamper the mechanics. In fact, mass effect armor system suck, I only used the "best" overall armor that I could use (I even do not discovered what gave certain types of damage), specially because the enemy was usually a mix of the two "basic" types of enemy (ie: geth machines paired with krogran organics, meaning that being good against one or other while poor on the other side was bad idea), also noone on my party could use armors above light neither sniper rifles, those things just litered my inventory (I discovered this way that the "engineer" class suck... Being stuck to use pistols and light armor to the rest of the game, with a tech that disables shields against shielded eniemies that can rearm shields, or against unshielded enemies...)
  14. What is the best 2D art program?

    I use myself mainly Fireworks, and sometimes Inkscape. I plainly love Fireworks, it is easy to use, with a well organize interface, and I can mix vector and raster graphics at will, making some things really easy to do. Also I hate photoshop and gimp, to me both are just some bloated pieces of software that are hell annoying to use, the only use of photoshop to me is some funky features (like a seamless texture generator based on a photo) that he have and that I used once or twice, but they do not make the program worthy to be bought (I used the program on the computer of someone else, when I needed) Currently Fireworks suit all my needs, ranging from sprite creation, spritesheet creation using pre-rendered frames, vector illustrations, logos, web-site needs (this is where fireworks really shine) and even composition. Also people usually like photoshop filters, if you have fireworks and photoshop installed, you can make fireworks use photoshop filters (not all them, some are too bizarre and are not supported), also the fireworks filter system does not change the image, it create a "stack" of filters, that you can edit and change at will, re-order, and save and reload (something really usefull when you find how to generate somethign with a filter, like a plaster texture) Also fireworks works well with dithering, and I think that this is really usefull, specially to simulate 50% transparency without actual transparency (transparency on some systems is SLOOOOOOOOOW)
  15. advanced 2D physics engine?

    Again: Rise from your grave! Ok, you are wondering: Why you ressurected a THAT old topic? It is because after some time with the same problem (since 2005 btw), this topic helped me much, and now finally I can contribute back! The thing is still new, but it works well (and it suits well my game in particular, since I do not need soft-bodies, ropes, liquids and that sort of thing that still is not done), Chipmunk: http://wiki.slembcke.net/main/published/Chipmunk