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  1. Websites which may help you find a games job

    Thank you so much. This is very helpful.
  2. Fifth Engine

    We have a problem. It has become self-aware.
  3. 2D What books should I get next? C++

    If you want to learn C++, these are the 2 best books I've read (similar names but unrelated). Regardless of what API/engine you use, C++ skills are good to have. In terms of graphics, you have a few options. Realistically, going with an off-the-shelf engine will save a lot of time. However, it sounds like you are interested in learning, so writing the game on a lower level can be fun and rewarding (as well as extremely hard and frustrating). But if you keep your game to a limited scope, it is possible. You probably won't find a book specifically on making RPGs in DX12, so you will have to be inventive. Technically the API and game logic code are separate anyhow, so you don't have to learn them together. Get an RPG game book for any API or engine (even older) and then substitute whichever newer technology you want. The basics of game programming haven't changed much in years, so even a DX9 book will be useful if you ignore all the API calls. The most important thing is figuring out what you want to do. Is it to make a game? A game engine? Learning programming? Is it to tell a story? Build a portfolio? Have a fun hobby? Etc. That may give you an idea of what path to choose.
  4. Worth Going Back to School in Mid-30s?

    Thanks for all your comments. Since I have some previous college experience, I think I could transfer a bunch of the credits. I may only be looking at doing 2 years (or so) to get the CompSci degree. While I agree that a degree is not strictly needed, and many people are successful without it, it's something I think will be worthwhile for myself. I'm not sure I'd want a complete accelerated course as I still want to learn something. Since mostly all my programming has been self-taught, I feel like I'm somewhat at a disadvantage to people with the formal training, so part of it is learning the academic way (even if in some ways I'm already more advanced). Thanks for all the advice, I will still think about this for a bit but it's been helpful.
  5. Worth Going Back to School in Mid-30s?

    @Tom Sloper Thanks. I have a portfolio, but it's mostly all 2D games and I'm not really interested in 2D anymore (actually, I never quite was, but it seemed like a good way to get into the industry at the time and maybe move up). I realize a degree is no guarantee of anything, but from what I've seen it can certainly help my application not be put in the trash. And, no, I don't think school would be a waste of time in that I would be learning and gaining credentials. However, I could also spend 4 years building indie games or otherwise getting experience, which could be a better use of the time. I enjoy learning on my own too, which I'm constantly doing (maybe too much), but saying I've read dozens of development books in my bedroom doesn't hold the same weight as having an actual degree, even if you learn the same things.
  6. Worth Going Back to School in Mid-30s?

    @L. Spiro That's good to know. I don't have a specific example of being rejected outright because of a lack of a degree, I am just going off more from what I see in job listings and also from my experience with co-workers that had the degree and seemed to have a better understanding of formal programming concepts that I might lack (I'm more the kind of person that can hack something together, maybe not the "correct" way). Though I do have about 20 years experience programming, I don't have much of a portfolio with complex 3D games or any work in the AAA sector. So I could try to just work on projects on my own and build a portfolio, but employers would still be taking a risk with someone with no "shipped titles" and I thought the CompSci degree would at least help me get my foot in the door.
  7. So, I'm in my mid-30s and have been programming since I was a teenager (both as a hobby and professionally). However, I don't have a programming degree (though I do have a bachelors in something unrelated). Was big into the Flash 2D gaming scene while it was hot, but Flash is dead now and most of the experience wouldn't apply to 3D programming jobs today. I'm most interested in working on AAA 3D games. I do have skills in C++ (among other things) but I really feel like the lack of a Computer Science degree is holding me back. Do you think it's a good idea to go back to school and get the CompSci degree even though I'm in my mid-30s? I realize I could release an indie game or make some demos to get noticed (which I could do while in school), but it seems all the job listings I look at ask for Computer Science experience. I found some affordable programs, and the money is not a problem, but I don't want to be wasting my time. Any thoughts?
  8. IDE Suggestions, ditching Code::Blocks

    I've been using CLion and it's absolutely amazing. Even better than Visual Studio IMO. The code completion, refactoring, macros, etc. are all top notch and a huge time saver. However, data corruption and lost work can happen with any IDE, and the real solution is version control or a local backup solution (or both).
  9. The "Sky" is too short!

    It could be the FOV of your camera. Try using 90 degrees or something in that range, you will see more of the sky.
  10. Farewell Windows, it's not me, it's you.

    Yeah, I totally agree. Switched to Linux on one of my machines recently and it seems much cleaner, and I have much more control over what's running on the PC. You should check out the CLion IDE. I was skeptical that I could find a Visual Studio competitor on Linux, but after using it for a bit I think it's the superior product. Looking forward to where you go with future blog updates.
  11. This issue appears resolved either on the 378.92 Nvidia driver or the VulkanSDK.
  12. I tested the app on my second computer. Strangely enough, it works perfectly fine without any tearing. Using same Nvidia driver but with a Titan XP.   So at least I know the code is working. On my main computer I reinstalled the latest Nvidia driver and tried to disable any services on the computer that could be causing issue but nothing helps.
  13. With the Vulkan mailbox present mode, VK_PRESENT_MODE_MAILBOX_KHR, I seem to be getting bad screen tearing when running in fullscreen mode.   If run the app in a window, it works great (no tearing). I can also set presentMode to VK_PRESENT_MODE_FIFO_KHR, which works and vsyncs, but I'd prefer to use triple buffering w/ the mailbox.   The code I'm running is based on the tutorial here: and all I have added is my own code to handle keyboard/mouse input via GLFW and I'm switching to full screen using glfwSetWindowMonitor.   I checked in the debugger, mailbox mode is available on my hardware and I've set the swap chain minImageCount to 3 (also supported).   I'm new to Vulkan so maybe I missed something obvious, has anyone run into this before?   Windows 10 64-bit, Nvidia GTX 1080, driver 378.49
  14. Becoming a successful game programmer

    Having a collection of impressive demos is a good way to get seen, You could also even mod existing games and get some experience there. A degree in something like Computer Science will certainly open up some doors, but that alone is probably not everything. Read lots of books, and stay busy doing stuff. I'd recommend Game Coding Complete as a good book to start with.
  15. Wanting to move on from Actionscript 3...

    I'd say go with C# and Unity.