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    Need alittle help.

    Thanks very much for the links, I was working on a degree but it was way too expensive and I couldn't afford it anymore. I was looking into grants, and coming up with some other money. Anyways, I'll definately take a look at those links, and thanks very, very much for helping me out.
  2. halucid

    Need alittle help.

    Ahh yeah, I was pretty sure that's what would happen. Sorry about the gigantic block of text, and also thanks for the prompt response.
  3. halucid

    Need alittle help.

    Okay so, I have almost completed all my game docs, worked out story, characters, systems, concepts and all that. Now I'm totally unsure of what to do next, I want to start my own game development company because where I currently live there's only one other company here, and they don't have the greatest reputation. The only people I know of that can help me out are either.. moving away or there just aren't enough left to help me out and aren't really willing to devote the time to the project without the promise of actual wages which I can't give them without a publisher but I can't get a publisher without alittle more to show. I'd move away but I know there are so many people getting into game design at the various colleges and universities around here so there's a huge untapped resource, I just don't know how to go about finding anybody who would work for free. I think my concept is definately marketable and would be extremelely succesful but that's not really enough these days, understandably. I'm currently located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada if anyone is able to help me out or can give me any advice as to what to do next. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum, it's alittle bit of Game Development with alittle bit of looking for people so I wasn't sure. Thanks in advance! [Edited by - halucid on April 9, 2007 12:00:49 PM]
  4. You both make some good points, I had a feeling that would be a problem so my back up idea was to have a sort of action adventure-esque battle system, something similiar to games like Fable, but alittle more refined. I'm just looking for a happy medium between a more twitch/skill based battle system and the traditional turn based rpg system. Something to make combat enjoyable, satisfying, and most of all engaging. Especially since it's 80% or more of what you do in an RPG... atleast online ones. Oh, and to respond to your point about crafting, I've been trying to come up with a few ideas for that, I have one idea involving accessories but it still isn't quite enough to satisfy the types who really like to be able to make items... but I'll keep working on it. Thanks for the feedback guys!
  5. I've been reading the forums here for quite some time and decided to finally register and post some of my own ideas. For the past few months I've been hammering out RPG concepts and I came down to this being the general idea, just looking for alittle feedback to see if anyone would find a game like this interesting/fun to play. It is an MMO concept but, at the moment anyways, is purely just a concept and I plan on developing it quite a few years down the road. I'm fully aware at how impossible that is, etc. but I'd like to try anyways and have been looking into possibilities. Anyways, this is all just general info.. I have alot more written down but like I stated earlier, I just want some quick feedback before I start bouncing ideas off. - Sci-fi setting - 3 races; magic based, tech based, and lastly a kind of.. lycanthrope, mutant race. - When you create a character, you will have a list of basic weapon types and armor styles to choose from that is based on race. ie: Longswords, Shortswords, Pole-arms.. etc. Some weapon types will be shared among all races but the general look of each weapon will be based on the race. - Now I don't know about alot of you but I'm fairly tired of playing games like WoW, where you're constantly buying new weapons and armor to augment your characters.. The idea I had is to have a system where instead of always getting new gear, you augment your current gear,. So instead of buying "Insertfantasynamehere's uber armor of pwnage" you will be gradually creating your own legendary armor. Inspired by DnD. - I've found that alot of the grind in MMOs comes from the fact that the combat systems aren't very engaging for the most part. In my MMO, I plan on having a more FPS based combat system. I know that implementing an FPS combat system for an MMO would present alot of challenges but I'd like to get some feedback as to if it would be even feasible. That isn't very good point form, since I kind of went into long paragraphs.. I always had that problem when writting notes back in highschool, but you get the general idea. There's alot more to my concept but I'll just shoot that out there for now and see what everyone thinks since I went alittle overboard in explaining some of it. I did my best to make it clear that I'm fully aware that you boys don't really like hearing about MMOs simply do to how impossible they are to develop for the indie game maker but that this is also just conceptual at the moment. Questions, comments welcome. Thanks in advance!
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