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  1. Schrompf

    Advanced Terrain Texture Splatting

    You could get the same result by prefiltering the alpha map, avoiding all but one sample in the pixel shader. And if you employ some kind of relief shader, I suggest using the height map instead.    I employed this method to much success, but I didn't use a hard comparision but instead used a simple smoothstep() to blend between to two. Also works nice, but had the downside that the order of sequence is now important. It's always "one on top of the other". Which was fine for me as my terrain blending put one material per pass. 
  2. Schrompf

    Animating ASSIMP models

    The Assimp documentation says that the data from the animation tracks replaces the node's local transformation. So yes, the animation data is "premultiplied" with the joint transformation. My suggestion is to not transform the animation data into local joint space.
  3. Schrompf

    Never Team Up with the Idea Guy

    I sense idea guys with hurt feelings.
  4. Maybe the model creator mapped the texture to -1 .. 0 on one axis, and you activated texture coordinate clamping. The result would then look just like this.
  5. Schrompf

    How much of Boost do you use?

    My Boost usage list is:   filesystem, bind, signals2, format, any, lexical_cast.    Especially boost::signals2 is worth praising in my opinion. It's great to use signals to make decoupled systems talk to each other on occasion. You surely don't want to connect/disconnect thousands of times per frame, but calling through it is pretty fast.   Previously on boost, now deprecated due to C++11:   scoped_ptr, shared_ptr, unordered_map, random   I'm going to remove any at some point in the future, though, because I want an implementation of any that does not allocate for small types.
  6. Schrompf

    Notes on "Adverarticles" and Featured Articles

    I'm dropping in to just say "Thanks" to you for talking openly about this article. I was the first to voice my opinion on this article, and I surely had some doubts about posting negative feedback to something which comes as no-strings-attached offer to me. After all, I could simply have skipped over it. I fully appreciate your work as content lead, and I still think that it's completely your decision what gets published at this site, and in what form. But I also appreciate my right to drop a comment if I think that an article does not live up to its purpose. The purpose is to convey useful informations. And this certain article doesn't have alot meat to it. I still enjoyed reading it. To me, pretty visuals are also a nice take-away :-)
  7. Schrompf


    Looks to me like you simply forgot to switch on the depth buffer. Parts of the terrain in the background draw over parts in the foreground.
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