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    RPG game question

    Quote:Original post by Yamikomittsu Can I use J2SE language for RPG game? Yes Quote:Original post by Yamikomittsu Because I do not know how to write script in game engine. If yes, can you tell me how I write script? You dont necessarily need a scripting engine or a game engine. For starters, you should just write the RPG and look at adding scripting functionality later. Quote:Original post by Yamikomittsu This RPG game is offline and online. For online, player will fight against other player. So, don't I need to use java database or SQL for this? Depends on your game design.
  2. lordcorm

    MMORPG datastorage

    From personal experience, I wouldn't recommend using XML files to store player data or any data that is subject to immense change. Storing things such as NPC templates, Item templates, Quests templates and such in XML would be just fine. But player data, such as Character appearance, inventory, friends list, ect... should not be stored in XML files, and here is why. 1) You would not be able to implement clustering without making a way to send that information over the network, which there is no point in reinventing that wheel. 2) Its smarter to have your data stored on a remote PC. MySQL provides features that will also allow you to backup your information to another PC. 3) Backside tools will be able to access player data with less headaches. (Once again, you will have to implement some way of sending that data over a network. Again, you will be reinventing the wheel where a SQL-based server has already treaded on and optimized.
  3. Quote:Original post by Gianotti how can i do this? i can spawn now a object at position like i want but i want to spawn it on a specific position. second question : how can i add a collision on 3d objects? Its hard to understand your first question, cause its like you got it to spawn like you want it to, but you want it to spawn like you want it to. The second question. AFAIK, GDK doesn't come with built-in collision detection. You will need something like DarkPhysics or a collision library of your choice that you can integrated with the GDK. I am assuming your talking about DarkGDK.
  4. lordcorm

    XDK Resources?

    Uhhh, im pretty sure all that stuff is closed from the public... How have you gotten your hands (or going to get your hands) on that? You kinda need to know C++ (or what ever language the platform supports) before you even think about touching a platform SDK.
  5. lordcorm

    Assemblies in C#

    Interfaces. Use interfaces. They will make your life so much easier. Create an interface for you SearchEngine and SearchResult classes in your main application or a separate abstracted library (the later would be more efficient imo). Then have your class inside you DLL inherit that interface. Since im not a C# guru, so im not 100% rounded in how it manages shared libraries. (Loading, Instancing, ect...) Whenever you work with a Search engine. Instance of working with a specific class, you will work with the interface class that you inherited in your concrete class. Example: ISearchEngineHandler mSearchEngine = mFactoryDLL.CreateEngineHandler("Google"); ISearchResult = mSearchEngine.Search("gamedev dll C#"); This way, you never have to know which specific Search Engine your dealing with, creating a level of abstraction. However, im not a C# guru, so I dont know how much I can help out with the specifics.
  6. lordcorm

    Python disable garbage collection

    Thanks for your reply Zahlman. The reason im using C++ for part of my application is because its a prototype for a server im working on. I have all my generic core classes in a library which i use to make different types of prototypes (using different scripting languages sometimes to allow for other users to jump on and help). Using python only, was an option in the beginning, but I wanted to support as many scripting languages as possible. Im using Qt, PythonQt, and QtScript (and soon will be using other Qt related script bindings).
  7. In python, is there any way to disable garbage collection on a specific object? In python, I have made a class called "LoginSession", which holds all my variables for a user that is logged into my server. However, I need to bind this class to my "BaseSession", which is a C++ class that i pass to the python packet handler functions in the scripts. When i create a new LoginSession in my packet handler functions, GC picks it up after I leave the scope (which is expected) when I need a persistent object. These means when the next packet handler function is called in python, my session will be deleted. An example: class LoginSession(): def __init__(self): pass def Print(): Console.Info("Hello!, Im still here!") # Console - A C++ class I made to log console activity. # Dispatcher - A C++ class that will dispatch a message to a target python function when a specific opcode is received. # Session - The "BaseSession" that isnt specific to a clients state, but holds information such as its ip, port, sequence, among other things. # Message - The packet def _handleLogin(Dispatcher, Session, Message): Session.setSessionObject(LoginSession()) def _handleDeleteCharacter(Dispatcher, Session, Message): Session.getSessionObject().Print() #Error! My session has been deleted! Any help would be very appreciated. Lordcorm
  8. lordcorm

    Deploying Libraries

    I had a very quick questions, and I know its a question that is probably more preference then standard. For the 2.5 years ive been using C++, ive always been putting all my .h files in the src folder along with the .cpp files. Now that im developing large scale libraries, Im finding it inefficent to keep my .h files in the src files because of deployment issues. So, to get to the question, 'should I put all my .h files into a /include folder, then have my .cpp files #include to that folder? Or, should I keep my .h files in the /src folder and in the compiler events, xcopy all .h files to the /include folder for deployment?' Thanks a bunch, Lordcorm
  9. lordcorm

    Eclipse/PHPEclipse SVN setup.

    ah, makes complete sense now. thank you
  10. Ive been using Subversion for over a year now, and I havnt ever seen a setup quite like Eclipse/PHPEclipse's Subversions. I was wondering if I could get an explaination of what "org." and "net." means. Just taking a guess, is that how CVS used to setup projects? Thanks, Lordcorm
  11. lordcorm

    Developing for Windows under Linux!

    Quote:Original post by lightbringer Looks like you're pretty much stuck with Windows for now, as others have already mentioned. I actually find that XP Pro SP3 performs reasonably well, especially if you do a fresh install two or three times a year. Maybe that could fix your driver issues. It appears so. I guess ill put up with the constant 'rebooting' with a dual-booting system. Thanks for the help everyone.
  12. lordcorm

    Developing for Windows under Linux!

    Quote:Original post by Antheus I didn't know DVD drives requires special drivers. I never said they needed special drivers.... it does need special drivers for the lightscribe part of it, but not for reading. Quote: But here's a bigger issue. How will you handle bug reports where you will need to debug particular card's drivers? For example, bug will occur only on version of the driver, and card manufacturer will not be offering fixes. Not to mentioned debugging the various DX calls and similar, where the only tools you can use are already incredibly fragile and buggy. If you cannot troubleshoot such a simple problem where you're in full control, then actual development will turn out to be an incredibly painful and frustrating experience. But again: C#+XNA+DX means Windows. It might run in various VMs, but that's just optional. Valid question, but very judgmental for one problem im having with my PC. Just because im having a problem (which is actually common for my drive) with my dvd player, does not at all mean i dont have a sense of how to troubleshoot or debug programs.
  13. lordcorm

    Developing for Windows under Linux!

    The main reason I cant make the 'complete' switch to using just C++ and OpenGL, is because the company im freelancing with right now, ONLY uses C# and XNA, and i dont own the project. I think what ill do for now is dual-boot even though its a pain in the ass. Cheers, Lordcorm
  14. lordcorm

    Developing for Windows under Linux!

    Ive been debating on dual-booting, and using windows when i absolutely have too. Such as for my C#/XNA/DirectX games and playing games that will not work in WINE/Cegdia, then just keep to Linux when im developing with C++/OpenGL. However, its a huge pain to have to reboot every time i want to switch my development environment.
  15. It has finally been the last straw with windows! It has caused me so much trouble and hardships that i want to make an almost complete move to linux. Mind you, ive done this about 4 times already, and every time the reason for me coming back is not being able to develop Windows Applications on Linux. Sure, i have tried a virtual machine, but when it comes to needing 3D Acceleration, a VM is all but useful. Does anyone know of any good techniques for developing applications for Windows on linux. These windows apps will be using C#/XNA/DirectX. Windows is driving me nuts! Linuxs ndiswrapper is handling my network drivers better than windows! As well, and to my surprise, I boot up my PC one day to find that my DVD-RAM drivers are corrupt, and when i tell windows update to reinstall, it always come back to square one. What is the best way to get off of Windows, and still be able to play all my game on linux, program all my C#/XNA/DirectX Programs on Linux (mind you, all the projects im currently working on are using some form of windows dependent library.) Thanks, Lordcorm
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