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    [4E5] Screenshots and Art

    Its hard to make out exactly what your screen shot is of.. looks like houses and boots maybe.. it would be great if maybe you could post a little clearer screen shot. Sounds like an awesome idea for a game
  2. ndk5027

    Euro1943 Beta Testers Wanted

    This is a great idea great job on it. A few things that i thought of: Good: - Great music in the beginning and cutscenes - Awesome that you can get in vehicals and pick up different weapons -the sniper idea of zooming out to zoom in is incredible - Running in with a whole squad of your men looks great - Although i never got to yet...(still playing) it looks so cool to fly airplanes -I love the idea of capturing bases and some of the points have mounted turrets -sound fx sound awesome Especially the pistol sound -Jeeps and tanks look especially good, i like the style of artwork Improvement ideas: - Whenever im on larger maps and running with lots of people the constant sound of their running gets a little harsh on the ears. I think you should have some music playing the back or maybe have the music turn on when you enter combat. -First thing i saw for improvement right away was the movement of your character. While the idea of being able to turn your torso and shoot is cool its very difficult to figure out that you are turning your legs with wasd. It is also hard to see where your legs are pointing. I suggest that you maybe make it so that when you hold in "w" you walk toward your cursor. or make it so that your legs turn faster because they feel very slow - I was also a little confused and frustrated with firing for two reasons.1. when i clicked nothing happened, i found that you have to press down your mouse button hard and a fast click wont do it. Also sometimes my gun wouldnt shoot and i guess it was the reload time for each shot but maybe some kind if clicking sound might hint the player that the gun is reloading. -Maybe add in the ability for soldiers to see how much money their own team has so they can tell if they are winning or losing -Lastly i think that you could maybe change some of the bright colors to better fit the mood of the game (eg your ammo and health) also the particle system looks awesome but maybe just a bit colorful. All in all it is very fun and an awesome game! Cant wait to see the final version maybe get to play some multiplayer with lots of people. Great job, imo this has potential to be one of the best games ive seen around this site. Good luck in the competition
  3. ndk5027

    3D or 2D

    actually we already had a thread like this but it was deleted not too long ago. I think that you are in alot of trouble if your going to try and start your game now. The competition has been going on for months already and there is less than two whole months left. Maybe you could make a simple game, or never sleep and work on a game but i especially dont think there is enough time to learn how to program 3d and then make a game in two months. Whatever you do good luck! By the way my team is making a 2d game but it looks like alot of people are making 3d games.
  4. ndk5027

    [4E5] Screenshots and Art

    i think that it should just pop up but the words "exp gained" should stay there if your getting consecutive kills in a set amount of time. The number of experience can go up as you get kills and then when you stop getting consecutive kills it dissapears. Kinda hard to describe. But just an idea.
  5. ndk5027

    [4E5] Roll call!

    I am in, my team's game will be a beatem up game.
  6. ndk5027

    [4E5] Screenshots and Art

    jakem3s90, your video looks awsome but one thing, i would suggest doing something about the words popping up right in front of you, i think its getting to cluttered because your killing stuff every second and it goes so fast you cant even read it. I would suggest have only very important info to pop up or things that dont happen so often, such as a health pickup or such. But it looks great, kinda intimidating great work.
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