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  1. From the website: Tabular programming Tables are simple but powerful means to represent facts and to categorize the reality. Falcon tabular programming allows to control the overall program logic shaping the way business is often organized. Columns are properties, and row instances; a cell can contain any Falcon item, including OOP instances, classes, functions and even other tables. So, cells can be data, but also algorithms or even whole programs. Tables are also excellent means to select behaviors between a finite set of choices, or to mix behaviors and merge them, providing ready-made fuzzy logic engines. Also, tables can be applied more easily to categorize uncertain and shifting problems; in example, a simple structural modify to a problem may require the redesign of a class tree hierarchy, while adding a column that represent a new and formerly unknown aspect of a phenomenon can solve the problem altogether; and this can be done even at runtime, which is clearly not possible in the pure OOP model.
  2. thedirt

    My program won't work!!!!

    mpipe, that was uncalled for. Add this line after cin>>color; cin.ignore(); The reason this is needed is because cin>>color is grabbing the integer and ignoring the newline entered when you press return. So getline sees that and thinks you're done entering the line. cin.ignore gets rid of that newline character.
  3. thedirt

    Diet Pills

    You need to post pics of your mom for us to help you.
  4. thedirt

    I'm wanting to make music.

    I recommend Renoise
  5. thedirt

    exe distro

    I believe this is what he's talking about. On Windows XP, it just shows this basically to make sure you want to run it.
  6. thedirt

    browser based game in ruby

    It's not really possible. The two most popular options out there for browser-based games is Flash and Java.
  7. thedirt

    browser based game in ruby

    You're trying to run sdl in a browser?
  8. thedirt

    magic in movies ?

    Quote:It doesn't matter how a single machine can handle the data, one needs hundreds of machines for visual effects of any kind.orly?
  9. thedirt

    Game Test using DarkGDK

    void DarkGDK ( void ) { while ( LoopGDK() ) { gameSetup();//<--Right there dbSync(); } } Well that would be the problem--calling gameSetup every frame. Should be: void DarkGDK ( void ) { gameSetup(); while ( LoopGDK() ) { playerUpdate(); dbSync(); } }
  10. thedirt

    stl map iterator exception

    Thank you
  11. The following code does not work and I was hoping someone would be able to provide insight as to why. ReportManager::~ReportManager() { std::map<std::string, Report>::iterator i; for( i = mReports.begin(); i != mReports.end(); i++ ) i->second.~Report(); mReports.clear(); } Thank you very much.
  12. if you know all those languages listed, whats the problem here?
  13. thedirt

    Write bitmap file

    WriteFile( output, &bits, infoheader.biSizeImage, &written, NULL ); needed to be: WriteFile( output, bits, infoheader.biSizeImage, &written, NULL ); A minor typo. So I guess it was easier to do that than integrate a library. How about that.
  14. thedirt

    Write bitmap file

    Thanks for all the support. I haven't fixed it yet, going to work on it again today. I wasn't ignoring this thread..just sleeping. All I want is to be able to load my bmps (all the same size) with paint. My intentions were not to start a fight, sorry.
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