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    Six Game Domain Name 4-Sale!

    Aspiring Game Portal Developers, I have six domains that I purchased for making game portals. I linked up a few to start growing the page ranks, but basically the domains are empty. I think the first two are really great names and a good place to start. I've listed their current PR ranking and the date that I have them paid through. I have some big projects to work on, so I have little time to continue work with these domains. So I would like to sell them to someone as a set. I'll leave this post offer go for a few days and then sell them to whoever offers the most. I'm not looking for big money on these so feel free to make an offer. Thanks! -Tom 12/19/2012 PR4 2/26/2008 PR0 12/22/07 PR3 12/22/07 PR3 12/22/07 PR0 12/22/07 PR0
  2. Tom Gilleland

    A Zillion Free Sounds is now online!

    Quote:Original post by johnhattan Is the ownership of 'em all free-n-clear? I recorded or created nearly all the sounds myself. They are all clear of copyrighted stuff. You can edit the sounds all you like, you don't have to credit where they came from, though I wouldn't mind links to the site. :) The main thing is non-commercial (free) vs commercial (Cheap $20). Here's the detailed usage rights: ( -Tom
  3. Tom Gilleland

    A Zillion Free Sounds is now online!

    Quote:Original post by aakurtz Why hasn't a moderator deleted this ad yet? Hey, give me break. I'm a long time game developer (since 1990) and I thought I would share my sound collection for non-commercial use. I'm basically giving away tons of free content. Sure the site has ads, but just about every game developer site that I've looked at has ads too. From the numbers I've read, most of the game portals make over half their revenue from advertising. I only have targeted GoogleAds on that site, there are no Popup windows. How are you getting popups? That doesn't happen on my machine. Tom
  4. Developers, You won't believe your ears! I just posted the entire Zillion Sounds library online for free non-commercial usage. Now you can peruse and copy the sounds live via the web. ( Basically I have decided to take our commercial product "A Zillion Sounds 2.0" and post it online for free non-commercial usage. If you want to use the sounds for commercial work, then you need to buy the collection as a PC or Mac download, or CD-ROM for $19.95. The 5,000+ sounds are organized into 70 different categories and each sound has associated keywords on a unique web page. I did this so that each sound would Google well for the keyword descriptions. All the sounds are in MP3 format at 22k mono. If you buy the Download or CD the sounds are in .WAV for PC, and .AIF for Mac. Over the years many game developers on this forum and elsewhere have used this collection for game sound effects. Since I just posted this website, I would love to get some feedback. I tried to make it easy and useful to use, but I'm always open to suggestions. And if you like this free collection I'd love to have some links to it from your sites, blogs and stuff. Thanks, Tom
  5. I just uploaded the final versions of our newest game "Shell Whirl". Basically this is a polished Beach-themed Matching game that has a new spin mechanic where you match shell rotations. And it includes the more traditional matching games, so basically you get four different games. Marketing Text: Shell Whirl - A beautiful beach themed matching game with a totally new spin! Give it a Whirl! Kick off your shoes and transport yourself to an island paradise where you while away your time spinning shells at the beach. Choose from four different beach themed games while you relax to island music or natural ocean sounds. Enjoy over 100 levels of fun, addictive game play. Photo-realistic island imagery and soothing animations will clear your mind and relax your world. Here are the links to the game downloads: Windows - Mac - I created a product specific Web site here: Here are the links to the screenshots: Intro Screen - Main Menu - Game Screen 1 - Game Screen 2- Game Screen 3- Options Screen - Map Screen - Help Screen - High Score Screen - System Requirements: Macintosh OSX - G4, 400 Mhz, 128 Meg. RAM or later Now I'm off to marketing land for awhile... Thanks, Tom [Edited by - Tom Gilleland on August 10, 2006 11:15:17 PM]
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