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    Level Editor - for 2d games

    Hey - yes i still work on LevelHelper and SpriteHelper (will work till there are no features to add - so ... forever ) )- a new version of LevelHelper should arrive soon (its currently waiting Apple review) - as for my youtube channel - is OSXSoftware Regards, Bogdan
  2. Fixed the issue - it seams you have to specifically select 32 bits RGBA in interface builder for your opengl view. Default values are not the same on nvidia and Ati.
  3. I will try it - seams very logical. I will come back with news. Thank you!
  4. If you are refering to this part [[self openGLContext] makeCurrentContext]; - thats a NSOpenGLView method (the class I inherit from) - and that is not even necessary. I only have one context.
  5. So here its what is happening on ATI - CORRECT Behaviour [attachment=1718:onATI.png] And this is on nVidia - BAD BEHAVIOUR [attachment=1717:onNVIDIA.png]
  6. i don't - i save the pixels as png image
  7. Hello guys, I've seen other post on the internet regarding this issue but no fix for it so maybe someone could point me in the right direction. The problem is that on ATI video card the result is ok - the pixels are read correctly with alpha as background When on nvidia - the background is black - so no alpha I have problem testing this because i have an ati card - so i have somebody who is testing for me the application - but as you can imagine this is going slow and - i work blind Can you give me some advices on what i'm doing wrong ? Why on nvidia there is no alpha but on ati alpha is ok ? Thank you in advance for the help! glReadBuffer(GL_BACK); [self drawImageForSave]; [color="#ff0000"]//same outcome with this two lines // glReadPixels(0,0,rectSize,rectSize,GL_RGBA,GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE,[tempImage bitmapData]); glReadPixels(0, 0, rectSize, rectSize, GL_RGBA, GL_UNSIGNED_INT_8_8_8_8_REV, [tempImage bitmapData]); [color="#ff0000"]and the rendering function [[self openGLContext] makeCurrentContext]; glClear(GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT | GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT); glLoadIdentity(); glClearColor(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f); glViewport(0, 0, 512, 512); glMatrixMode(GL_PROJECTION); glLoadIdentity(); glOrtho(0, 512, 512, 0, -1, 1); int count = [[RectSelections getInstance] count]; for(int i = 0; i < count; ++i) { SpriteInfo* data = [[RectSelections getInstance] data:i]; Rect rect = [data rect]; ilTexture* tex = [[TextureManager getInstance] textureWithName:[data imagePath]]; // double viewW= (double)self.bounds.size.width; double viewH= (double)self.bounds.size.height; double imgW = [tex width]; double imgH = [tex height]; double left = rect.left; double right= rect.right; double top = rect.top; double bottom=rect.bottom; NSPoint pos = [data position]; float width = [data width]; float height= [data height]; glDisable(GL_BLEND); glEnable(GL_TEXTURE_2D); glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, [tex texture]); glColor4f(1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f); glBegin( GL_QUADS ); glTexCoord2f( left/imgW, top/imgH ); glVertex2f(pos.x, viewH - pos.y ); glTexCoord2f( right/imgW, top/imgH ); glVertex2f(pos.x + width, viewH - pos.y); glTexCoord2f( right/imgW, bottom/imgH ); glVertex2f(pos.x + width, viewH - (pos.y + height)); glTexCoord2f( left/imgW, bottom/imgH ); glVertex2f(pos.x, viewH - (pos.y + height)); glEnd(); }
  8. Hello guys, I want to tell you about a very handy tool called LevelHelper. Its a level editor designed to be easy and efficient. You can add physic properties to your object. Create custom tags to control your object in your custom code. Modify your object. The tool also generates all the code needed for your. With just 2 lines of code you have your level ready and into the iOS device already with physic simulation. Currently only for Cocos2d with Box2d - but more support will be added in the next update. Check out http://levelhelper.wordpress.com for a video presentation and details. Thank you!
  9. Hello guys, I'm happy to announce SpriteHelper, a comprehensive and efficient tool which brings you a texture editor and a polygon shape creator for Box2D (multiple variants) and Chipmunk Physic Engines. It automatically selects the bounding boxes of your sprites and saves the information for you, like uv, sprite position in image, rectangle dimensions. Most off all, it lets you create polygon shapes for Box2D and Chipmunk libraries. You can generate code for Cocos2D (Box2d and Chipmunk), AndEngine and Corona (available with the next update) and put your sprites and physic object in the game in a matter of seconds. Make sure you watch all the videos here : http://spritehelper.....com/tutorials/
  10. SpriteHelper is a texture editor and a Box2D Custom Polygon Shape Editor. It automatically selects bounding boxes for your sprites and give you information, like UV, sprite position in image, rectangle dimensions. Most off all it lets you create polygon shapes for Box2D physical library and save your scene for Cocos2D library. Ideal for iPhone and iPad games but it can be used wherever Box2D can be used. For populating a Cocos2d project with sprites and physics objects is as easy as making a new project with Cocos2d template in Xcode and copy paste the generated code from SpriteHelper into the project. The generated Box2D code can be used with any project (not just Cocos2D). The generated sprites info, like uv's can be used with any graphical API (e.g. OpenGL, OpenGL ES). YouTube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-Gjhc6FHgg
  11. Hello guys, I've developed a tool called SpriteHelper that lets you create custom polygon shapes for Box2D physic library. It also select your sprite's UV automatically and gives you copy/paste ready code for Box2D and Cocos2D library. From the saved file you can load in your project all your texture coordinates and all your polygons for Box2D. Information in the saved file: Image file used for the sprites in the scene Image file dimension Image path Sprite name Sprite UV (top left bottom right) Box2D Polygon vertices And many more.... Check out the tutorial on the YouTube video posted here: http://spritehelper.wordpress.com/ Thank you! PS Don't hesitate to ask questions here or on the website if you need further details.
  12. Hello guys, SpriteHelper is a tool that automatically selects the sprites uv's in a texture and lets you create custom polygon shapes for Box2d library. It gives you copy/paste ready code to populate your cocos2d project with box2d objects and CCSprite's. Check out the YouTube presentation here: http://spritehelper.wordpress.com/ or fallow this link to the App Store http://itunes.apple....?mt=12&ls=1
  13. You will need latest version of Snow Leopard to run this. Please tell me if the problem reproduce for you. Thank you! [attachment=1250:LevelHelper.zip]
  14. Im not using any FBO. Nehe code for resizing have the same effect. Maybe its my video card driver. I don't know ...
  15. Doesn't work. Well - i guess ill live it like that Thanks for the help!
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