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  1. beginner C++

    int& second(int n&) hmm...
  2. Couple Questions in Java

    That's about right. However for #2 if you set 'a' to anything else including null then it will be garbage collected provided there is no other references to it (ex. #1 won't be garbage collected if 'a' is set to something else since 'b' is still referencing the original memory).
  3. Scripting in a C++ program?

    Sounds like you want to program in Lua but have it compiled like C/C++ is. Well you're going to have to write a compiler for Lua, which is probably beyond what you can do now at this point. The second best option is to get the Lua intepreter source which is written in C/C++, and integrate it with your app, but that is really overkill unless your planning on making a game engine or something.
  4. Quote:Original post by CaptainJester java.awt.event.KeyListener To add to that: it's a interface so you will have to implement it in your game class. Then add it to the Frame or Canvas with the addKeyListener() method. Use the KeyEvent in the implemented method to get the key you want.
  5. UC Santa Cruz Game Design

    I go to a UC school and I prefer it over the CSUs. Yes there are fee hikes and riots, but that's to be expected from shortfall of state funding. I wouldn't rule out UC as an option just because of the fee increases (CSUs aren't doing much better). For the game design major, I'm rather sketchy about it. I think the way its advertised to attract "gamers" to less prestigious colleges makes me suspicious about its viability. I chose the traditional route just to be on the safe side. However, I do believe since UCSC is offering it that game development degrees are becoming more mainstream, but in my opinion its just not mainstream enough for me. To OP: Since it sounds like like you want to focus on game development or more specifically game programming but still have it be relevant to other fields, I go with a traditional degree and minor in game development or something (from a UC school that is). And yes I like UC.
  6. How to identify two same process ?

    The idea is to use something unique that can identify a process. Like a process id. This article can help: Link and this one: Link
  7. I don't even process WM_SHOWWINDOW so that couldn't be it. What my app does is one thread sends a custom message (using PostThreadMessage()) to another thread that has contains a window. The custom message tells the thread with the window to call ShowWindow(hWnd, SW_MINIMIZE).
  8. It also happens to PostMessage() when posting from different thread.
  9. I have a window with a message loop that receives messages from another thread via PostThreadMessage() to minimize itself, but every time the command is received and the ShowWindow(hWnd, SW_MINIMIZE) is called either the command is not removed from PeekMessage or the same command is added to the queue again resulting in an infinite loop. PeekMessage has the PM_REMOVE flag specified. I know this is a very specific problem but if anyone can help, please do!
  10. You only need to create a context if you are creating and rendering into multiple windows. Before rendering on a different thread you need to make the context current on the thread otherwise all OpenGl commands will be ignored. Says so on the MSDN: This helps to: OpenGl's website had something which I can't seem to find anymore.
  11. Change Screen Res During Execution

    Shouldn't the entire window be destroyed and recreated with everything matching the new res? I think that's how it normally done, I never seen anything that could change res while the window is active or I could be stupid.
  12. Java and 3d.

    You're welcome. I wish you luck on your Java adventure. I made some cool things with Java and LWJGL so its definitely worth it. I made a simple FPS game and a applet software renderer and all sorts of other cool stuff. Probably update my website with them but I will have to see. Java is pretty cool, so again good luck.
  13. Java and 3d.

    It is just a simple test of object oriented concepts. Java compiles every class into its own .class file. So if any of your classes reference another than those classes need to be in the same directory or package or imported using the import package_name_here; The tutorial on packages will help you out. The BicycleDemo class just refers to Bicycle and calls it methods. If you know C++ than this shouldn't be an issue.
  14. Java and 3d.

    Did you go here: Java Tutorials That's where I started out and it explains just about everything.