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  1. Some new art: One of the main villians from the game. -~-
  2. The post has been updated! A new version of the game is available.
  3. [Post Updated: Feb 27th, 2012 Just wanted to let everyone know that Version 3.0 is live with lots of new art, music, and gameplay content (including Dual and Triple battles, as well as the ability to summon Key Staff into battle with you). Look forward to hearing you thoughts on it. ] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi all, We just launched a new site for our Business RPG project "Profit Motive" and are looking to gather some early playtest feedback as we move towards iterating on the core design. We've got about a year to go on the project and so any feedback you can provide at this stage would be very appreciated! You can find the project demo as well as the survey questionnaire for the game on this site: http://profitmotivegame.com/ Here's some images to help you get a sense of where we're at currently and what you'll be in for: *Note that if you have Norton Antivirus installed, it may complain claiming that the .dll file is a virus, but is it not Cheers and we look forward to hearing some of your feedback, -Sage
  4. Sage13

    City Design

    lol thanks for all the great feedback guys. Cosmic: Yeah, I just learned by practicing and reading a few simple books on perspective. There are also some turotials online. I also try to find lots and lots of reference art to see how certain things (like building evas) actually look. Nuget: I draw first with blue pencil then ink over that with a pen. I then shade a photocopy of the inked and cleaned drawing with several gray prisma color markers (!0%-70%) hope that helps :) -~-
  5. Sage13

    City Design

    Just a few new works I did while developing a city for the manga/game project I'm working on. I'm still pretty new to perspective so I'm trying to figure out how to do things like curved walls and objects or platforms on mulltiple levels (elipses in perspective are OMG UGG!). But, practice makes perfect I guess heh. Let me know what you think. Feedback is much needed here :) The first one is the top down map, it's kinda large so I'll just link it: Caliger City A long birds eye view: and a shot of the set where the first eps/scene takes place (still working): thanks! -~-
  6. Sage13

    New pieces

    Well I'm glad that's the case. That means the camera angle is perfect heh (shhh don’t tell anybody). I'm coloring the pieces in an Udon painter style with a predominately warm color scheme. thanks for the FB guys! -~-
  7. Sage13

    New pieces

    Some line art I just finished up. Lots of the pencil textures will be replaced in the colored version. Some lines are missing because kinkos sucks, and of course they are also responsible for the legs running off the page (sigh, I'll just have to add them in during while coloring.) I have to fix some perspective issues on the left side and the feet of the guy in the foreground :) Looking to make some more improvement before I start coloring so feedback is greatly, greatly appriciated! :D thanks! -~- Also, another piece I've done recently:
  8. Sage13


    Very cool. nice shot choices too. -~-
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