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  1.   Don't chose. Go with both. Self promotion ... you can start it now, this until you might be approved by others.
  2.     You can do it cause you don't want your users to go to the other company. Other then that you don't have to do it.
  3. Advice need for business plan

    If i plan to have 2 million users on an online game (like L.O.L) what kind of servers should i need to use and how many of them? (So i can put the costs of buying the machines on the plan)   I know that the server capacity is defined on active client connections per instance and also we have the network limitations but i am not that good on math. Here is your chance of to start doing math. No one else can estimete for your. My question: is a gamer downloads 1 mb or 10 mb just to start the game? As you can see in both cases ... different servers will be needed.
  4. You approach before you start the project and setup up some % for each. Or you will have to distribue the money equily, even if the work was not done equily, in luck of this kind of discussion.
  5. What is your employers policy on coming in late?

      Since I'm flexible with them, they are flexible with me                                      And that is the why it should be, cause you are going to work to solve problems not to be on tine on work.                                       
  6. Meteorite going down over russia

    I also saw the video and uaaauu! That closed, right next to us? Makes you wonder how fast the dinosaurs disappeared.
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  8. Get a VPS plan for .95 cents!!

    any recurring coupons?
  9. How can you [really] make money online?

    [quote name='Evil Booger' timestamp='1228955925' post='517534'] I have a lot of scattered free time that might not be stable enough for a part time job and I was thinking about doing a little online working for some extra money. Most websites that I've visited say to do either Google Adsense, which I know isn't the best idea, or to do some affiliate program, which I'm not sure will work too well. I was also considering becoming a web developer. I know some of the basics like html, php and a little ajax, but is it really practical to try and compete with all the C# and web 2.0 gurus? What would I have to learn in order to be competitive? Oh, and I don't even want to think about those $0.20 surveys. [/quote] Adsense only if you want to make 100$/month and you will work for them The affiliate system is much easier. Also you will have to work but when you make a 150$ commission ... well you know it is work doing it.
  10. it is good to be paranoid. At least for your wallet. an idea is an idea. if you have no patent over it you can only go with faith that you will get credits ( money ) for it. also when you go to a big company you have to demonstrate the idea is good. if you demonstrate and it is good they can implement it very easily. what can you do: sign a contract with them before telling them the idea. that doesn't mean they will approve it or buy it ... but it's safe for you.
  11. Shockwave3D Launches Affiliate Program

    Did anyone tried this program? With what results?
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