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  1. glHomeless

    River implemantation

    thank you for your answers. The paper proposed by AndyTX is very usefull. I don`t want to implement a very physically correct river. The main problem is the interaction of water (which will be some textures) with splashes. But I will first read the paper proposed by AndyTX. Thanks for your help
  2. Hi, I want to implement a river. The water on it should be dynamic. I have the 3d coordinates of points which describe the river's border position. And I want that when the river splits into smaller rivers it looks realistic. Is there any good known implementation technic? Thanks for any help
  3. glHomeless

    using effectively multiple textures

    Thanks. I will use GLSL to implement what you said. That was my idea too. I just wanted to avoid GLSL. Thanks again. bye
  4. Hi, I have a simple problem in opengl. I have got 15 textures which show the motion of clouds. But I don't want to show the textures one after another. I want to merge from one texture to another. That means: I show cloud texture 1. After a few seconds I make that texture a little bit transparent to show in background the cloud texture 2. However this should not take a lot of CPU. How should I program that. I don't want to calculate the new cloud texture and then rendering it. It takes too much time. Could anyone help?
  5. glHomeless

    correct textureID gives unexpected erro

    how do I check whether I have enough texture memory? the textures are loaded correctly.
  6. Hi, I load 15 images in my program. Afterwards I bind them. Each of them gets correct textureIDs (different from 0). But when I want to show them, one of the IDs draws an white image instead of the image. Every time I load the program, it is an another image, which is rendered incorrectly. The images have a size of 1024x1024. When I scale them to 512x512, I get expected output. Does someone has experienced something like that? Can someone give me some advice? thanks for any help!
  7. glHomeless

    Seamless Image

    thanks for your good help ;)
  8. glHomeless

    Texturing a semicircle

    thanks. I will implement the first one.
  9. glHomeless

    Texturing a semicircle

    Hi, I have a texture of a sky and I want it on a semicircle. But my problem is, that my texture is quadratic. How to make it on a sphere? Please help me out! Thanks for any help
  10. glHomeless

    Seamless Image

    Hi, I have to make a cloud seamless. I read the following article : http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article2085.asp I want to know is the method he uses a standard method to make an image seamless. What possibilities exists to make an image seamless (this is a general question)? Thanks
  11. Could you post some portion of your code here. So we can better understand what you do. Did you make the black parts of your image transparent?
  12. glHomeless

    Display List vs Vertex Arrays

    When I use display list, the array is stored on the graphic card. So it can be fast loaded. Is this too the case for vertex arrays? Did I understood right the use of display list?
  13. Hi, I have a question concerning the speed of Vertex Arrays and Display Lists. I have an array filled with Vertex Coordinates. I want to know if it is faster to render with Vertex Array (glVertexPointer + glDrawArrays) or Display List? What is the difference? thanks
  14. glHomeless

    Moving Cloud

    I think I will use the third dimension to get those movements. Perhaps later I will understand the idea
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