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  1. I'm not looking to make ANOTHER myspace web game, but their popularity really made me think that making a game more suited to my home business (a dirt racing related business) could be a good source of repeat traffic to my website. I'd like to make a SIMPLE web based text-only game somewhat like Mobsters on Myspace that really is only database driven from what i can tell. I think it would be a VERY GOOD gimmick to drive continuous traffic to my business website as people login to play the game every day. Admittedly i'm very rusty with programming, i've done C++ and database software for clients in the past (when i was 'into' programming), but i really lost the desire to do anything too major and haven't written anything but simple things in the past 10 years. I'm hoping someone can help at least point me in the right direction as to what i need to get something like this setup. The player logs in, gets a few bucks, and has more 'stuff' available to them.. at the end of the week there is a 'race' and depending on a number of factors you do 'so' well in the race, win some money and can attract new sponsors (which will give you more money each time you login). The more stripped down and simple the better, I don't want to spend hardly any time administering the game, i want to get it going and be pretty much hands-off from there on out (as i will need to concentrate on the business that will hopefully get the extra site traffic and thus extra sales). any help would be very much appreciated.
  2. why not DX10 on Win2k?

    I can understand Microsoft not wanting to have to continually devote a bunch of resources to Win2K users. I just wasn't sure what sort of effort is required to get DX10 to run on it. Most of the software and games i play are a 'bit outdated anyway.. so i don't need the 'power' of Vista and DX10 quite yet... The day WILL come when i'll make the switch.. but i haven't been this comfortable with an operating system since DOS 6.22, it took me a while to adopt windows 3.x and it will take me some time to adopt Vista from Win2k.
  3. why not DX10 on Win2k?

    Is DirectX10 not going to be supported by Windows 2000 because of actual technical limitations.. or is it just microsoft's way of forcing an upgrade? I personally still love my Win2k and will probably stick with it for another couple years.
  4. It's been a long time since i've been on GDNET, i used to be around all the time, mainly for the interesting conversations in the lounge.. I think i've finally come to grips that i'll never actually make a game. Anyway, I usually always stumble across something interesting on here that sparks something (and that's why i come here). And low and behold someone mentioned car stereos. I was thinking a while back about car stereos, and wifi and thought that eventually people will have wifi in their car.. or whatever wifi becomes when the range is extended a little farther.. and they change the name to something else. We could have mobile Radio stations in our cars, transmitting what we're listening to, to anyone who wants to listen.. Even a little LED sign in the back showing everyone what you are listening to, and what channel to switch to, to listen. I think it might be interesting.
  5. Is Radiohead awesome ?

    Quote:Original post by capn_midnight Quote:Original post by Harry Hunt It's a great idea but it doesn't make Radiohead's music any better. Not that there's anything wrong with their music, it's just entirely unexciting. Agreed. The only songs I remember are "Karma Police" and "Creep", but they are wholey uninspiring. In my mind, these songs make them one of the progenators of modern Whine-Rock. well, what you hear on the radio doesn't even scratch the surface of Radiohead or really ANY band.. I think Radiohead is fantastic.. but that my personal opinion some may love them.. some may not.. but i definitely wouldn't want you to form an opinion on Radiohead based upon a couple songs the record labels decided would be the most 'sellable' songs.
  6. Pre-ordering consoles: who does it and why?

    I guess i SHOULD add to the thread that hey.. if you've got the disposable income and you really want the new console when it first comes out.. then why the heck not.. at lest you won't have to go from store to store trying to find one.. if you can afford it.. more power to you :)
  7. Is 35 too old to start into games programming?

    I don't understand the rash of 'am i too old' posts on here of recent.. especially from someone in their 30's.. how is that too old? you've still got 30 years to retirement.. and 50 years until you're 80's.. who says you can't create games through your 70's? Just because someone starts earlier, doesn't mean you can't surpass their abilities.. if you are talented, you are talented.. and some kid who starts when he's 10 may not be that great.. I don't think you're ever too old to do anything.
  8. And then what?

    Quote:Original post by Ravuya I think we'll still have movie-star games with crappy gameplay and extravagant art budgets and an indie market trying its hardest not to get stomped out by progressively more invasive videogame-violence laws. heh.. that one's a given! :)
  9. And then what?

    Quote:Original post by Moe I think a lot of CPU power could be put toward content creation - for example, text-to-speach conversion with lip syncing. Tweaking parameters for each character could make them sound different. It would save a lot of time on creating the game, but at the same time use up some decent CPU cycles. yes, i can imagine that having real time lip synching where the speech needs only to be 'typed in' to some sort of in-game script would be a fabulous time saver for game production in general... that's the kind of things I was thinking of when writing this thread.
  10. Pre-ordering consoles: who does it and why?

    I think those that preorder systems are those that absolutely HAVE to be the first ones on their block with the latest and greatest.. I personally think it's foolish to be the first to have any new technology.. you have to potentially deal with recalls and fixes, and most systems don't have that large of an initial offering for games anyway.. and they are always higher priced right when they come out... I'm always a good 6 months late on technology.. it saves me money.. though i don't get the trophy for always having the latest and greatest, i can live with it.
  11. And then what?

    Before too much longer (i'd say <20 years) there will be pretty much photorealistic graphics on whatever console or PC is the standard, water, shadowing, physics and every other thing you could think of will be perfectly mastered.. Basically there will come a time when 'advanced graphics' will no longer be a reason to buy a new game system, because all of them will be damn near perfect.. so my question is.. then what? What revolutions in gaming could you imagine in the future when graphics are no longer the driving force behind getting a newer system. what new CPU time hog will there be, to require a more powerful system?
  12. what console are you going to buy?

    I'll probably go with a Wii and a PS3. I'm not overly concerned with the initial game offerings of either system, i'd expect both to eventually have a similar game lineup as their predecessors.. And there were a large number of games i loved/love on my PS2, and there were a number of games on the Gamecube I always wanted to play.. I'll eventually pick up a gamecube used on the cheap and play them too.. My roommate's an Xbox guy.. so he'll probably get a 360 eventually anyway.. so we'll have the full gamut covered.
  13. Silent Hill 5 Info?

    If you liked Silent Hill, and are looking for something similar, i'd check out Fatal Frame (i've only played Fatal Frame 2), and i have to say that Fatal Frame scared the hell out of me.. I was playing it in a friend's basement in a creaky old building with old pipes that clanged and the floors upstairs would creak.. It was scary as hell.. and highly enjoyable.. Worth a look if you want more of a Silent Hill type experience.
  14. Games that should be remade, but aren't

    Techmo Super Bowl for the NES.. i had more fun playing that football game then i have playing any one since then.. up to Madden 06. No game has captured the raw fun that was that game. I'd like a remake with updated graphics with the same fun factor.. NFL Blitz came close.. but still didn't have it.
  15. Wii comes Nov 19, $250

    Quote:Original post by davobrosia Quote:Original post by aegrimonia I'm personally more interested in getting both a Wii and a PS3. I've never quite understood the popularity of the XBOX, which in my opinion is just a PC that you plug into your TV. Most of the games for the XBOX are nearly identical to PC games.. PS3 and Nintendo games are for the most part distinctly console games.. I figure if i want to play a PC game, i'll do it.. ON MY PC.. when i sit down for a console game.. i want to play a console game.. If the XBOX had more Console oriented RPG's and Platformers i'd be interested.. but the game lineup is heavily weighted towards PC ports.. Though the XBOX had superior this or that to the PS2, The PS2 had games more suited to my tastes.. and i'm highly intrigued by the gameplay potential of the Wii.. have you even looked what Sony's saying about the PS3? that's just it.. i dont' care about specs, i dont' care if the ps3 came with a keyboard and Windows XP installed on it.. it's all about the games.. games games games.