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  1. Crazyfool

    Linker errors with new computer

    I got this to work, but I want to share what I learned so others who google this might have an answer: So first thing I discovered was that most of the august 2009 dx lib (and other libs I was using) were probably compiled under VS2008, not VS2010 which was causing problems (I got this from a good result, the validity of this is not known). So I got vs2008 and tried that, didn't work. I then tried (with vs2008) to link against x86 version of the libs whereas I was previously linking to x64 version of the libraries. This goes for lua/luabind/directx (the libs giving me trouble). I am not 100% sure everything is working, but my game compiled and ran seemingly fine and so I feel like I got past this. Thanks.
  2. Hey guys, I recently bought a new computer and was setting up my new development environment when I ran into issues. My old computer used visual studio 2008 express edition, and now I'm using VS 2010 express edition. There were some minor kings with how to setup include directories and such (because 2010 is different than 2008 in this regard) but I got those setup I think. I was getting "could not find *.h" or "could not load lib" errors but now its compiling but getting linker errors. The errors I'm getting are along the lines of "LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _D3DXCreateSprite@8 referenced in function "public: bool __thiscall Font::init(struct IDirect3DDevice9 *,char *,int,int,int)" (?init@Font@@QAE_NPAUIDirect3DDevice9@@PADHHH@Z)". A few notes: this works on my windows xp 32 bit visual studio 2008, but is not working on visual studio 2010 on windows 7 64 bit. I downloaded the directx sdk from microsoft (its august 2009) along with the luabind/lua installs. I'm linking to 64 bit versions of the libs in all cases. I'm including my libs via: #pragma comment (lib, "d3d9.lib") Any ideas why this might be happening?
  3. Crazyfool

    Linker errors with new computer

    I appreciate the response but its not just directx, and if the d3dx library was missing, I get a compile error. Any other ideas? Edit: Sorry if there was confusion, I only gave an example which was direct x
  4. Crazyfool

    How to prevent Jlist from adding null?

    Is it actually adding null, or is the string "null" when displayed? If you're checking for null and null is being added, its probably be added another way, OR the thing you're checking isn't the thing that matters. It looks like there are two places where you can be adding things to the list, are you checking both?
  5. Crazyfool

    THQ vs. EA Games

    I second Promit's response. It very much depends on the specific details of each job.
  6. Crazyfool

    My Sid Meiers Civilization 5 Review

    My problem doesnt really come from any well thought out issues, it comes from the fact my computer cant handle a turn based game. I bought it for my brother and myself to play with a coworker, and turns take about 30 seconds to process (not to play out, but once everyone is done it takes about 30 seconds from that point until we can perform another action). It was a horrible waste of $60 :(
  7. Thanks a bundle. I read that I can use dot product only for true/false check, but I wanted to first make sure things worked using the tutorial method, and then move to improving it however I can. I appreciate your help so far!
  8. Hey, so I am trying to rotate 4 vectors representing a box around a sprite. I am trying to have it mimic the way sprites are actually rotated, and I and I am doing something like: for(u_int i = 0; i < 4; ++i) { vertex.x -= center.x; vertex.y -= center.y; tempX = cos(angle) * vertex.x - sin(angle) * vertex.y; tempY = sin(angle) * vertex.x + cos(angle) * vertex.y; vertex.x = center.x + tempX; vertex.y = center.y + tempY; } This appears to work sometimes, and other times it goes completely wrong. I am drawing points at each vertex, so I can see where the box is. What seems to be happening is the vertexes progressively get an incorrect value, which alter the computations of center, which increase the inaccuracy, etc etc. I am not sure where it is going wrong. If I rotate around a vertex, things look fine, but are offset a variable amount (depending on the angle). I tried for a while to find some existing help, and I couldn't find anything but I might have missed it. Thanks in advanced.
  9. Hi, thanks for the help so far. I tried following this tutorial, but I am not getting results that I expect. It seems to be returning true almost always. I only perform collision tests when the player is near, and the tile is non-walkable. As soon as that happens, a collision is detected. I appreciate any help. bool Polygon2D::detectCollision(Polygon2D* other) { VECTOR2 axis1(vertex[UR] - vertex); VECTOR2 axis2(vertex[UR] - vertex[LR]); VECTOR2 axis3(other->vertex - other->vertex[LL]); VECTOR2 axis4(other->vertex - other->vertex[UR]); if(!collisionOnAxis(other, axis1)) { return false; } if(!collisionOnAxis(other, axis2)) { return false; } if(!collisionOnAxis(other, axis3)) { return false; } if(!collisionOnAxis(other, axis4)) { return false; } return true; } bool Polygon2D::collisionOnAxis(Polygon2D* other, VECTOR2& axis) { float minOther, maxOther; float minSelf, maxSelf; findScalars(other, axis, minOther, maxOther); findScalars(this, axis, minSelf, maxSelf); if(maxOther >= minSelf || minOther <= maxSelf) return true; return false; } float Polygon2D::projectAndFindScalar(VECTOR2& coord, VECTOR2& axis) { float val = ((coord.x * axis.x) + (coord.y * axis.y)) / ((axis.x * axis.x) + (axis.y * axis.y)); VECTOR2 projected(val * axis.x, val * axis.y); return (projected.x * axis.x + projected.y * axis.y); } void Polygon2D::findScalars(Polygon2D* other, VECTOR2& axis, float& min, float& max) { max = min = projectAndFindScalar(other->vertex, axis); for(u_int i = 1; i < 4; ++i) { float temp = projectAndFindScalar(other->vertex, axis); if(temp < min) min = temp; else if(temp > max) max = temp; } }
  10. Thanks for your quick response. I assumed the rounding errors would "go away" because center/vertices are recalculated every frame. I've looked at other code samples that have this kind of collision detection and rotated polygons, and the vertices are calculated the same way. You've given me some keywords to use in my searches, so thanks :)
  11. Crazyfool

    DirectSound tutorial

    What is your goal? Are you trying to learn directsound, or merely get sound working in your game/app?
  12. Crazyfool

    Grandma's Boy: How did you feel about it?

    I thought the movie was pretty funny. Anyone who takes comedies too seriously should relax and realize its a movie meant purely to entertain. Plus, I always wanted a car bed sooo :)
  13. Crazyfool

    New Zealand earthquake

    That is very good news that there have been no known fatalities, and I hope there is very little damages done. Earthquakes are incredibly frightening because your entire foundation (what youre standing on, not foundation in the construction sense) is basically being torn apart.
  14. Crazyfool

    the case of virtual destructors

    Quote:Original post by draconar Quote:Original post by SiCrane If you don't need to do anything in D's destructor, you don't need to write it. The fact that X's destructor is virtual is enough. cool! And the empty virtual destructor in the base class does not make any harm too, I guess? I dont think so, its the default case for a function. If none of the children classes have their own destructor, it will use the base class'.
  15. Crazyfool

    What's your favorite StarCraft 2 unit?

    Firebat! Oh wait.. :( I heard they are in the campaign, which is cool!
  16. Crazyfool

    Starcraft 2 dev = 100 Mil.

    Quote:Original post by GameCreator Quote:Original post by Daerax Quote:Original post by Crazyfool And whats sad is Battle.net 1.0 is more fully featured and bug free than Battle.net 2.0. Oh the silliness of Blizzard. wait. what! really?Um, no. They're different. But 2.0 has more to offer, including game matching (which I found to be really good) that the original StarCraft didn't have. Lol. The only thing battle.net 2.0 has is facebook integration. It is missing almost every other feature you'd expect a modern online game to have. Considering its blizzard (one of the best game dev companies in the world), you'd expect it to have even more. Starcraft 2 isn't a bad game, but the new battle.net 2.0 is horrid.
  17. Crazyfool

    Starcraft 2 dev = 100 Mil.

    And whats sad is Battle.net 1.0 is more fully featured and bug free than Battle.net 2.0. Oh the silliness of Blizzard.
  18. Crazyfool

    What's your dream job?

    I'd like to be a developer with no deadlines, but get paid handsomely. I love programming and developing useful/fun things for people, but I dont like deadlines!
  19. Crazyfool

    World Cup 2010

    Oluseyi: Iniesta falls because he's between two players, then IMMEDIATELY GETS UP after no foul was called. I'm sorry, falling, asking for a call, acting as if youre hurt, then immediately getting up is such an obvious sign. The key is the face. A hurt player who plays on will still give away the pain in his face. Netherlands did not expect to make it this far, they were nervous, and I feel that was a large reason why they were so physical. I understand about fair play, that had nothing to do with any of the situations (though it was humorous that the spain keeper failed hard in judging a bounce, giving a corner kick, in which van persi (i think?) was STILL the bigger man and gave spain TWO opportunities to get the ball back). Also, I thought doing any sort of physical aggression when the play is stopped or the ball is nowhere near the players resulted in automatic red card. Am I wrong on this? (Zidane last world cup, the nigerian this one, the brasilian this world cup and I'm sure others) We're arguing over silly things. I honestly think the ref wasn't fair in this game, and I dont expect any ref to be perfectly fair. Spain won, nothing can change that. I'm happy a new team (so either spain or holland) is added to ranks of world cup winners, but I am very sad it seems that the refs had a little too much say in this. Its not like spain was the clear cut winner, it wasnt 2-0 or 3-0 before overtime.
  20. Crazyfool

    World Cup 2010

    Quote:Original post by Oluseyi I called it. @Crazyfool: I believe the red was the result of a second yellow. Calling Iniesta a diver sounds wrong; he's known for not even responding to challenges, such that his reaction to an earlier challenge (knocking the opponent down) was surprising. The goal kick was a surprising call, but them's the breaks. Overall I thought the ref was excellent, especially his use of yellow cards to punish behavioral and sportsmanship violations. No ref will get every call right, so you shrug off the human errors (provided they're not egregious and not trivially reviewable without disrupting the game's flow) and just play the game. What's with the Emirates Air hostesses during the World Cup presentation? Corporate sponsorship gone mad? Did you watch the same game I did? I can point out two occurrences of him diving where there is undeniable proof he was not touched (on replay, so I'm not saying the ref intentionally made a bad call). TWO times that i can show you in a single game is a pretty damn good case for him being a diver. After his first dive, he gets up and pushes a dutch player when the play had moved on (about 10-15 seconds late). So in closing, Spain is tainted in my mind because of a few bad players. This may not matter, but I think it'll eventually catch up with them/him like Cristiano Ronaldo. Oh well, both teams played their best, and spain might have still won, but its frustrating to see a ref make so many mistakes towards one side. Edit: and i know the red was a result of two yellows, the first was such a terrible display of referee-ing. The second yellow (and then red) was probably a bad angle, but definitely a bad call. The first yellow was like, spain guy fell (villa), rolled around, play went on, spain kicked it out, dutchman got a yellow card, dutch throw in. No call, no warning, no nothing. He noticed villa was "hurt", so he was like "oh I have to throw another yellow around just for kicks"
  21. Crazyfool

    World Cup 2010

    iniesta (sp?) is such a diver and has successfully got a red card for the dutch. not to mention he should have got a red card himself for pushing a dutch player after a play was over... this makes me sad :( i do love pique though, he is a BEAST. edit: HAHA this is just sad, i remember this referee being much better. giving a goal kick on probably the most obvious corner in the entire world cup? giving a red card because iniesta is a pro-diver?
  22. Crazyfool

    World Cup 2010

    I agree when there's a doubt, let it go. I just heard there was TWO so I was like :( Also, germany cant seem to get a break. They give germany a yellow card for an accidental yellow card but let uruguay slide on a much more blatant hand ball (the first wasnt, but then he slapped it AGAIN edit: CONSISTENCY IS A MUST). Oh well, germany's got time! EDIT: HAHAHAHA THE CHEATERS LOST. I loved how the crowd booed suarez constantly. [Edited by - Crazyfool on July 10, 2010 3:19:12 PM]
  23. Crazyfool

    Blizzard forums to display "Real Name"

    Quote:Original post by Sneftel Quote:Original post by Crazyfool I am talking about if you have no population, you have no crime, no problems, and NO INCOME.The hell? You really think WoW's entire player base is going to quit if Blizzard starts suspending forum trolls? Even though they're already suspending in-game trolls and everyone's cool with that? Not sure how to respond to that. I disagree. Ok, sorry, let me re-state. At some point, if they make a bad decision, they will make less money. I used an extreme to illustrate a point. Star wars galaxies did something as silly that was supposed to improve the game, and it backfired. All I'm saying is this is a very bad decision. I could be wrong, but I wont know because I wont be playing the game.
  24. Crazyfool


    So I recently got an internship at a local company (non game dev) and I feel like they are some of the best people around. The office is nice, clean and well stocked with drinks/snacks. My hours are flexible and pay is better than I expected. Am I very lucky or is this standard?
  25. Crazyfool

    Blizzard forums to display "Real Name"

    Quote:Original post by Sneftel Quote:Original post by CrazyfoolQuote:Original post by Sneftel Blizzard already suspends people (without refund) for in-game impropriety. This would just be an extension of that policy.On a mass scale.Just the opposite. WoW is a lot more populated than its forums; it's likely that far fewer people would be suspended for their forum actions than already are for their in-game actions. I shouldnt have used a play on your words. I could care less about suspensions. I am talking about if you have no population, you have no crime, no problems, and NO INCOME. If decrease the player base, you'll have less trolls and less money. Sure, the "simple" trolls who do very silly things wont post, but those were never the problem. The problem is, this is actively going against your player base. Privacy is something we all hold at least a little bit dear, including gamers. Edit: to reaffirm, I could care less personally. I try not to troll because I imagine people are next to me in real life and I try to be respectful. In my younger days, I would, but I also thought no one could touch me. I thought hacking was fake, locating me based on a name was impossible, etc. I also reveal my name frequently, but I CHOOSE to do so, and I can always CHOOSE not to.
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