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  1. books

    This book is excellent... http://www.gamedev.net/columns/books/bookdetails.asp?productid=386&CategoryID=8
  2. Moving A Mesh

    In either case, it is the world matrix you need. If you are in fixed-function, call SetTransform with the WORLD flag and your object's transform matrix. Or, if you are in the programmable pipeline, send the matrix to the shader and apply it manually.
  3. Cleaning up device objects..

    Have you tried to use PIX? PIX has a profile option called "replayable call stream". If you run your program in PIX with this option, it will give you a report of every object you created with DirectX. Once you have that, you can find which objects aren't being cleaned up and go from there.
  4. Lost Device

    Hey Tim, Like I said, I'm not very familiar with managed DirectX. However, I have had similar problems before with C++ DirectX. The problem is that the device cannot be reset unless all your other objects have been reset or released first. Is the exception you are getting called 'DeviceLostException'? If so, try to call Reset() or Release() on your lights, matrices, and any other objects you have during your OnLostDevice function, before you call currentDevice.Reset(). Again, I'm not sure if lights in mangaged DirectX have this functionality, but it's a good place to start looking. If not, the lost device page in the mangaged DirectX documentation might have some info that will help you out.
  5. Lost Device

    Hi, When you reset your device, you must also reset your vertex and index buffers. I have not used managed DirectX, but in C++ this is done by calling OnLostDevice() and OnResetDevice() on such objects. These can be called inside your own functions where you are reseting your projection matrix, lights, and render states already. Hope that helps.
  6. A couple other things that may help: I see that you are using a DWORD to store your vert colors. Try using a regular D3DCOLOR macro, instead of D3DCOLOR_XRGB. I have experienced problems when using D3DCOLOR_XRGB wih effect files in the past. Also, try calling m_pEffect->CommitChanges() after you set the technique to use for your effect.
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