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  1. Are real games made with SDL and Allegro?

    Many Linux ports tend to use SDL for input I believe (Quake 4 for example). Check out its wiki page :D
  2. Super Mario Bros 3D

    Quote:Original post by Yohanu i cannot be held responsible for someone ripping the smb1 graphics and replacing the tileset, now can i? :) But you can be for distributing them ;)
  3. Wii Question...

    Hi, basically the homebrew sdk can only be used to create games for wiis with the homebrew channel (only installable through hacks). To create an official game, nintendo require a large price for their SDK and a solid track history of making games. Your best bet is to create a PC gae that uses the wiimotes (connected via bluetooth). You say you want to use .net, this is only usable on a pc or xbox. to use .net and wiimotes, it has to be on PC, and you can use this .net library: should be perfect for a college project.
  4. Image Matching

    There is always the euclidean distance algorithm, works well for black and white pictures. for control image a(width,height) create a (width*height) dimensional vector, 'control', where each value is the colour(grey) value of the control do the same for the test images 'test1'...'testN' and compare the euclidean distance between each of the test image vectors and the control image vector.
  5. Pathfinding noob, nodes instead of tiles

    The A* algorithm isnt exclusive to tiles, it is actually a graph search algorithm, tile based a* just treats each tile as a node with 4 (or 8) connections to neighbour nodes. You could use any arbitrary number of nodes or layout of the nodes, you could use any mesh (essentially a 2d graph) where the mesh represents the sea (or seaways) and some nodes are ports. The ship could sail to the nearest node and run A* to find its way to port.
  6. libgd Mac OS X

    Sorry, that was the wrong code. Not that it matters now, i was compiling for 32 bit accidentally. Rookie error :p
  7. libgd Mac OS X

    OK guys hows it hanging? Just went through a horrible ordeal of compiling gd along with its dependencies (on snow Lepoard) I'm writing an extremely simple fractal generator and I get this malarky from the linker: g++ -headerpad_max_install_names -arch i386 -o mandy2 main.o -F/Library/Frameworks -L/Library/Frameworks -framework QtGui -framework QtCore Undefined symbols: "_gdImagePng", referenced from: _main in main.o "_gdImageColorAllocate", referenced from: _main in main.o "_gdImageCreate", referenced from: _main in main.o "_gdImageSetPixel", referenced from: _main in main.o ld: symbol(s) not found collect2: ld returned 1 exit status make: *** [mandy2] Error 1 Obviously its having trouble finding the library but im stuck here. Compiling with qmake and qt creator.
  8. By creating the geometry yourself, exorcist means grawing the sphere, polygon by polygon, either by using a 3d modelling application and exporting or procedurally with trigonometry at runtime.
  9. I just know this is gonna be a stupid error, but i need to know whats up. And where else best to ask than GameDev? I have the following code: <script type="text/javascript"> function toggle(id) { var thingy=document.getElementById(id); if ("none") { = "block"; //"visible"; } else { = "none"; //"hidden"; } } function addtask(id) { var name=prompt("Please enter Task name",""); var ble=prompt("Please enter Task Description",""); if ((name!=null && name!="") && (ble!=null && ble!="") && (id!=null && id!="")) { window.location = "ctsk.php?action=post&pid=" + id + "&nm=" + name + "&des=" + ble; } } function edittask(na,de,id,id2) { var name=prompt("Please enter Task name",na); var ble=prompt("Please enter Task Description",de); if ((name!=null && name!="") && (ble!=null && ble!="") && (id!=null && id!="") && (id2!=null && id2!="")) { window.location = "ctsk.php?action=post&pid=" + id + "&nm=" + name + "&des=" + ble"&id=" + id2 ; } } </script> Whenever I call any of these functions, nothing happens. I ran it through a debugger and it tells me that these functions have not been defined. What can y'all see that ive done wrong? P88 - The EvilSpaceHamster
  10. Id Tech 3 GPL

    Thanks. I thought as much, i just wanted to hear it from someone else.
  11. Id Tech 3 GPL

    I hate to be a nuisance, Or to be a useless lump, But as i want an answer, I'm going to have to BUMP.
  12. Id Tech 3 GPL

    Its a preliminary avenue Im looking down. Think of it as a test case! p88-Esh
  13. Id Tech 3 GPL

    Hi guys! I'm considering using the Id Tech 3 engine or one of its many GPL derivatives for my next game project. I just wanted to know if it is possible to create a commercial game with a GPL engine. I know of a game 'Space Trader' that does this, so I guess that answers that question, but I want to know how. Is it by merely keeping the engine and content seperate. I know there is nothing stopping me selling such a game as long as i distribute the source code, but will the GPL affect the game content. Sorry for any convoluted comnplicatedness of that (and this!) Programmer88 -The EvilSpaceHamster
  14. Using OpenGL 2 instead of 1.4

    Are you perchance using windows?
  15. creating Maze simulator in C++

    The page Metalman666 suggested seems to have everything you have requested