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  1. I'm programming an RTS/FPS combination game as my independent study for my school. It's coming along fine on that respect, but my game graphically looks like crap, specifically my terrain. Here's a simple image of what my map looks like with a valley. My game will consist of large outdoor environments, and so my original thought and execution has been to use height maps. Unfortunately, I'm currently just using free one's I've found online since I myself am extremely artistically, creatively, graphically retarded. I was wondering, if there was any assistance I could get. Maybe a recommendation for a program, a recommendation for another file format, recommendation for code that may graphically help such as lighting, or someone that would be willing to help me out by making a terrain map for me(I'm willing to compensate, PM me). This is the extent of the amount of code I have that deals with graphics. irr::video::E_DRIVER_TYPE driverType = irr::video::EDT_OPENGL; irr::IrrlichtDevice* device = irr::createDevice(driverType, irr::core::dimension2d<irr::s32>(windowWidth, windowHeight)); irr::video::IVideoDriver* driver = device->getVideoDriver(); irr::scene::ISceneManager* smgr = device->getSceneManager(); irr::gui::IGUIEnvironment* env = device->getGUIEnvironment(); driver->setTextureCreationFlag(irr::video::ETCF_ALWAYS_32_BIT, true); irr::scene::ICameraSceneNode* camera = smgr->addCameraSceneNodeFPS(0, 100.0f, 1200.f); camera->setPosition(irr::core::vector3df(7200, 4210, 9000)); camera->setTarget(irr::core::vector3df(2397*2,343*2,2700*2)); camera->setFarValue(120000.0f); device->getCursorControl()->setVisible(false); irr::scene::ITerrainSceneNode* terrain = smgr->addTerrainSceneNode( "heightmap.bmp", 0, -1, irr::core::vector3df(0.f, 0.f, 0.f), irr::core::vector3df(0.f, 0.f, 0.f), /*irr::core::vector3df(200.f, 15.f, 200.f)*/irr::core::vector3df(80.f, 60.f, 80.f), irr::video::SColor(255, 255, 255, 255), 500, irr::scene::ETPS_17, 15 ); terrain->setMaterialFlag(irr::video::EMF_LIGHTING, false); terrain->setMaterialTexture(0, driver->getTexture("terrain-texture.jpg")); terrain->setMaterialTexture(1, driver->getTexture("detailmap3.jpg")); terrain->setMaterialType(irr::video::EMT_DETAIL_MAP); terrain->scaleTexture(1.0f, 20.0f);
  2. Computer Science projects

    With school coming up, I'll be in my High School's Computer Science 3 program. I got a 4 on the AP Computer Science AB test; which equates to a one year computer science college course experience in Java. Anyways, this high school course consists of me working on some sort of a project for the year. I was hoping to get some inspiration here.
  3. Looking for anti-gay protests

    I was wondering if there were any anti-gay organizations that hold regular protests. I'm looking for one in Dallas, or North Texas in general so that I can go and protest against Bible-thumpers.
  4. Project: Cheer up a somewhat depressed guy on the internet...

    *Maybe this will boost my rating o.0*
  5. My sister is quite a distance away, so I can't look at the computer myself, but this seems to be the situation. The computer was accidently bumped into (power button was hit), and when they turned it back on the icons were larger, and pictures were grainy. As far as I can tell it sounds like the video drivers went bye-bye, or something along the lines to cause the computer to revert back to a lower color depth and resolution. Although, they said their background picture was gone, I think they said it was replaced by just a blue background. Their using Windows 2000 I think, or XP. So I have them look at the Device Managar, and there's no "Display Adapters" or anything that she thought would be similar. Under Display in "dxdiag", under name it says VGA and under chip type it says N/A. From what she described too on the back of the computer and through the side window, it's an external graphics card. It's probably from around 2002-2003 or earlier, since that's when the computer was put together by our dad. No one knows what the graphics card was, and they don't have any drivers CD. So, I was wondering if theres anyway to find out what the graphics card is or some sort of generic video driver.
  6. Fixed, thanks! [Edited by - Ueneth Echil on June 28, 2008 9:35:05 PM]
  7. Actual data entry jobs

    I was wondering if there were any legitimate data entry jobs, preferably online as I do not live in a big city. I type on average 97 WPM(Thanks Oberon, wasn't thinking -_-) and would much rather prefer to do mindless work like this rather than work at a grocery store. I don't care how much it pays. [Edited by - Ueneth Echil on June 16, 2008 11:24:26 PM]
  8. I'm in High School, and have to give a speech next week in my Communication Applications class. Anyways, I chose to do it over modern philosophy (17th to present in this case) in Entertainment (movies, games, etc). So, I've got BioShock down, and am looking at movies such as Fight Club, however I need a quote by a "professional in the field". If I have to I can get a quote by those involved with the movie, but I was wondering if anyone knew if someone with a degree in Philosophy has made a public comment on the sort. Thanks
  9. Hello in 20 Different Languages

    Icelandic - Halló
  10. Sparked by a debate my high school chemistry class will soon be having, I was wondering what everyone's invalid, and useless opinions were. In my opinion, there are better alternatives to green power that are actually clean, such as solar, wind, geothermal, and hydro power. While nuclear power may be better than fossil fuels, especially in the possibility that we may run out of fossil fuels soon, I do not feel it's the best way to go. [Edited by - Ueneth Echil on February 5, 2008 6:54:27 AM]
  11. How to host a MMORPG?

    Quote:Original post by EmptyVoid Ok I'm making a MMORPG and I'd like to know the best why to host the server appication and the website. I plan to post it on Gamedev when I'm done. So I think it should have a good amount of flow, what would be my best option? the most I would be willing to spend is around $100 /mo and I reallly what a trusted service... You know name brand stuff. Well, I've figured out where this empty void is...
  12. planetside

    MaulingMonkey is correct. On the side, Planetside is amazing. I've played since the beta, and am VS Markov.
  13. New to this, a few questions.

    I'm pretty confused on these remarks on DevC++ being such a poor choice. Sure, Code::Blocks and Visual C++ are better, but that doesn't automatically make DevC++ bad. Especially for a newbie, I don't think it really matters, and since they want to just get straight into programming, something as intensive as Visual C++ might be a hindrance. Personally, DevC++ is fine for me to use, as is Code::Blocks and Visual C++, and I'm programming two dimensional games. Think of it like this, would you purchase a $3000 custom made machine, when all you'll be doing is checking your email every so often?
  14. Suggestions on narrowing an argumentation paper thesis

    Quote:Original post by mtw Does this happen to be for a high school English class? Yup. For everyone's reply, thanks, it has really helped!