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  1. GenPFault

    Making an AI Fun (Space Duel)

    Add some noise to the AI's "observation" of the player's position/velocity and the position/velocity of his projectiles. Perhaps reduce the magnitude of the noise for closer objects (since the AI can "see" them better/more accurately), or to increase difficulty. Great video by the way!
  2. GenPFault

    Help with threading in OpenGL

    Queue up your loaded bitmaps and upload them to OpenGL on your main thread.
  3. Steal FreeGLUT's bitmap definitions?
  4. I'm waiting until Mesa supports something more recent than 2.1.
  5. GenPFault

    Concave fisheye

    Give Ye Olde Paule Bourke...e a try.
  6. GenPFault

    Multi Threaded Resource Loading

    Are you executing OpenGL commands on threads that don't have a current context?
  7. GenPFault

    hxRender Mirror?

    Was the hxRender SourceForge project down when you checked?
  8. GenPFault

    create and compress archive

    There's always zlib-based minizip.
  9. GenPFault

    Rendering text with FTGL does not work.

    Are you clearing your depth buffer each frame?
  10. GenPFault

    Projective Texturing

    Something like this?
  11. FT_LOAD_MONOCHROME doesn't work?
  12. Quote:Original post by ajm113 That background may be too transparent.
  13. GenPFault

    SDL_Mixer and Flac support

    Look at config.log, it will list the snippet it tried to compile to determine FLAC support.
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