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  1. acidwillburnyou

    Text sanitization

    The best implementation of an HTML input sanitizer I've ever seen is: http://htmlpurifier.org/ It takes a very nice whitelist approach.
  2. acidwillburnyou

    [web] Solutions for XSS Attacks?

    Actually, the ONLY way to prevent XSS is to recreate the DOM using a whitelist approach. Escaping and regex blacklisting does NOT work. Check out HTMLPurifier for an excellent example of a library that does this.
  3. acidwillburnyou

    [web] Running exe files on web host

    as dlangdev hinted, you don't need an expensive dedicated box to do this. Most VPS hosts will allow it (I don't see why they won't). Check out vpslink, linode or slicehost for linux vhosts, although i'm guessing you'll need a windows one.
  4. acidwillburnyou

    I think I broke my toe

    Ya, definitely get an xray taken. I had a fractured knee cap I didn't get checked for over a week a few years ago, and it was in a cast for almost 3 months because of worsened condition.
  5. acidwillburnyou

    Programming Portfolio Website

    I haven't read this thread, but i just wanted to say this, as a fellow Ontarian, is awesome :) Also, site is looking good!
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Framekiller
  7. acidwillburnyou

    [web] Trying to learn HTML

    http://handbook.mediawrox.com is a great resource. Check it out once you get a hang of the basics :D
  8. acidwillburnyou

    [java] Java !Boolean thing[solved]

    I believe that's the shortest way to assign the opposite value.
  9. acidwillburnyou

    [web] Uploading a folder

    You are correct, this cannot be done with pure HTML forms. Your choices are some clever Ajax, or more simply Flash of Java.
  10. acidwillburnyou

    [web] custom control with a TextBox

    in your css: textarea { border: 1px solid red; } would give it a 1 pixel solid red border.
  11. I'm working with 3 other software developers on a web project. We each develop locally on our machine. We also have a source control repo on a remote server. When a commit is made, we have the option of checking it out the live web dir on the server. Perhaps this is an option? Dreamhost has cheap hosting, and offers SVN on even its shared hosting accounts. My experience with them has been very positive.
  12. acidwillburnyou

    Shattered Space (Screen Shots)

    Quote:Original post by leif_dragon I am just using java's standard swing and awt libraries. The images are all loaded as either bufferedImage's (ships), and planets are either loaded as image's or imageIcon's. All of the particle effects are done using Graphics draw methods. Currently I am drawing to a JPanel, but I will be recoding to draw to a canvas shortly, so that I am able to take advantage of BufferStrategy. Okay cool. I ask because a couple friends and myself are coding a top down scifi shooter game using Slick. Look forward to reading progress on the game.
  13. acidwillburnyou

    Shattered Space (Screen Shots)

    Out of curiosity, what library are you using for graphics?
  14. acidwillburnyou

    [web] Web "Libraries"

    Technically, you could write it in any language and have the http server (apache or lighttpd) listening to the app on a given port. the advantage here is you can code it in any language you like, and communicate with the web server in a protocol they can both understand (HTTP). Edit: whoops. seems Sander has said more or less the same thing above me :P
  15. acidwillburnyou

    I could use some one on one math help.

    heh, this thread is humorous. anyways, you can add me on msn: karan.bhangui@gmail.com and i'd be happy to help out.
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