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  1. Old People: Possibilities?

    A lot of industries ignore the aging population, it isn't just gaming. It is those that are able to capitalize on it that should be able to make a decent living from it.
  2. I don't know much about Java 3d but maybe this link will be useful to you: contains pdf draft versions of Killer Game Programming in Java.
  3. Running an MMORPG is so fun! Or not..

    I downloaded your game and installed it but whenever I try to set up a username it says it is already taken...doesn't matter if I use OME, OME80 or kasnfasjfkoa it is the same result. If Eternal Lands is yours.
  4. I don't see where the doubt would be that this kid does this. All he would have to do to learn the moves and what is going on is to have someone tell him what is happening. Do it enough and you will know what all the different sounds are, the different combo presses, ect.. He obviously isn't "playing" the game the was we would since all he does is rely on perfectly timed combos and in games like that they are usually unstoppable. If he spent all of his time playing it then it would be pretty easy to do.
  5. The way I look at it is that it is at least good to know about them. I have the insatible hunger to learn everything though which is probably why I still know very little;)
  6. Well even though the debris that fell off from the latest launch does not endanger the current mission ALL launchs are cancelled indefinitaly and probably means the end of the current shuttle. According to the news program I was watching it could be years....figures.
  7. Quote:Original post by Mithrandir Quote:Original post by OME Bad news possibly for the shuttle crew...I know I would be a bit worried! Might be nothing and hopefully so. I hope things turn out well! No, that's not bad news. It was part of the mission plan to inspect every inch of the shuttle once in orbit anyways. Yeah, that is actually good news. The only part that really caught my attention was the emphasis on debris falling off.
  8. I feel like I am stuck in a time warp whenever I read one of these threads...and I do it often;) I visit GDnet a bit but don't post much, I just like the learning experience and a lot of free knowledge out there. If I was to have gone into a coma 3 years ago reading the forums here, woke up today having not realized it and started reading the threads thinking only a efw moments had gone by I would have no clue I lost 3 years of my life since the exact same arguements are still going on:) While there are certian situations and circumstances that the performance difference will matter (a couple where touched on in the discussion) for the VAST majority the difference is so insignificant that you would never know without running test after test to figure it out. I think to many people get hung up on it with their previous experience bias (coming from C, C++ or another language) or for lack of understanding. I am anything but an expert at everything programming but I can write 2 programs, one in C++ and one in Java, and you would never be able to tell if or when a performance issue arised. Sure you can make your case, and some have, but this conversation is mainly just an argueing point on theory then anything else.
  9. Bad news possibly for the shuttle crew...I know I would be a bit worried! Might be nothing and hopefully so. I hope things turn out well!
  10. I think the space program overall since its early days has been misutilized. I am fascinated about all aspects of space travel/exploration and think we are being to short sited. In the long run it will most likely be necessary. I hope that with private individuals finally putting a ship into orbit and back again and NASA going to a new space ship (so I hear) that they do things more efficiantly with progress in mind. I am sure they attempt to now but we should be much further with being 40ish years into it.
  11. I want to write some chinese words here!

    Quote:Original post by SamLowry 這是一個自動產生的傳遞狀態通知。 無法傳遞到下列收件者。! I will tell you right now that it is a damn good thing I am not Chinese. That is just way to much effort to write something;)
  12. Online, or campus??

    Most colleges that offer online degrees as well as on campus don't distinguish one from the other on the diploma so the only way the company would ever know is if you told them.
  13. Astrologer Sues NASA

    You guys are all missing the most important and most tragic consequence of all this.... By pushing the comet a few billionths of billionths of a nanometer off course, which will compound over time, and eventually hit an alien civilization on a far away planet. Something will go wrong and they will not be able to stop the comet from hitting their homeworld and having monitored our activities and knowing we did it, although unintentionaly, they will set off on a mass colonization exodus and enslave us for no other reason than their enjoyment. As you can see the consequences where just unacceptable;)
  14. GM vs MS

    I had seen it before but it never fails to crack me up. Needed a laugh after seeing all the bad news in the world again today.
  15. London Terror Attacks

    Very sad indeed. I hope every one of your loved ones are safe today. Just another act of cowardice and it obviously works just from some of the replies people have made. They attack innocent civilians for a reason, to cause mass panic and hope blame starts getting thrown around. Putting blame anywhere but in the hands of the terrorists is the most ignorant thing I have seen today.