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  1. RT @raphkoster: Hey, the StoryBundle has great stuff in it including @MorganRamsay's excellent GAMERS AT WORK & @rupazero's DELAY! http://…
  2. More Reviews of Gamers at Work http://t.co/2mhdx7kT
  3. You can buy a copy of Gamers at Work for up to 53% off the retail price! http://t.co/mo8Yfroq
  4. Gamers at Work is "a unique take on an industry that's already covered by a million copycat retrospective tomes." http://t.co/pNl0qbCf
  5. Keep pledging to Shadowrun Returns at Kickstarter, so @WeBeHarebrained can make the best game they can! http://t.co/KU1XeAw7
  6. Reviewer says, "There’s a lot here to take in, and every chapter is worth reading." http://t.co/viDxebnl
  7. Reviewer says, "The people Ramsay has interviewed are often very candid about both the successes and failures." http://t.co/WSSdMlI5
  8. Consumerist has become the Razzies, apparently. @DanStapleton has said what I was thinking. http://t.co/V112SaPA
  9. Have you read my interview with @EA founder Trip Hawkins? We covered EA, 3DO, and @DChocGames. http://t.co/nmUmzdAu
  10. How do you lead, manage, and grow a video-game company? 18 founders explain in Gamers at Work. http://t.co/mo8Yfroq
  11. GSA overspending story now ethics case study in association circles. Are game industry associations fiscally responsible?
  12. Help inspire future entrepreneurs. "Like" Gamers at Work on Facebook! http://t.co/pivHWhUI
  13. Enjoying Gamers at Work? Give the book a +1 on Google Plus! http://t.co/XsYE9ory
  14. Game startup cofounder says Gamers at Work is among the "most relevant" books he has ever purchased. http://t.co/60r706xE
  15. Already have the paperback edition of Gamers at Work? Get a DRM-free companion ebook for only $10. http://t.co/5h8YvkUh
  16. Gamers at Work reviewed by Gamers Daily News. http://t.co/C6rdIfuF
  17. Interviewed about Gamers at Work and startup challenges at Xbox Edge http://t.co/Xfe88gyq
  18. Gamers at Work reviewed in North County Times. Called "solid history, fun read." Rated 3.5/4 stars. http://t.co/Xc9dsIvx
  19. Gamers at Work reviewed by Digitally Downloaded. Rated 5/5 stars! http://t.co/WSSdMlI5
  20. Gamers at Work discussed in GameCast Episode 2 at 37:17 http://t.co/ZqW4MmZ3
  21. Gamers at Work was reviewed by the North County Times! Review: 'Gamers' is solid history, fun read http://t.co/Xc9dsIvx
  22. Nice article on achieving work-life integration, instead of work-life balance http://t.co/Ryaif3ZE
  23. Branson asked Obama for weed. People angry. Is asking for bailout money/weapons more acceptable? http://t.co/wMTPiXdh
  24. Generation Y is socially inept, says US government executive http://t.co/EZK08G4Z
  25. VCs say founders forget they're stewards of capital. I say VCs forget they're stewards of jobs. http://t.co/hKfrdfSL
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