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  1. Hi,
    ...and Merry Christmas!
    I just saw your "trading" offer on the forum and I would also be very interested. Of course, if you already found an arrangement with someone else, this becomes obsolete. If not, I would be pleased to hear out what exactly you are trying to achieve to know if I could do it. Personally, I'm working on:
  2. [WIP] Isometric Tiles

    that pallet is lookin hot. I like it alot. The dirt on the bottom of the grass seems a bit boring compared to everything else though
  3. [WIP] Isometric Tiles

    Theres not enough contrast in your pallet. Try adding a darker hue shift to give a really nice effect. Just along the edges try added a lighter tone to define your edges more. See example below [img]http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f251/julius17/island.png[/img]
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