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  1. Swattkidd

    Dialogs and stuff

    When I saw the "prepare to die" option I was hoping you would click it, was quite suspenseful as you hovered over the continue button but it ended up being great haha, game looks pretty cool!
  2. Swattkidd

    How to make a game design document

    "Ponytopia is different from Earth, so just have fun" She is brilliant!
  3. Swattkidd

    I Need a Tile Collision Lesson

    To draw the tile you would just use If statements inside of your for loops like you said. If the index you are at is 9 then draw a ground tile, otherwise dont. if(PLATDATA[x][y] == 9) drawGroundTile As for the collision, you would just need to check if the index in the map where you want to go is clear, and if is move there, otherwise dont move. So for example, if your player is at position 0,0 and pushes the right arrow to move to 1,0 you would check if(PLATDATA[1][0] == 9) movePlayer because we know that the block 1,0 is a ground tile and we can walk there. Obviously you will have a position x,y and if you move right do PLATDATA[x+1][y] etc. Sorry this is a bit of a quick reply but hopefully it helps a bit.
  4. Swattkidd

    Java as a second language?

    Once knowing C++ it should not be hard at all to adapt to Java so I dont think you need to take a whole beginners course since all you will be needing to learn is some coding conventions and syntax. This should be fine for you
  5. Swattkidd

    Tile based array

    You should be checking if test[x][y] == 2. You need two equal signs for comparisons.
  6. Swattkidd

    Tile based array

    When you pass test to map set up, you dont need the brackets unless you were to send a specific position in the map (i.e setUpMap(test[0][1]);, but thats only if you want to send a specific location, if you are sending the entire map, just pass test. Also your parameters are all messed up. I believe it is: setUpMap(int map[height][width]) { } hope this helps.
  7. Swattkidd

    How To Give a Rock A Personality

    To be honest I did not read the entire thing, but while I was reading I thought of a suggestion, maybe the tanks can have different "effects" to display emotions and personality. For example, have a roaring engine spraying out smoke from the sides, or something like that. Just a thought, good luck on your game!
  8. Swattkidd

    Armored Warfare - A Touch of Realism

    Quote:Original post by dgreen02 Quote:Original post by Swattkidd Wow this is really coming along great, I guess it turned into something more than a 2 month project :P.. But I am just curious, what happened to Urban Empires? Still working on Urban Empires :-) I have to finish this project first, as usual it's taking longer than expected, but will be well worth it. - Dan That is definitely true! Look forward to seeing more!
  9. Swattkidd

    Armored Warfare - A Touch of Realism

    Wow this is really coming along great, I guess it turned into something more than a 2 month project :P.. But I am just curious, what happened to Urban Empires?
  10. Swattkidd

    Testing Flex is a great site for learning how to create a log in script and more, the videos in the MMORPG tutorials take you through the steps of creating a log in all the way to a fully functional browser based game, so it should be really helpful to you. (i know that sounded kind of like an ad, but its not lol)
  11. Swattkidd

    2D Animated Sprite Tutorials

    This should help you out, it is in C# but of course the concepts should be the same.
  12. Swattkidd

    New plan

    Haha yea, pretty much the same path I took. Tried to figure out a way I could develop games for an iPhone and then realized, I have an Xbox 360, free creators club subscription, and have everything else I need :P
  13. Swattkidd

    Can you format a toString() in JAVA?

    in java you do not need the "override" keyword, it will automatically override it. So if you have in your class public String toString() { return string; } it will automatically use this one, the one most local to the object. What exactly are you trying to do here public String toString() { return(String.format("%30s%50s%70s%90.2f%70.2f\n", super.toString(),pOrdered, pInStock, pSold, sellingPrice, manufPrice)); } you dont need that "super" to string thing, you need to have, public String toString() { String str = "Ordered: "+ordered+" in stock: "+inStock; return str; } Something like that
  14. Swattkidd


    Sometimes it seems As if apple gets overshadowed by all of the rumors that come out. They can't live up to the random hype all the time can they? But the iPod Nano cAmera looks stupid as hell lol. As for iTunes, I feel your pain with getting used to it but haven't tried the new version yet. From the sound of it, it looks like apple is really trying to give us a windows vista feel to it. (typed on the iPhone hence the random uppercase letters)
  15. Swattkidd

    Real-time Networked 2D Graphics

    Quote:Original post by tangerine Thanks. I think I'll just go back to C++ though. I feel it's better in the long run. Thats a shame.
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