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  1. Swattkidd

    Dialogs and stuff

    When I saw the "prepare to die" option I was hoping you would click it, was quite suspenseful as you hovered over the continue button but it ended up being great haha, game looks pretty cool!
  2. Swattkidd

    How to make a game design document

    "Ponytopia is different from Earth, so just have fun" She is brilliant!
  3. Swattkidd

    How To Give a Rock A Personality

    To be honest I did not read the entire thing, but while I was reading I thought of a suggestion, maybe the tanks can have different "effects" to display emotions and personality. For example, have a roaring engine spraying out smoke from the sides, or something like that. Just a thought, good luck on your game!
  4. Swattkidd

    Armored Warfare - A Touch of Realism

    Quote:Original post by dgreen02 Quote:Original post by Swattkidd Wow this is really coming along great, I guess it turned into something more than a 2 month project :P.. But I am just curious, what happened to Urban Empires? Still working on Urban Empires :-) I have to finish this project first, as usual it's taking longer than expected, but will be well worth it. - Dan That is definitely true! Look forward to seeing more!
  5. Swattkidd

    Armored Warfare - A Touch of Realism

    Wow this is really coming along great, I guess it turned into something more than a 2 month project :P.. But I am just curious, what happened to Urban Empires?
  6. Swattkidd

    Testing Flex

    http://indie-resource.com/ is a great site for learning how to create a log in script and more, the videos in the MMORPG tutorials take you through the steps of creating a log in all the way to a fully functional browser based game, so it should be really helpful to you. (i know that sounded kind of like an ad, but its not lol)
  7. Swattkidd

    New plan

    Haha yea, pretty much the same path I took. Tried to figure out a way I could develop games for an iPhone and then realized, I have an Xbox 360, free creators club subscription, and have everything else I need :P
  8. Swattkidd


    Sometimes it seems As if apple gets overshadowed by all of the rumors that come out. They can't live up to the random hype all the time can they? But the iPod Nano cAmera looks stupid as hell lol. As for iTunes, I feel your pain with getting used to it but haven't tried the new version yet. From the sound of it, it looks like apple is really trying to give us a windows vista feel to it. (typed on the iPhone hence the random uppercase letters)
  9. Swattkidd

    Newsletter #37 - SAO 1.2.2

    Wow the bank is looking really nice!! Although the open chest filled with gold near the bottom right looks really odd, kind of like its facing the wrong way and open yet closed...not sure if thats just me but just letting you know what I see. Great work, keep it up!
  10. Swattkidd

    Gone With The Wind?

    Hey man hope you feel better and all goes well, looking forward to your next entry but take it easy!!
  11. Swattkidd

    2D Retro RPG Update 3

    Good video man, enjoyed it! Also thanks for explaining how you did your maps! Im just trying to get some ideas for how to implement my tile engine cleanly because while working on my side scroller it just really became a hassle so your explanation and idea helped thanks!! Also I really agree with your idea of getting the basic skeleton of the game up and running and then working on it because otherwise the ideas begin to bunch up and just things begin to mess up and what not, thats what happend to me, was programming the side scroller (no design document or anything :\) and just smashing in features etc, just became a huge mess, leaving me here to start back from scratch, which can be a good thing :D, especially since this time I am going to get the skeleton and basic part running then modify it. Keep up the good work!
  12. Swattkidd

    2D Retro RPG Update 2

    ahh ok cool :P, but yea np, your journal entries are really interesting, especially since its more of a from the ground up project (and 2D) so I can relate and what not, so hope I dont come off as a journal stalker lol, just like reading these updates!
  13. Swattkidd

    2D Retro RPG Update 2

    Good work! But I was wondering how u are linking the maps? And by enemy layer is that something that u will edit in the map editor to add the enemies? Sorry for the questions..I just am redesigning my tile engine and am trying to get ideas..
  14. Swattkidd

    2D Retro RPG

    Awesome man! Good luck and good work! Cant wait to see more progress.
  15. Swattkidd

    Project 2 done

    Good work!! Looks like you got your plans all set out!! Just wondering if you could also post more on how you are doing things (classes, etc), and what you are changing etc, just thought it would be useful to people (including me :D).
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