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    DigitalLife in NYC, Free tickets

    Hello, Couple quick things: 1. This post is only really of relevance to those living in or around NYC, or with friends/family in NYC. 2. Please don't consider this as spam, as it's not a plug to watch a TV show, buy anything, etc. 3. This is just a way to get free tickets to a really cool event that takes place once a year in NYC. If you haven't heard of it yet, DigitalLife, the largest consumer technology and gaming event of the year, is taking place October 12th-15th, 2006, at the Javits Center in NYC. Besides a $100,000 gaming tournament (Counterstrike, Quake 4, Warcraft II, & F.E.A.R.), there will be over 175 sponsors including the likes of AMD, Intel, Altec Lansing, Alienware, Best Buy, eBay, ESPN, Playstation Magazine, Maxim, Kodak, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Sega, Seagate, Ubisoft, and tons more. There's also a series of keynotes, including one from Microsoft titled "The Beauty and Power of Vista", and other one from Electronic Arts titled "The Futire of Entertainment". Here's the good to this event are $15, HOWEVER, there's a source code that you can use to get these for FREE. Simply visit their ticketing page here:, then enter code "INSIDER2006". It can be used for up to 6 tickets at once, which you print online yourself. If you need more, just click on the "need more tickets" link at the bottom and bring your entire family / crew. For more information about DigitalLife, check out their website: Enjoy! ps: if any admins/mods live in/around NYC and would like to check out the event, please email me (profile is set to receive emails from admin-only) and I'll look to get you special (VIP) passes for the event. everyone else, hope you can make it out to 1 of the 4 days!
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