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  1. Quote:Original post by KaptainKomunist Quote:Original post by Alpha_ProgDes It'll probably get more attention if you posted this as a GameDev article or ask the mods to create a thread like JWalsh has. Whats it take to post it as an article? - does it matter that i've already posted it to my dev blog? This is off topic but anyway. GameDev requests that you do not post the information anywhere until it has been available on GameDev for 30 days but that is only a request. You must understand that there are differences between posting in the forum and submitting an article. As the creator of a forum post you own the copyright and do not give GameDev any rights to replicate your words without consent on the other hand by submitting an article you give the site permanent rights to use your article and edit/publish it in any format; yet you do still own the copyright.
  2. CmpDev

    Find main() in a linux binary

    You could load it into gdb gdb ./someExe Then list the contents of the source, one is a good starting point for listing the source list 1 Or you can just disassemble to see the main address (gdb) disassemble main Dump of assembler code for function main: 0x000000010004403e <main+0>: push %rbp 0x000000010004403f <main+1>: mov %rsp,%rbp 0x0000000100044042 <main+4>: push %r12 0x0000000100044044 <main+6>: push %rbx 0x0000000100044045 <main+7>: sub $0x60,%rsp 0x0000000100044049 <main+11>: mov %edi,-0x64(%rbp) 0x000000010004404c <main+14>: mov 0x17f865(%rip),%rax # 0x1001c38b8 0x0000000100044053 <main+21>: movb $0x1,(%rax) 0x0000000100044056 <main+24>: lea -0x64(%rbp),%rdi
  3. Quote:Original post by Decrius Beside the padding it indeed has no effect on performance. But that is absolutely not the concern I have. But it does and it should be a concern. Quote: What CmpDev says, the class layout should be readable in some consistent way. Please do point out where I say anything like this. Quote: Picky things like this are important I believe. Yes they are, I suggest you read something like this to maybe understand why cache misses are a problem.
  4. Quote:Original post by Darg As the_edd said it's not important, the layout will rarely effect performance in any way so stick with what you can use easiest. Personally I like to declare all data first, starting with public then private then functions, again public and then private. Please can we stop this nonsense. Ordering of data is important and should be declared based on the access patterns and trying to ensure you are not causing padding which is unnessasary.
  5. CmpDev

    How much do you trust Wikipedia?

    Quote: The school I attend encourages students to visit Wikipedia only to use it as a "shortcut" to what their articles cite. According to popular opinion here, citations support work... I would totally agree with your school here, you should not accept something publicly written by many authors as truth any more than you should trust written text in a book edited by a singular person. Three sources of information should generally be required.
  6. CmpDev

    [C++] Templates

    Quote:Original post by Red Ant Quote:Original post by voguemaster Its not always known but they compiler will freely inline functions if written like in 1, but will less likely do so when written in 2. This can affect your code size considerably since the template's header may be included in many compilation units. I thought modern compilers pretty much ignore the 'inline' keyword and just inline when ever THEY think it makes sense to do so. It depends on the compiler. Visual Studio 10 for example may inline and optimise if it is marked inline yet may not when it is missing. It all depends on how many functions have already been inlined and the magic score VS gives the function.
  7. CmpDev

    Iterators and templates

    Quote:Original post by EverIce And what should i do? Go for a walk? Have a drink of tea? I do hope you are joking. There are only two lines in my reply, one of which is code and the other an explanation.
  8. Quote:Original post by simotix I want to have my templated function (C++) to only accept a type with a common base class, however, it is something that I did once before but I have no clue how I did it, although I know it does not require structs to be made or boost. In C#, it is something like T AddCar< T >() where T : class, ICar; Does anyone know how to do this? I am confused as you link to an FAQ entry which answers your question. What is the problem besides your attitude?
  9. CmpDev

    Iterators and templates

    typename std::map<T*, bool>::iterator iterator is dependant on the type T.
  10. Quote:Original post by SymLinked]Ugly perhaps, but these work great in .cpp files in all cases so fars ... That is not far from my description of a hack and sometimes when you play with fire you do get burnt. You are relying on the static initialisation of an object which may not be used, to access global (probably) state in ObjectManager::addObject. Quote:Original post by SymLinkedThank you for any suggestions! You may not like it but fix the source of the problem not the current problem.
  11. Quote:Original post by wqking If you want a free solution, Qt. I have no development experience with Qt yet, ... So I highly recommend Qt. . Qt may well be the best thing since sliced bread but how can you highly recommend it?
  12. Quote:It's probably just because I'm so used to laying out stuff easily in winforms wxWidgets has addons for Codeblocks (wxSmith and wxFormBuilder )so that you can generate GUIs using WYSIWYG editors, it has the added benefit of being C++ which you want, uses native controls and does its best to conform to any specified GUI guidelines for the OS. If you want C++ and the kitchen sink then use Qt else I recommend wxWidgets.
  13. CmpDev

    OpenGL on Mac OS X

    Quote:Original post by King_DuckZ I don't want to add a dependency to X by using GTK or QT so... what should I do? Any clarification or link is welcome!! FYI X11 is installed by default since 10.5 so there is no real dependency when using raw X11.
  14. CmpDev

    Walk Like An American?

    Quote:Original post by JoeCooper Quote:Original post by CmpDev Quote:Original post by JoeCooper There's also a lot of borrowings from American English such as 'frytki' ('fries') and chipsy ('chips', as in the thin flat ones). Hang on a minute when did these become American English words! Using those terms for those snacks is American. Brits, for contrast, would call them 'chips' and 'crisps', respectively. How silly of me. Taking a French word with English spelling makes it American.
  15. CmpDev

    Walk Like An American?

    Quote:Original post by JoeCooper There's also a lot of borrowings from American English such as 'frytki' ('fries') and chipsy ('chips', as in the thin flat ones). Hang on a minute when did these become American English words! ? Quote: You're also wrong about who bastardized what. American English is closer to what it was when we split than yours. So American English is closer than Queens English ? Madness, madness I tell thee.
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