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  1. Directx 8 sdk

    thanks for the links. I found the DirectX D3DX 8.0b at Microsoft too. Here. I´ll try it later when I get home.
  2. Programming RPG With DirectX

    Thanks for the tips. The problem is that I`m in Brazil and it would take a long time to the book arrive here. Don´t you know an on-line tutorial or something like that. I search here at gamedev and just found one article about this, but it is using DirectX 8 too.
  3. Programming RPG With DirectX

    I´m trying to develop my first game and I´m having a problem to use skinned mesh. I´m using the book from Jim Adams Programming Role-Playing games with Directx, but the examples there uses DirectX 8. I tryed to convert it to DirectX 9, but I couldn´t. Please, someone could give me any other reference, or an example using DirectX9.
  4. Directx 8 sdk

    I'm using Visual C++ 2005 Express. Sorry, the file it can´t find is "d3dx8.h". I did a search for it and it wasn´t found.
  5. Directx 8 sdk

    but when I try to compile the code it shows an error message that says it can´t find "d3d8.h".
  6. Directx 8 sdk

    I need the DirectX 8 SDK. Someone knows where I can get it?