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  1. I haven't had any problem with it, but I was just curious if there was any effect from having redundant "using std::blah" lines in header files. For instance, I almost always have using statements for cout, cerr, and endl. Lets say that I have two headers, Foo.h and Bar.h which both declare these usings, and Foo includes Bar.h. Is there anything wrong or inefficient about that?
  2. Megaman_22

    Streaming video through FTP

    I tried what you've suggested, and also fooled around with vlc, but my problem seems to be that my server is password protected, and I can't seem to make it like what I'm doing. I've tried running vlc through the command line like so: vlc ftp://myserver/foo/bar.avi --ftp-user blah --ftp-pwd blahblah but although the password I give is correct, it's telling me the password is rejected.
  3. Hi all. I've got an ftp server set up for my fraternity, and I'm looking to write a simple (preferably Python) program to stream video, since it's kind of a pain to download a 75+ MB avi file locally before being able to play it. Google searches haven't turned up anything that seems real applicable, so I was wondering if anybody who knew something about this could give me some pointers on how to go about writing such a program. I'm pretty familiar with pygame/SDL, so i'd like to use that if it's feasible, especially because pygame stuff generally works pretty well between OSX and Windows. Thanks
  4. Megaman_22

    Whats wrong with this code?

    Your Dot class is defined inside of your main function. Move that and all of its member function definitions outside of main() and you'll be closer to having it run. It would probably be helpful to post all the error information as well as the code.
  5. Megaman_22

    Adding player skill to melee fights

    Mount & Blade does almost what you describe. Rather than describe it in detail, I'll just point you to it: it's a helluva lot of fun, and there's a trial version at the developers website.
  6. Megaman_22

    Visual Studio bugs me

    Yet another reason why posts in the lounge are almost completely useless. If you want help with something, post elsewhere. The lounge is almost exclusively a place for flamewars, political commentary, insults, scorn and the more than occasional drunk post. can be a tremendously useful site, but if you steer near the Lounge, you're more than likely to embroil yourself in petty arguments, where, even if you come out on top, you're still a loser.
  7. Quote:Original post by LessBread Quote:Original post by Megaman_22 Eh, big deal. The ought to be more executions, and public, hang 'em by the neck until dead ones. Far too great a value is placed on human life, in my mind. The truth is, there's a huge percentage of human life that isn't worth the price of a bullet Did you know that China reportedly executed 5,000 last year? (China remains top executioner) Yet for some odd reason, they seem ashamed about it: The exact number of executions in China remains a state secret. Why would they keep that number secret? What are they ashamed of? What do they fear the sunshine? I thought I'd ask you these questions since you've professed to being a fan of state executions, even though you're not a fan of human life. How is this particularly relevant? I made a statement in reply to someone who made a blanket statement about the foolishness of the United States for our not having (universally) discontinued the death penalty, which to my mind is a perfectly acceptable, even optimal, punishment for certain classes of crimes, i.e. premeditated murderers, rapists, child molesters, and, if the government wanted to get serious about their "war on drugs," high volume drug traffickers, compared with the costly system of imprisonment largely in place. Further, public executions set an example that the law is not to be trifled with, which I believe is a lesson my generation needs to learn. It's quite simple why the Red Chinese government doesn't publish these kinds of statistics, one so obvious I thought you'd be able to figure it out, since, like nearly all decisions, its motivated by self-interest. 1) China is a police state, and police states, in order to be operate, have to keep the populace in ignorance as much as possible. 2) The western world takes an untoward interest in the internal affairs of other countries, and for some reason I cannot fathom, thinks that everyone should hold to artificial standards which, had someone imposed them upon us in our earlier stages, we could never have fulfilled. Quote:Original post by ChaosEngine Funny how all the idiots who have this view never seem to include themselves in said percentage. Thanks for the personal attack. See above. Since I have committed none of the crimes listed there, do not live on welfare whilst capable of working for a living, am not addicted to any drug, and am merely an asshole, and a productive one at that, I rightly ( according to my definition ) exclude myself from that percentage.
  8. Quote:Original post by dmail A bad precedent? Is this a country in which many states have the death penalty, what if one of those convictions is wrong? Eh, big deal. The ought to be more executions, and public, hang 'em by the neck until dead ones. Far too great a value is placed on human life, in my mind. The truth is, there's a huge percentage of human life that isn't worth the price of a bullet Oh, and most of the people I've met from Texas have been really great, standup folks. You want to pick a place where people are frigged up, look at New York/New Jersey or SoCal...
  9. Megaman_22

    Would you send yourself back in time?

    1.) March 1986. 2.) I'd go to Strong, Maine, and convince my dad to use this money I was giving him to invest in a little ole company named Microsoft. 3.) A briefcase (for effect), filled with the $3000 or so I've got saved up 4.) Well, my dad would be rich as hell, and so by extension, I'd be rich as hell when I got back. And besides that, since money = influence, and my pops is an alright guy, maybe he could have brightened the picture up in our terribly economically depressed area. If I could have every member of Congress go back to 1787 and just spectate at the Constitutional Convention, maybe the country's spiral into ruin could be arrested.
  10. Quote:Original post by Mercenarey And the "no extra income" could be a minor concern if it became a matter of people choosing a totally different (non-MS) OS instead. Then we are talking long-term strategic impact in the market, not mere here-and-now income. Really, who the hell is going to buy OS X and try to play games on it? Mac ports have come quite a ways, but there still isn't the availability of Windows games. And I doubt, unless Apple gets a whole lot more than the 5%-10% or whatever it is market share they're holding, that too many companies will expend a whole lot of energy developing principally for Mac, as opposed to windows/xbox. And linux... I like Ubuntu, and use it a little bit, but I'm a CS major. My mother, for instance, can use windows, and even figure out how to change some settings, install programs, etc., but to expect her, or any other average computer user to get a linux system up and running, with all the features they expect, after the convenience of Windows, is a bit much. It's going to have to come a long way in terms of ease-of-use, and probably become a little more standardized, before linux can be a mainstream OS.
  11. Megaman_22

    Portable GUI

    It's pretty easy to build a gui library on top of SDL... Hell, if I can do it, anybody can
  12. Megaman_22

    Canada! I be in it! Advice on what to get up to?

    Grab a slice of sugar pie, it's the shit
  13. Megaman_22

    combining an rpg with a tbs wargame

    Tanks don't do so good in mountains, swamps, urban areas, jungles, etc. Those places, infantry can defeat armor pretty easily, with bazookas, rpgs, or even improvised explosives. Tanks really rip it up in wide open areas, like the deserts of North Africa, or the steppes of Russia, but they get bogged down in rugged terrain, ie Normandy, Italy and Stalingrad
  14. Megaman_22

    Anyone hit up the gym?

    Quote:Original post by Alpha_ProgDes Well I'm 6'2" and fluctate from 150 to 160. So I would be very interested in your 4K - 5K diet plan. I've been trying to find foods high in calories so I can eat 3 to 4 times a day and not every 10 minutes or spend all my money at McDs. It's not really that I eat extra-high calorie stuff, I just eat a lot of it. I'll have like 7 or 8 slices of bacon with 3 or 4 eggs for breakfast, and dinner is usually a couple steaks with broccoli or green beans, or the equivalent in hotdogs and maccaroni. Also, I quite often drink a quart of whole milk with every meal, and that adds up quickly.
  15. Megaman_22

    Anyone hit up the gym?

    I'm in a little different situation then you are, but maybe what's worked for me might help you. I'm a big guy, 6'2", 250 lbs, and people often think I'm either a football or rugby player. So I usually split my time Mon/Wed/Friday on strength training and Tues/Thurs/Sat on cardio, so that I can get stronger, but not get much heavier. I never do less than 8 reps of anything, unless I hit the wall and can't do any more. Usually, I do 12, 10 then 8 reps, adding a little weight with each set. I usually split my sets up, say doing one set of bench, then going to situps, then leg press, then back to the bench. That way I don't strain anything, and it gives each muscle group some recovery between sets. Pushups have always been good for me, even just 25 or 50 every day makes a big difference. If you want to get big, you do have to eat a lot, and eat well. Plenty of meat, eggs, bread, pasta, and non-rabbit food veggies. I've figured it out a few times, and I can eat 4000-5000 calories a day without changing my weight.
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