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  1. DarkRonin

    Unusually high memory usage

    Awesome info MJP. A few things to look at there
  2. DarkRonin

    Unusually high memory usage

    Hi there, thanks for the reply. Further testing, it seems to taper out to ~160 MB RAM usage, whether it be 200 sprites or 2000. So maybe I am chasing something that isn't really an issue. Just seemed alarming that every draw call (was doing 10 or so) jumped RAM usage by exactly 13MB each time. Probably a non-event.
  3. Hi guys, I have just noticed my project is using quite a bit of memory and I have narrowed it down to draw calls. I am drawing quads with 32px by 32px images with R8B8G8A8 formatting. Back buffer is formatted the same also. So in theory the sprite is using 4K of RAM. I notice though, that each individual draw call I make is using 13MB of RAM. Draw 10 quads and it blows up to 130MB of RAM (Release mode). I checked using the VS graphical debugger and the render sequence is extremely lean at only a couple of calls. My draw routine is pretty compact also; // Draw sprite float attributes = 4.0f; // X, Y, U, V unsigned int stride = (unsigned int)(sizeof(float) * attributes); unsigned int offset = 0; d3dContext->IASetInputLayout(d3dInputLayoutDefault); d3dContext->IASetVertexBuffers(0, 1, &d3dVertexBufferDynamic, &stride, &offset); d3dContext->IASetPrimitiveTopology(D3D11_PRIMITIVE_TOPOLOGY_TRIANGLELIST); d3dContext->Draw(6, 0); The RAM usage is the same if I use single or double buffering on the back buffer and I am not using any surfaces. Any ideas why each draw call costs 13 MB? Or is this normal behaviour that I just haven't picked up on before? Thanks in advance
  4. You are trying to extract material from proprietary format an you feel you have rights to that content?
  5. LOL, you are not getting the point.
  6. Pretty sure reverse engineering Sony's tech is frowned upon around these parts. (That will also go for reverse engineering in general - as 'reverse engineering' in itself means you are trying to access something which you don't have the rights to).
  7. DarkRonin


    Love it.
  8. If the window style of the engine never changes (which I doubt it would), the quick easy fix would be to compensate in the window resize // settings for the window RECT wr = { 0, 0, gfx.screenX, gfx.screenY }; // set the size, but not the position AdjustWindowRect(&wr, WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW, FALSE); // adjust the size inHGE->System_SetState(HGE_WINDOWED, !fullScreen); inHGE->System_SetState(HGE_SCREENWIDTH, wr.right - 16); inHGE->System_SetState(HGE_SCREENHEIGHT, wr.bottom - 39); Note: wr.left and wr.top are not needed in this case as they will always be zero.
  9. DarkRonin

    Checking if a DLL is present

    Thanks guys. This is probably a case of me over thinking things - LOL
  10. Hi Guys, If your application requires a DLL, is there a way to check that the DLL is present gracefully rather than the typical error that gets thrown? For example - 'The code execution cannot proceed because xxxxxxxx.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem'. In my case the DLL is my own, if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance.
  11. Not seeing how this is an art question. From what I am reading, the OP already has the animations and is asking how to get the skeletal animations working in game. @Pilpel - For that we need more information though. What engine/language are you using?
  12. Yeah, that's exactly what I mean. Knronos doesn't do OpenGL any favours in that regard. I'd happily use OpenGL because of its crossplatofm-ness. It's just prohibitive getting the right grounding as it stands. Which way is the right way? Do I spend a year learning one way to find out 'that way' is obsolete, due to lack of direction? (rhetorical questions).
  13. See what I mean? No links from OpenGL itself. You can see what I mean for people who are new to OpenGL, how easy it is to be turned away from it. Again, what a nightmare to the OpenGL newcomer. I'm all for giving OpenGL a go, but there is no two set of tutorials (or references) out there that agree on how to go about it. Look at DirectX 11 on the other hand (I'm no fanboy, just using it as an example). Every reference out there says you need to include "d3d11.h" and link "d3d11.lib" and you can go and use DX11 to your hearts content. OpenGL is just plain confusing to set up, from the standpoint of someone completely new to it, with no help from opengl.com at all. They don't do themselves any favours.
  14. If that is the case they don't make the headers easy to find. I have been staring at https://www.opengl.org/sdk/ for years, thinking 'where is it?'.
  15. Pre OpenGL2? Isn't that like saying 'you have DirectX 7, what more do you want?' Look at the Windows SDK's. If an update comes out for DirectX, we get it straight away in one nice stable package. We don't need to go and source packages from all over the place. As opposed to OpenGL where we have to fight with SDL, GLUT, GLEW, and who knows what else.
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