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  1. DividedByZero


    That's great. I don't see your point. No one died and made me anything. Did you not read my post? It started with "I'd prefer", which makes it an opinion which I thought was allowed in these parts. But a few facts; Diablo (1, 2, & 3) was designed for PC, Mac, and Console. Diablo (1, 2, & 3) was never released on Android and iOS. Now look at Diablo Immortal; Diablo Immortal is designed for Android and iOS. Diablo Immortal will never be released for PC, Mac, or Console. It is a different product designed for a different user base. Which person was that?
  2. DividedByZero


    Because it kills the memory of what was. I'd prefer no game. Or at least badge it as something else and not Diablo. Either way, can't see myself playing it. Mobile gaming has never been my thing. I've tried, just don't like it.
  3. DividedByZero

    Choosing DLL to use depending on OS version

    Thanks dude, I'll check out those options. 😃
  4. DividedByZero

    Choosing DLL to use depending on OS version

    Sorry, I would have thought it was obvious as I quoted a Microsoft Media Foundation function in my original post. And I believe I posted the question in 'General and Gameplay Programming'. The question falling in to the 'General' category. @TobiasK I have a library I have created which simply plays a video and puts the frame that is currently in use in to a DX11 texture, which then can be manipulated and drawn back to the scene on a quad. Works fine for Window 8 and above, but I have users wanting me to support Windows 7 as there are still a few Win7 users out there. So I thought while I had a bit of time on my hands lately, I'd attempt to accommodate them.
  5. DividedByZero

    Choosing DLL to use depending on OS version

    Not sure how you have come to this conclusion. DirectX has no knowledge of video codecs, audio codecs, frame decompression, etc...
  6. There has been no mention of what operating system you are wanting to target. The Pi is a piece of hardware not an OS. If you have Windows IOT installed, then it is just a matter of firing up Visual Studio and create a DirectX 11 UWP application. Using this method, the application code is identical to that of a normal Windows build.
  7. DividedByZero

    Choosing DLL to use depending on OS version

    Thanks for the replies guys, I will take this all on board. Any hints on where I would start with such a task? I have googled it but it keeps bouncing me back to the unsupported IMFDXGIDeviceManager. Essentially, if I can figure out how to get the pointer to the video texture using MMF then I'd have no problems sorting out the locking / unlocking of the memory etc. Thanks again.
  8. Hi Guys, I have a scenario where I am trying to call a function from a DLL but the problem is Microsoft has put the function in different DLL's depending on what OS is used. 'MFCreateDXGIDeviceManager' is in mshtmlmedia.dll in Windows 7 and Vista but is in mfplat.dll in Windows 8 and above. I can figure out easily enough what OS my application is running on, but I don't know how to tell it to reference the correct DLL given the OS. Is there a way to choose the correct DLL at run-time? This one has had me stumped for several years now, but the time has come where I have to revisit the problem. In this occasion having two separate exe's (i.e. a Win 7 and Win 8+) is not really an option unfortunately. Many thanks in advance.
  9. DividedByZero

    Unusually high memory usage

    Awesome info MJP. A few things to look at there
  10. DividedByZero

    Unusually high memory usage

    Hi there, thanks for the reply. Further testing, it seems to taper out to ~160 MB RAM usage, whether it be 200 sprites or 2000. So maybe I am chasing something that isn't really an issue. Just seemed alarming that every draw call (was doing 10 or so) jumped RAM usage by exactly 13MB each time. Probably a non-event.
  11. Hi guys, I have just noticed my project is using quite a bit of memory and I have narrowed it down to draw calls. I am drawing quads with 32px by 32px images with R8B8G8A8 formatting. Back buffer is formatted the same also. So in theory the sprite is using 4K of RAM. I notice though, that each individual draw call I make is using 13MB of RAM. Draw 10 quads and it blows up to 130MB of RAM (Release mode). I checked using the VS graphical debugger and the render sequence is extremely lean at only a couple of calls. My draw routine is pretty compact also; // Draw sprite float attributes = 4.0f; // X, Y, U, V unsigned int stride = (unsigned int)(sizeof(float) * attributes); unsigned int offset = 0; d3dContext->IASetInputLayout(d3dInputLayoutDefault); d3dContext->IASetVertexBuffers(0, 1, &d3dVertexBufferDynamic, &stride, &offset); d3dContext->IASetPrimitiveTopology(D3D11_PRIMITIVE_TOPOLOGY_TRIANGLELIST); d3dContext->Draw(6, 0); The RAM usage is the same if I use single or double buffering on the back buffer and I am not using any surfaces. Any ideas why each draw call costs 13 MB? Or is this normal behaviour that I just haven't picked up on before? Thanks in advance
  12. DividedByZero

    Reverse Engineering .RAW files from PS2 game

    You are trying to extract material from proprietary format an you feel you have rights to that content?
  13. DividedByZero

    Reverse Engineering .RAW files from PS2 game

    LOL, you are not getting the point.
  14. DividedByZero

    Reverse Engineering .RAW files from PS2 game

    Pretty sure reverse engineering Sony's tech is frowned upon around these parts. (That will also go for reverse engineering in general - as 'reverse engineering' in itself means you are trying to access something which you don't have the rights to).
  15. DividedByZero


    Love it.
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