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  1. Thaumaturge

    Merry Christmas GD Lounge!

    Whatever you observe, celebrate, or attend at around this time, I hope that it is (or was) a happy one for you, to all here!
  2. When you refer to "run-time procedural generation", what, precisely, do you mean? Procedural generation of certain elements at run-time isn't at all uncommon at the moment, I think. To the best of my knowledge, there are a number of upcoming games that feature procedural dungeons/environments, in particular. Look for example at Wizard of Legend, or Astroneer. If you mean the large-scale generation of No Man's Sky, in which multiple planets are generated, along with procedural ecologies, then I suspect that it's rare not because of fear of failure, but because it's very hard to actually do.
  3. Thaumaturge

    WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    Ah, I'm sorry to read it! Still, fair enough, and thank you for all of your work during the Weeks of Awesome thus far! I do hope that it is taken up by someone next year--perhaps it will be integrated as an official GameDev.net competition?
  4. Thaumaturge

    WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    Wow, I see that my post-mortem was featured! Thank you to whoever arranged that!
  5. Thaumaturge

    Week of Awesome V: Post-Mortem

    Greetings and salutations! The competition is over, and the results are in. I came in thirteenth out of twenty--not a result that I'm happy with. So, what went right, and what went wrong? What went right: - Panda3D Once again, I'm overall rather happy with my engine of choice. There were a few difficulties to deal with, but I think that it served me well in this. - Vertex colours: By simply painting the vertices of my enemies, I was able to roughly colourise them without creating individualised texture-maps. The resulting appearance is a little basic, perhaps, but I feel that it was appropriately expedient! However, see below under "what went wrong"... - Music: This is a field in which I've previously had pretty poor scores, as I recall. For this year's Week of Awesome, I set aside my old source for royalty-free music, instead turning to Kevin MacLeod's Incompetech. It's a well-used source, but I found music there that I feel fit my game rather well, and the scores given (sevens and eights out of ten) seem to support this. What went wrong: - Scope: Simply put, the game is perhaps just a little too big for the time allotted. Had I had another two days to work on it, I suspect that my entry would have been much better. Aside from various bugs, the level was rushed--I think that I only spent somewhere around five or six hours on it in total. Indeed, I recall that right at the start I had reservations about the scope of this project--but at the time I had no other concepts that I was sufficiently happy with and that fitted the themes well. My thinking at the moment is that, for future jams, I should perhaps look for a concept that I feel that I can complete in five days; if I find myself with only a concept that seems too big (as was the case this year), I should perhaps nevertheless set it aside and keep looking. - Vertex colours: Unfortunately, I managed to miss a caveat in the version of Panda3D that I was using: Simply put, when a shader that uses vertex colours is applied to a model that lacks them, the result is undefined. On some machines--including the two on which I tested--the result is white; as I was using the colours, this more or less amounted to "no change", and thus looked fine, I believe. On other machines, as it turns out, the result is black. Since the majority of the level has no vertex colours, this meant that all looked well on my end, but for some of the judges the environment (and the player's on-screen hand) turned pitch-black, rendering navigation somewhat problematic. - Projectile appearance: I fear that I spent a little too much time attempting to get my projectiles to fit the look that I had in mind for them. It might be wiser in general for me to think of the game as a prototype, and not spend quite so much time on such elements of polish unless there's time to spare at the end. (Although I do feel that the scoring category for graphics provides incentive in the other direction...) That's all for now, I think--stay well, and thank you for reading!
  6. Thaumaturge

    WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    Oof, I'm really sorry to read of it! I hope that the emergency has been resolved, for the better, and with no lingering ills! Thank you very much for nevertheless providing scoring and notes! It's appreciated. (The controls in my entry perhaps are a little sluggish--at least one other judge recommended increasing the movement speed, if I recall correctly.) [edit] I've written up a quick post-mortem for my entry:
  7. Thaumaturge

    WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    Gah, I am not happy with how I did this year. Ah well. Nevertheless, thank you to all of the judges for their time, effort, and reviews, and to the sponsors for providing a prize pool! To the winners, congratulations and very well done!
  8. Thaumaturge

    Creepy terrain

    That's quite a neat effect.
  9. Thaumaturge

    WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    Not a problem! Funnily enough, as Slicer pointed out, it is, I believe, possible to get stuck--but this calls for staying on a platform that doesn't have a chain, rather than one that does. The chained platforms should always reconnect and draw back together. (Which may leave you stranded if you're on one of the distant platforms with which they align.) And thank you for playing it again, by the way!
  10. Thaumaturge

    WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    Interesting, and a useful-seeming addition--thank you for it. Thank you @slicer4ever, @ArThor, and @Alpha_ProgDes for your reviews! They're really appreciated! A few responses to some of the above reviews, if I may: From Slicer's review: Yeah, in retrospect I think that it would have been a good idea to add to a spawned projectile's velocity the velocities of both the shooter and, if applicable, the chunk on which the shooter stands. That would likely have made projectiles rather more predictable! In addition, as you say, it likely would have been a good idea to have sped them up a little! Definitely agreed; this likely comes to a large degree from my running short on time: level design happened in the last few hours of my participation. I was afraid of that, indeed. I think that it would have come across rather more clearly had I not run short on time: I had plans for an introduction (both text and a mini-level), as well as in-level elements that I think would likely have conveyed the intended theme. For any curious, the intended themes are as follows: Auaargh, I had wanted so much more--more detailed levels, more exploration, a final boss fight, outro text describing what befell the protagonist after the conclusion, etc. >_< Thank you--I appreciate that. From ArThor's review: Remember, the chained platforms are in pairs, and when freed from each other they fly apart; the second weapon should be found by going with one particular platform. More explicitly: By your description, it seems that you did reach the "end", indeed--alas, as noted above, I didn't manage to properly finish the level; there's only an arena-battle (the enclosed room) to provide some sort of finale.
  11. Thaumaturge

    WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    That was an interesting read--I had wondered how it was done, as I recall! Thank you for sharing this.
  12. Thaumaturge

    WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    Thank you very much for the review, riuthamus! It was instructive. Argh, I see now that my game calls for a tutorial--at a remove, and seeing someone else play, there's a leap of logic called for that isn't at all obvious. Suffice it to say that there's more to be found in the game (including the second theme) once that initial leap of logic is made. ^^;;; For any who find themselves stuck after crossing the first chain: Something else that seems to be inobvious:
  13. Thaumaturge

    WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    Ah, thank you. It's still only two points of data on the "defaults to black" side (your card and one other), but with two points on the "defaults to white" side, both bearing NVidia cards, I believe, it is starting to look like the difference is down to whether the player has an AMD or Nvidia card.
  14. Thaumaturge

    WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    @Endurion: Thank you for trying to review my game! Sorry about the blackness--it looks as though you ran into the bug that I mentioned just above. Actually, come to that, does your machine by any chance have an AMD graphics card? I'm wondering whether the issue is largely confined to those cards, or more variably spread.
  15. Thaumaturge

    WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    Alas, I don't recall what more I had to there--sorry, @dmatter. I've just been alerted to an issue in my game: it seems that, on some machines, the terrain and player-hand will be pitch black (and thus all but invisible). It looks like this is due to an oversight on my part related to how the engine handles vertex colours--or, more accurately, the lack thereof. It seems that, under Panda1.9 (which I've been using), a lack of vertex colours leaves the relevant Panda-provided vertex-colour shader input undefined, but usually black. On both of the machines on which I tested the game, however, it seems that it comes out as white, thus showing no apparent problem. My apologies for this! (It does look as though upgrading to Panda3D 1.10 would likely fix the problem, as the manual indicates that under that version the shader input is instead defined as white in the absence of vertex colours, I believe.)
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