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  1. Fukushuusha

    ASCII graphics console game

    Okay ... well ... ahem ... did not even cross my mind, how stupid of me! :) Thanks Zahlman I'll get right on it.
  2. Fukushuusha

    ASCII graphics console game

    Thank you very much for your reply and for clearing out what ANSI is compared to ASCII. Since I want to do this in both windows and Linux, would you have any idea how to do it in Windows too? Conio.h does not seem to have anything to clear the console like curses does.
  3. Hello all, Don't even ask me how I got to making this, but for some reason I ended up writing a very small example-game in console using c++ and ascii graphics(heard them being called ANSI graphics too). In windows I am using conio.h and I will move it in my Linux machine to write it using the curses library too. My problem is simple. I have never done this before. I had assumed that I could just print the map of the level in the console along with the good and bad guys. Then Leave a very big gap of newlines and re-print the next iteration of the main loop. This works and I got the game going with the only problem being that the "refreshing" of the screen look really ugly and is the complete opposite of smooth. So I guess the way I "refresh" the screen is completely wrong. Does anyone have any idea how this is done? If so any tips/advice would be really welcome. Thanks in advance! [Edited by - Fukushuusha on July 16, 2009 2:12:09 AM]
  4. Fukushuusha

    OpenGL and then windowing system to choose

    Andy you expressed 100% what I feel. I love doing things myself not only to learn but also know exactly how the library works. And anyway I think this is the way I will follow since I might not even end up making a game, just a game engine which I might use for other purposes too, since there are many projects I wanted to do through the years which would require rendering of 3d objects and scenes. Thanks for the input and advice you guys.
  5. Fukushuusha

    OpenGL and then windowing system to choose

    As for language I am talking about c++. I like dealing with low level code since I like building things from the bottom up, but reinventing the wheel is not something that I want to do. I just think I learn many things that way too. What other option would you recommend to me apart from SDL and openGL in windows using c++?
  6. Hello all, After a lot of time I decided to try and take up some game programming again just for fun and recreational purposes. My day job so to say has lots of programming too but not game-related so I am not a stranger to programming, just opengl and graphics programming in general. I decided to finally spend some time to learn more about it. The net is full of things to study but there is one thing that has been bothering me since I started looking. The windowing system. What should I use for the game I will be developing. Glut? SDL? .Net? I decided to go with SDL since I had used it once again 2 years ago, but for 2D game programming only. Moreover it has the added bonus of being platform independent and quite simple and easy to use. That's my opinion. The reason I made this post is to listen to other people's opinions too, and get told the things that I am missing, such as the downsides of such a choice or offers of some alternatives. Any info people can give would be great help for me. Thanks in advance.
  7. Fukushuusha

    SDL&OpenGL multi-platform

    Hey all, I am trying to develop a simulation, just for the fun of it for now and I am using openGL and SDL just because I was told that this combination achieves multi-platformity(new word! :) ) My problem is ... how? Say I got my program with my source code and my .exe file in this computer which runs on windows. I have another computer in my house. It runs on Linux only. I want to use that other computer to test the simulation. How can I make this simulation I am developing run on the Linux machine? This might seem like a noobish question. Well .. it is, I had never concerned myself with portability until now, and I have no idea how it is achieved. Thanks in advance for any answer! :)
  8. Fukushuusha

    [C++] include question

    Thanks a lot people. Both worked. You really solved my problem. Thanks!
  9. Fukushuusha

    [C++] include question

    Hello all, I haven't coded in c++ for years and as I was trying to code something I came upon a question/problem. You include files from the same directory like so : #include "youareinthesamedir.h" You include files from directories under the same directory like so: #include "pathtofile\fileinasubdir.h" But how can you include a file which is a directory above the one the includee(the file which initiates the include) is? Would appreciate any answer!
  10. Fukushuusha

    How would you search for an artist?

    Thank you for your reply friend. It has been helpfull. I would really appreciate more replies like that. The reason why I ask all these? It is simple! I am attempting to make a matching site for developers/artists/musicians and would like to find various ways to describe each individual according to his skills. It is easy for programmers for me since I have some experience all these years. But as far as artists or musicians are concerned I am kind of ... clueless :) So posts like yours really help. Thanks!
  11. Hey all, As the topic says I would like to ask you guys to propose what would the simplest to 2D graphics library to use be? I intend to use it in a simulation and want to generate 2D graphics with it. My language of choice is C++. I have SDL in mind. Any other choice I should try? Thanks in advance for any answer.
  12. Hello all, These last few weeks I have been working on a project I envision that might be able to help the developing community in general. A key of this project would be to find the right artist or musician to go with your project. So generally I am trying to find ways to categorize each different art and music user my site might have. The problem is that I do not really know how. Apart from previous experience and knowledge of 2d art/3d modeling/animation e.t.c. I can not think of any other way of categorizing. That is why I come to gamedev.net and ask you people. I am sure that I can find a nice answer in here. Any ideas as to what sets apart one artist from another? How could I do that in my database? For now I have it with previous experience and knowledge of certain 2d/3d art software. In addition I have exactly the same question about musicians for games(don't think there is any other type of software that needs music eh? >_< ). But I think that posting an identical topic in the music forum might be considered double posting so I would like an admin's opinion on this if possible. Thanks in advance for any answer.
  13. Fukushuusha

    Music for games

    Yes you are indeed right about the interactive part. I had not thought about it like that. Thanks for the input :) Does anyone know of any related articles I could read?
  14. Fukushuusha

    Music for games

    Hello all, I would like to gather some general info about music for games. Specifically what is considered game music? It might sound vague but it is something that has been bothering me for long. When someone searches for people to make music for his game project he searches for people who have had previous music-writting experience? Game-music experience specifically? Or is it even divided into game-type music? For example if you are making a horror-game you are going to search for someone who has experience with horror-music? horror-game music? e.t.c. I do realize my question might be strange and vague but I really have been struggling to understand how someone would search for people to write music for games ... and thus how is game-music classified. Any help would be really appreciated.
  15. Fukushuusha

    How to keep ones project organized?

    I would like to use this thread to ask a little question of my own which is on topic. For a UML editor for a project which could be considered better? UMLet mentioned by the above poster? Or ArgoUML?
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