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  1. Instigator

    Searching Algorithm on Matrix Type Data

    Cool idea! I will look into this
  2. I would like to implement an efficient algorithm to search data as part of the following format.   |X|Y|100 character length string|   All columns are non-unique. Which means you can have   |5.5|23.4|SOME TEXT| |10.1|12.2|SOME TEXT| |10.1|10.1|MORE TEXT|     An example of a query would be :   - FindText("SOME*") /*Returns all rows with this text */ - FindX(10.1) - FindY(10.1) . .   Will a simple array suffice or is their an algorithm more efficient I should  read about? 
  3. Instigator

    Brain Development

  4. Instigator

    Brain Development

    Hi, So I'm going to be turning 25 years old in a few months. Lately I have been hearing that your brain stops developing at 25 years old. This is worrying because there is still so much I want to learn in life (musical instruments, another language and learning to be a good sales rep). It would help if someone over the age of 25 with an ambitious attitude to learn share your experiences? I'm really feeling old right now and it would help to hear!
  5. Instigator

    Chaos Theory

    Okay.. very cool. I found this awesome demo!
  6. Instigator

    Chaos Theory

    Hi, I am looking for a demo of Chaos theory in action. What practical examples can be rendered showing its use?
  7. Hello, I have an application which excepts a username and password input from the user. Then attempts a network connection, 3 classes deep from my form events (the view). So deep in my networking connection I want to throw and Exception and log some text for the user to see. So.. with in this method I have something like.. public boolean doAConnect() throws Exception { //check invalid usernamepassword here... if (errorCode == invalidUsernamePass) throw new Exception("Invalid Username and Password); the problem is that in my view when I use the try/catch, I am getting a "Java.lang.exception error: <error message here>". I only want the error message I set! Any ideas how I can just show the message to the user without the "Java.lang.Exception error:" pre-pended onto my string? try{ doAConnect() } catch(Exception e) { Dialog.alert(e.toString()); }
  8. Instigator

    Java Syntax Question

    Thanks guys.. got it.
  9. I've recently been trying to undertand ternary operators and found an example using java - here - public class EmpComparator implements Comparator { public int compare(Object obj1, Object obj2) { Person emp1 = (Person) obj1; Person emp2 = (Person) obj2; int nameComp = emp1.getFirstName().compareTo(emp2.getFirstName()); return ((nameComp == 0) ? emp1.getLastName().compareTo( emp2.getLastName()) : nameComp); } I am feeling really sick right now because of 2 things in this example which I'm obviously missing 1. Why doesn't he just return the "nameComp" variable.. 2. In the "true" part of the ternary value he does "emp1.getLastName().compareTo(emp2.getLastName())" why.. the value is already in nameComp. Please explain Thanks!
  10. Instigator

    Photoshop help

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to design an icon for a game that uses the same silver boarder shine effect as the blackberry Facebook icon (see screen below). How would I go about implementing this look. You will notice that a lot of the blackberry apps us this theme. If there's a tutorial you can link me I would appreciate it a lot
  11. Instigator

    MacBook Pro Retina Display

    Hi, I've always thought of Apple as an overpriced company and didn't see past that. But this time with this retina display on their Macbook, the laptop just looks so tempting to get. What do you guys think of the new Macbook pro? Also, do you think other Manufacturers (DELL, HP..) will pick up on the retina display trend in the laptop market? Review Here: http://www.notebookr... Retina Display Also, the main image blew me away (looked all over interfacelift.com.. but no luck) Does anyone know where I can get the original? http://www.notebookr...ure.asp?f=65695 Have a great weekend guys!
  12. Instigator

    Dumbest coding mistakes ever

    //Boolean logic Fail if (DateTime.Now.DayOfWeek != DayOfWeek.Saturday || DateTime.Now.DayOfWeek != DayOfWeek.Sunday) { weekday = true } else { weekday = false; }
  13. Instigator

    New Pre-built Desktop -> GPU Upgrade

    The thing I find ridiculous is that Dell wants me to pay another $40 for the USB 3.0 option. Thanks for the guidance!!!
  14. Hi guys, I'm looking to get a really cheap computer for my dad with the option of upgrading the GPU so he can play a few modern games. I was specifically looking at getting an Intel i5.. Please let me know what you think about: http://configure.dell.com/dellstore/config.aspx?oc=dxps8300_f_1e&c=ca&l=en&s=dhs&cs=cadhs1&model_id=xps-8300 Any of your expertise would be appreciated.
  15. Instigator

    SOPA protests (dumb idea)

    So.. Wikipedia is blacked out for now.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:SOPA_initiative/Learn_more some kind of protest. This sucks.. sicne this is the best website in the world and you didn't realize it until they take it offline for the blackout period!
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