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  1. are certain Clichs good?

    It's more important to focus on the quality of writing than the number of cliches, but try to avoid the deus ex machina.
  2. War.

  3. Possibly the most evil video game of all time...

    I Wanna Be The Guy is better. Video
  4. Making crafting fun ? How to..

    When NP-complete problems aren't enough, you can move up to EXPTIME-complete problems. Is there some way to justify including Go as the minigame?
  5. Boolean's going to Canada!

    Quote:Original post by Talroth Quote:Original post by Trapper Zoid [Edit: Oh, and don't go around hugging things in Australia too. Not even the koalas.Not to mention that Fur = Cute & Cuddly, while scales = HOLYSHIT RUN FROM THE EVIL MONSTER THINGY!That varies with the area. In Canberra, the only scaled creatures I've seen have been common garden skinks, three-toed earless skinks and eastern blue-tongued lizards. Only the last one is capable of hurting a human, and even then, only just. Kangaroos (cute and cuddly) are the most dangerous thing around here.
  6. Need A New Language To Play With

    Look for some non-joke languages that you find confusing. Then learn them.
  7. Strange behaviour... ive seen it before need explanation

    Do you mean this? There is a followup video that explains what's going on.
  8. I'll also recommend Haskell, for its different yet elegant approach to programming, and Scheme, for this user-friendly GUI and call/cc.
  9. (C++) getting number of digits in number

    floor(log10(n))+1 works for integers greater than zero.
  10. Oluseyi wrote a useful article about that technique.
  11. [4E6] Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Quote:Original post by userjp Quote:Original post by Dark Adept I daresay that I have just taken the lead.better step back i'm taking the trophy ;) I think I'm ahead of you there!
  12. Man shelf

    jon@ubuntu:~$ man shelf No manual entry for shelf jon@ubuntu:~$ _ Am I out of luck?
  13. Makes the best game of the year?

    Quote:Original post by Zahlman Quote:Original post by kordova I figure that out of the 300 or so people who join:50 people will work on implementing the language. this shouldn't take longer than 3 weeks with so many people on it. 100 people will work on the design of the game in the meantime. 100 people will write the game code. they wont be able to compile it for the first couple of weeks but thats ok because their peers could review the code beforehand and that way everyone will learn the language faster than if they were relying on a compiler to begin with. 50 people will be managers that watch over the work of each of the other groups.That's madness.So the game should be about the Battle of Thermopylae?
  14. poked in the eye

    Quote:Original post by PM-Heavy And I found the comic on the Internet ArchiveDirect link to the comic in question
  15. Programming Challenge 1

    Quote:Original post by Nathan Baum Optimization via refactoring:const int iloveseven = 7;Why stop there? Since iloveseven is never used at all, all you need is: