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  1. Andrew Russell

    Sonys PS3 Hacker lawsuit

    And allowing private corporations to essentially make up and enforce their own version of copyright law and various consumer protection laws is a good idea because...?
  2. Andrew Russell

    What's the best domain registrar?

    I started out with GoDaddy. I moved my hosting to DreamHost because GoDaddy's hosting is terrible. Once I was there I found that DreamHost's domain registration actually works out cheaper if you want domain privacy (an additional cost at GoDaddy). Also I rather like their web panel - it's powerful without being overwhelming. Unlike GoDaddy's which is painfully obtuse and cluttered with upselling. I haven't tried enough places to say that DreamHost is the best. But I can tell you that, without a doubt, GoDaddy is awful.
  3. Andrew Russell

    XNA for iPhone, Android and Silverlight

    At the moment graphics is SpriteBatch only, with no custom shaders. This is similar to the Zune. It's also worth pointing out that XNA on WP7 doesn't support custom shaders either. On the iPhone custom shaders would require using OpenGL ES 2 (so not compatible with older iPhone generations). I use OpenGL ES 1 to remain compatible with all models. It's a fixed-function pipeline, no shaders. But I'd be happy to make GLSL shaders work, if someone or the community were to make and fund such a feature request. On Silverlight 3 custom shaders must run in software and therefore have serious performance implications. But it is theoretically possible. I'm interested to see what Silverlight 5 will support - it will apparently do hardware 3D, but I haven't heard if it will do hardware shaders or not. One of my core goals is compatibility between all platforms, which is why SpriteBatch is the baseline. 3D doesn't work everywhere (yet). However for a 3D game that runs only on iPhone/Android, it would be possible - probably even easy - to use straight up OpenGL for rendering, and letting ExEn handle everything else. On a related note - one unique thing that ExEn on Silverlight supports is hardware additive blending. I am not aware of any other Silverlight libraries that do this. You can get some pretty neat effects using this.
  4. If you're an XNA developer, and you'd like to port your XNA game to iPhone, Android or Silverlight (web), then this might be of particular interest to you. I've written an implementation of XNA that runs on Silverlight and the iPhone. And it actually works - I've already released a game using it. I've named the library "ExEn". And now I am crowd-sourcing funding to release it as open-source and do an Android port. If this is something that you would find useful, I'd really appreciate it if you could help me by funding the project and by telling all your friends about it. Here is the ExEn project page on RocketHub - go take a look! If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them here, at RocketHub, or via email. Thank you, Andrew Russell
  5. Hello all! I'm currently crowd-sourcing funding to work on an open-source a library I've written called "ExEn". It's an implementation of XNA that runs on Silverlight and the iPhone. And it actually works - I've already released a game using it. I'm planning on adding support for Android and possibly Mac. If you're a developer for any of these platforms I'd really appreciate it if you could help me by funding the project and by telling all your friends about it. Here is the ExEn project page on RocketHub - go take a look! If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them here, at RocketHub, or via email. Thank you, Andrew Russell [Edited by - Andrew Russell on December 21, 2010 8:20:12 AM]
  6. Andrew Russell

    Anyone remember StickSoldiers?

    Tim does. (I just have licence to use it.)
  7. Andrew Russell

    Anyone remember StickSoldiers?

    That was Fongerchat. It stole your GDNet cookie.
  8. Andrew Russell

    Anyone remember StickSoldiers?

    Tim Cowley (AKA: Fonger, AKA: Yoda The Coda, AKA: Admiral Binary) made Stick Soldiers and Stick Soldiers 2. He then gave me the project for Stick Soldiers 3. Which, I'm sorry to say, was huge disaster and was never finished.
  9. Andrew Russell


    Coincidently my latest blog post is about SilverSprite. The non-graphical parts of the library are ok. The graphics stuff is a complicated hack that isn't really useful in practice.
  10. Andrew Russell

    Best Buy Computer Optimization Service

    On your laptop should be an OEM licence sticker for Windows with the licence key on it. There does exist a category of OEM keys that this technique does not work for (IIRC: the ones that auto-activate) - so you may have to do some research to double check. Somehow acquire the installation media for the version of Windows matching your key (ie: Home Basic/Premium/Professional/Ultimate). With Vista one disk supported most of the SKUs - I don't know what the situation is with 7. Download the drivers you need from the manufacturers website. Reinstall Windows from the original disk using the key you found earlier. (And you can repartition to remove the nonsense "recovery partition", if that's what they've done to avoid giving you an actual Windows disk or a Restore disk.) Install all the required drivers (you may need to use a USB from another machine, if you need a network driver), taking care to avoid all the bullshit "pretty" replacements for existing Windows features. And obviously don't install trial versions of Norton. Enjoy your very fast, uncluttered installation of Windows.
  11. Andrew Russell

    Activision Allows King's Quest Fan Project

    Quote:Original post by Ryman No, it's quite immature to copy ones work. They need to grow up and face the consequences of building an ip from the ground up. Maybe they are immature... And perhaps the act of making a game based on somebody else's work will help them get the experience and skills they need to make their own IP. Your idea that a team doing a remake or a mashup or a fan-sequel or anything like that is not adding value to the world, and is not a creative endeavour, is ridiculous. Copyright laws are there to protect the interests of original IP owners. They're sure as shit not to protect the world from remixes, or protect artists who might make them from themselves.
  12. Andrew Russell

    Corporate Philosophy Comparisons

    Quote:Original post by Oluseyi Or are you referring to Apple's iOS updates overwriting applications installed via jailbreak? Yes (note how I mention not going through the App Store, and Cydia). The fact that there is a "jail" to "break" in the first place also concerns me. (Edit: But I'll make a note of that in my post, just to be clear to everyone.) [Edited by - Andrew Russell on June 23, 2010 2:19:39 AM]
  13. Andrew Russell

    Corporate Philosophy Comparisons

    Here's an interesting thought: The way Apple runs its App Store - gives me enormous incentive to make software for other platforms! If I could start development on a (bonafide) project and have a 100% expectation that I would get into the App Store when I finish it (and then not subsequently get kicked out) -- Then I could merrily spend more and more of my time writing software exclusively for Apple's platform. At first it might just be sub-components, like (for example) a renderer. And if that worked out well - it could easily become entire products or even all my products being iOS exclusive! But with Apple's propensity for changing the rules (like banning entire development methodologies without warning) -- Every second I spend writing software - and every dollar that I invest - that is exclusively for iPlatform entails a huge degree of risk. And not diversifying that risk out to other platforms would be unthinkable! Also: since when is it "ok" for Apple to push out an update that actively seeks to remove (access to, on a technical level) other software? Software that I installed on my device, without going through their App Store? (ie: via jailbreak.) Now what about my customers installing my software on their devices, without going through the App Store? Is it ok for Apple to remove that? And what if Cydia pushed an update which removed the App Store icon, and all your App Store purchased applications? Would we be cool with that? [Edited by - Andrew Russell on June 23, 2010 2:50:01 AM]
  14. Andrew Russell

    Stack Exchange - Game Development Q&A Site

    It looks to me like consensus (from the already-completed "definition" stage) is that it's about game development in general, not just programming. Which is good, I think.
  15. I'm sure many of you have heard of Stack Overflow - the programming Q&A site. (And Super User and Server Fault.) Well the folks behind that are opening up their system for proposals for new sites. There's a proposal for a game development site. All that is needed is enough people to commit to participating in a beta. I think such a thing would be a valuable resource for all of us. So, if you haven't done so already, clicky!
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