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  1. Andrew Russell

    What in the world are they smoking?

    The future is bright. If the hardware vendors can't use Linux, then they can actually start using a good operating system like OpenBSD :D
  2. Andrew Russell


    To clarify what SHilbert said - their self-esteem is based on them comparing themselves to you, and deluding themselves that being intelligent is a bad thing. So, don't base your own self-esteem on what other people call you. Then you're just deluding yourself that that the opinions of many stupid people matter. Also: This might cheer you up.
  3. Andrew Russell

    new ideas.

    I gotta agree with John Hatten on this one. You are a business - act like one. I suggest you find yourself a good microeconomics textbook for starters. What you are suggesting is similar to the concept of "price discrimination" (which is a good idea that will achieve your intended goal), except your idea for implementation is totally flawed. Some of Trapezoid's ideas, above, are better implementations of price discrimination. There are also other possible implementations, like rebates and sales.
  4. Andrew Russell

    ## GDNet Live Journal

    Move to Australia?
  5. Andrew Russell

    I want to buy a car.

    You know - out of all the completly retarded looking hybrid vehicles I have seen, this appears to be the least-retarded. Also - those tires seem a little less-wide than their normal counterparts. You'd think you'd need the same kind of traction, no matter how hybrid your vehicle was... Quote:ravuya All of the hybrid/electrics have that fender over the rear wheels. What's up with that, seriously? Do people think that looks good? Also, you'd think that you'd have to change the tires every once in a while too...
  6. Andrew Russell

    The Impending Media Industry Implosion

    I discussed this with you in chat, but I'll write it out here for other's to benifit from. <You say to MITHRANDIR> I like it. <MITHRANDIR> indeed. <AndrewRussell> hrmmn <AndrewRussell> the idea is good <AndrewRussell> I'm thinking two things <AndrewRussell> first off - publishers would still be useful to a different extent - a lot of artists want this public contract service, they provide it <MITHRANDIR> yes, they'll still exist, but they won't be able to have as much control as they now do. <AndrewRussell> always a good thing <AndrewRussell> second off, while it's eaiser for small or eaisly dividable stuff, like music and books <AndrewRussell> it wouldn't be so good for something like a game, or a movie <MITHRANDIR> I think it'll be okay for a movie <AndrewRussell> where a lot of work happens before the "level creation" or equivlent <MITHRANDIR> it'll be really amazing for TV-style serials <MITHRANDIR> and it depends on the kind of game <MITHRANDIR> Half Life would work really well <AndrewRussell> because it costs a lot of money to make a game or a movie, and 95% of the work is shared between each level <MITHRANDIR> true <AndrewRussell> for instance <AndrewRussell> the unreal engine is 1M to licence, right? <AndrewRussell> that'd quickly cause problems <AndrewRussell> however <AndrewRussell> there is one thing where it would work <AndrewRussell> story-like games (like half-life) with no in-house engine (preferably if they could get an engine for royalties) <AndrewRussell> that could be divided into chapters <AndrewRussell> and each level/chapter represents nearly it's own proportion of the work <MITHRANDIR> yep <AndrewRussell> which would work _really_ well for indies
  7. Andrew Russell

    I feel so horrible

    Obligatory linked-in-TA post... You are a strange man, pouya.
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