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    3 floats in 1

    Putting three floats into one means that you'll have to make your own floating point format and arithmetic. And since you'll have to code the arithmetic, even simple operations like multiplication and division will have to be done by software, which is phenomenally slower than hardware. So, in this case, I'd say you really don't have a choice...unless you want to get into chip design ;)
  2. whoa, thats got me thinking...how about a tree-based wiki like web novel which the whole web community contributes to? just a thought...
  3. try CVS if you are looking for a windows-only solution, although I'd recommend subversion on a dedicated linux server nyways...need help setting that up? ;)
  4. ammorphius

    new() question

    new int(1000) - thats 4000 bytes of memory per allocation - to fill up 256 MB of ram would take 67000 allocations - Then there's paging which will make allocations slower. Check the process monitor(task manager/'ps') to see if your program is hogging memory?
  5. ammorphius

    Finding area of semi circle with simpson's rule?

    Check out http://hepwww.ph.qmw.ac.uk/mcps/numint.html?desc=Numerical+Integration+techniques&file=numint.html They have a pretty good explanation of how the simpson's rule is used.
  6. ammorphius

    I don't have any ideas to program

    Ok, for anyone with interest in coding, try this one - There is a simple land called Hedonia. The people of Hedionia speak the language Hedonian, which is as simple as its people. The Grammer of Hedonian goes this way 1. any letter from p-z is a sentence. 2. N followed by a sentence is a sentence. 3. C followed by two sentences is a sentence. Can you write a program to validate a sentence in Hedonian?
  7. ammorphius

    How do you think about math?

    Hmm...you could also do squares of numbers similarly - 56^2=(56+4)(56-4)+4^2 (I've added 4 to get 60 which is easy to multiply with) This is because, from algebra, a^2=a^2-b^2+b^2 =(a+b)(a-b)+b^2
  8. ammorphius

    inherited enum

    Static members of a class are not inherited. An Enum is a static member
  9. ammorphius

    Hi Everyone!!!

    Hi!!! I just joined Gamedev and have been kicking myself for the past half an hour for not knowing about this site. Its a fantastic place...its got everything related to game dev!!! I even read something about skeletal animations, which I'm working on currently. This is cool! From the looks of it, I'm gonna be a regular here. A Big Thank You to the makers of the forums...love it :)
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