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  1. j0mich01 Community Challenge!

    I'm planning on making an XBLIG (Xbox Live Indie Game) version of my game. In the past couple years, I've been working on two different games that I hoped to release on that platform, but I never finished them because they were a little too big in scope than I was ready for. This game is much smaller and much simpler so I shouldn't have much of a problem finishing it. I've already got it running on the Xbox, so now I'm just adding features and content. It probably won't sell super well (the dual stick shooter genre is quite saturated on the Xbox, so there is lots of competition), but it's been a goal of mine to release something on that platform for a long time and I'm happy with BubbleTime, so it seems like good idea.
  2. j0mich01 Community Challenge!

    Thanks for the suggestions, I agree with most of them. Here are some things that I was thinking: -Red spinning enemies are a little to difficult in certain scenarios -Not a huge fan of having health, but I think I might add a shield powerup that allows you to be hit without dying -There needs to be an intermediate enemy after the green bubbles, so the beginning of the game is a little more exciting -Special power that shoots bullets in all directions (Cooldown based perhaps) I'm also hoping to implement some graphical improvements. Kiwibonga, what all are you planning to do to your game?
  3. j0mich01 Community Challenge!

    Wow, a score of 10144 is pretty impressive. I'm glad you liked it and found it addicting. I'm still working on it, trying to add more enemies and powerups, while keeping the basic feel the same. Any new versions that I make I will post to my site here: as well as posting on this thread. Do you have any suggestions or feedback for what could be improved?
  4. j0mich01 Community Challenge!

    Just curious, are there more judges? Or is it just going to be the two that have posted?
  5. j0mich01 Community Challenge!

    Yeah, this was my first competition as well. It was a lot of fun and feels good to finish something, even though technically I'm going to keep working on my game. I think the experience of just trying to get something finished in such a short amount of time will be useful for future projects. I also feel like my motivation got a major shot in the arm because of this competition, so thanks zer0wolf for taking the initiative, it was a great idea and I appreciate the effort you put into it.
  6. j0mich01 Community Challenge!

    Wow, thats awesome, thanks a lot!
  7. j0mich01 Community Challenge!

    Here you go, added that option for you:
  8. j0mich01 Community Challenge!

    Wow, that is pretty impressive. You can have 5 bullets, 4 kickback reductions, and no limit on damage increases. I tried to make it where you would only get powerups that you could use, but it didn't actually work (for instance, it will still generate extra bullets even if you already have 5). If you are just playing for fun (not officially judging it), then I would recommend this newer version where I fixed a couple bugs.
  9. j0mich01 Community Challenge!

    Thanks a lot, it definitely evolved over time and was a lot different at the end then I intended it to be, but I'm pretty happy with it. I'm probably going to keep working on it to some degree. I think it can be made into a really fun game with a little work. Some bugs need fixing: -Enemy Generation can be a little unfair when it generates an enemy right in front of you. I had code to prevent that, but it didn't work properly -Yellow Bubble enemy starts dropping at full speed immediately when spawned. This definitely makes them harder to avoid during their initial fall. Possible features -A shield powerup. This would make things slightly easier because you could take a hit without dying. -Longer bullet range powerup. -Couple new enemies -Enemy generation algorithm probably needs to be reworked, in the current state I feel that the first part of the game drags on a little too long. I enjoyed your game as well, even though I must confess I couldn't beat level 3. I played it about 15 times, but I kept dying. I really wanted to hear the Victory Song. In fact, I may have just tried to find it in data folder, but alas, it was an ogg file and didn't have any ogg players.
  10. j0mich01 Community Challenge!

    That's weird, could you post the the Ogre.log file? [/quote] Here is my log file if it would help.
  11. j0mich01 Community Challenge!

    Fair, there are actually 5 different types of enemies, but the game is quite difficult, so until you get used to the physics you probably won't last long enough to see them all. That was partially done by design, but I kind of regret it because if you do not play it long enough (to get good) you won't really get the full experience. I had a great time making it and I'm glad you liked it. (By the way, my highscore is 5743, I challenge anyone to try and beat it) Edit: also noticed my score is added wrong, did you intend for it to be a 9.1? That's weird, could you post the the Ogre.log file? [/quote] I experienced this as well on the OpenGL option, but the DirectX version worked fine.
  12. j0mich01 Community Challenge!

    Did you get an error message when you tried to run TunnelJumper? [/quote] No I see a Console window and than a window on top of it and get a beep (not a system beep like a sound effect beep from your game) and than it crashes. [/quote] I got this at first as well, if you run it as an Administrator it should work. At least it did for me. Hope that helps.
  13. j0mich01 Community Challenge!

    I have uploaded my timelapse here if anybody is interested. It kinda goes too fast to really make out exactly what is going on, but you can see the general progression of the game to some degree. Toward the end, I definitely felt like I was spending more time actually playing the game than I was working on it. I suppose that could a good or bad thing, either way, the video is kinda cool to watch.
  14. j0mich01 Community Challenge!

    Not sure if you did this but make sure your exe is running under the Reach profile not the HiDef. This will reach more computers and I doubt a weekend challenge entry isn't using any of the HiDef features anyway. [/quote] Yeah, I did. My game is kind of retro 2d game, so it definitely does not use any HiDef features. If anyone wants to play my game I'll give you a heads up that it starts a little difficult, but once you get used to the input you will do better. Just a note, there are 5 different enemy types that will be spawned as you progress, so if you are only seeing one type, you aren't living long enough.
  15. j0mich01 Community Challenge!

    I'm done!!! Here is a link to my game. Bubble Time It is written in XNA 4.0 so you will need the following: XNA 4.0: Net 4.0: If you don't know if you have them or not, then try to install XNA 4.0 first, it will let you know if you have .NET 4.0 installed.
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