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  1. j0mich01

    The game is afoot, good sirs.

    Good luck! I'm still brainstorming several ideas for what I want mine to be. My initial thought was a game where the player has to transfer an object (a hammer perhaps) to a destination without touching it, but since I can't start working on it until tomorrow, I'll have plenty of time to flesh out several ideas.
  2. Looking forward to the competition this weekend!
  3. j0mich01


    Screenshots from a game I am working on. Visit http://joedev.net for more info.
  4. j0mich01


    [quote][color=#CCCCCC][size=2]Reducing effort in content creation is a big priority for me. My projects always stall when most of the programming is done and content creation is all that is left.[/size][/color][/quote] I'm at the exact same point with my game Xploration. I've got all the systems working and I am just at a point where I need to pump out a bunch of content. And the thing is, I actually enjoy making the content for the most part, it's just hard to motivate myself to do it. Whereas with coding, the motivation is always there. [quote][color=#CCCCCC][size=2]I've probably spent a lot more time on the editor, even though I'm probably the only person that will ever use it, than on the game for exactly this reason.[/size][/color][/quote] Yeah, same here. I added Plugin support for my editor a while back, and now I often find myself writing plugins to automate time consuming and annoying tasks. There is definitely a trade off between "Time taken to develop nice features in the editor" and "Time saved as a result of nice features in the editor". But for me, all the nice features, regardless of weather or not they actually save me much time, just make the process much less tedious. And the less tedious the process is, the more likely I am to find motivation to work on it.
  5. Love the cell shading, it looks really good.
  6. j0mich01

    The importance of a good,

    Yeah, those screenshots look great!
  7. j0mich01


    [font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=2]Really nice and very polished. The graphics style/setting reminded me a lot of World of Goo (which is a good thing) and I think the system of swinging yourself around is an interesting concept and could be a lot of fun. Even on the small level provided it was fun swinging around all the platforms. Keep up the good work![/size][/font]
  8. Liking the new site!
  9. j0mich01

    The Road Ahead

    Good job on the new site, I really like the new design. I was just browsing the forums and noticed that the NeHe Productions board has a completely different color scheme, but still looks to be utilizing the IPS system. Is this a completely different theme? Could it be enabled for the rest of the site? With all the talk of the dark theme, some users might prefer it. [url="http://www.gamedev.net/forum/27-nehe-productions/"]Link[/url]
  10. New site is cool, but very confusing
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