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  1. Just a Hobby

    Hey this is kumar7685 again. I was wondering if anyone on this fourm designs games for a hobby like me. If so what free software do you use. (Please post the link to your reply plz).
  2. Opinion

    Thanks you all for your opinions I will try to start off with C++.Then, if that isnt to my liking then I will try java. Thank you all!!!!
  3. Opinion

    Ok i need someones opinion which programming language is easier to use IF your first starting out? python, java, or C++?

    What are the best tools to use when making your first 3D game?
  5. RE: I'm new

    Hello everyone im new to both game design and to gamedev.net I need help on finding a good game engine to start off with can someone help me plz!!!!
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