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  1. Feral

    Full Steam Ahead!

    Go! Go! Go! EDI!
  2. Feral

    developer rant #1: the script engine tirade

    I have a blog entry regarding fetching two values from a lua script, fwiw.
  3. Feral

    Dialogue Font

    I like the color of the first and the look of the second. *ponder* It is probably most character spacing related. That and the first one looks pretty flat (i.e. dull), I think. Ultimately comparisons should be done with the same text/area and so on though (=
  4. Feral

    Engine Loaders

  5. Feral

    Ba da da dum

    Who says the `good guy` has to be good? ;) (I.e. lesser of evils)
  6. Feral

    Journals getting better.

    Nice and functional comments too :)
  7. Feral

    Reviewers wanted

    Try a vinager(30%)/water(70%) mixture and spray the area.. works for people and pets too, make sure not to get in eyes, of course.
  8. Feral

    "Do Not Push"

    It is all because it is a big read button you realize... He flips a coin and if appropriate pushes the button. Large nuclear type boom if button is pressed, of course. What else could a big red button what reads don't push be? I like the button as a test though. Fwiw, I’d push it because they wanted me to.
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