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    A real newbie here

    People grow up, this isn't high school. I don't see how a simple question about looking for someone to program his idea turns into people being idiots. Earl53 the best thing you can do is attempt to learn some programming, I wouldn't go with DarkBASIC but if you really want to go with DarkBASIC PRO. I'm guessing you're not looking to spend 5 years learning C++ or another language so maybe Python would be a great language for you, it was used to create Civilization 4 which is a great game might I add. You can use Python with PyGame or you can learn a number of language such as JAVA. I would suggest Python if you want quicker results, now I don't program in Python because I went from BASIC to C++ and C#. Below I've included some links that will help you to get started! http://www.python.org/ http://www.pygame.org/news.html If this game is 2D maybe you might want even faster results which can be obtained from Game Maker, now I'm a person who fully stays away from Game Makers because your games will be very slow and are limited. If you're still interested in Game Maker check out the site below. http://www.gamemaker.nl Good Luck!
  2. Jettoz

    New Game Idea - How to Implement?

    Quote:Original post by Foot Soldier Thinking of the game idea is the MOST FUN and EASIEST part of making a game. Why would anyone rob themselves of it by, "stealing" and idea? Why would anyone walk down the street and pick up a lost wallet then keep the $100 bill instead of handing it into the police department or phoning the person and returning in it (Depending if ID is in the Wallet). It's easier to steal something than to come up with a good idea on your own or as I shown above get a job and work, I shouldn't even have to answer that question.
  3. Jettoz

    Pointers, when are they used?

    Wow thanks, now I understand the reason for Pointers! Right now because I'm still using Console for my text games pointers are not a big issue for memory until I get into Graphics. Thanks again everyone!
  4. Jettoz

    Pointers, when are they used?

    Alright thanks everyone, I'll keep reading more about Pointers and check online for some examples of Pointers being used. Unless I'm wrong it wouldn't be that big of problem to make a Text RPG without using pointers just for learning for now. I've done one Text RPG so far and didn't use any Pointers so I'm going to make another one and use Pointers to help me learn them later down the road.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm doing some reading on pointers and did a small test to see what a pointer can do so far. (I'm still new to learning Pointers) #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main () { // Vars int Number, *NumberPtr; // Set Vars Number = 100; NumberPtr = &Number; // Print Number & NumberPtr cout << Number; // Displays Number Value cout << endl; cout << NumberPtr; // Number Address in Memory (HEX) cout << endl; cout << &Number; // Number Address in Memory (HEX) cout << endl; cout << *NumberPtr; // Value of NumberPtr cin.get(); return 0; } Now all I understand is I made a variable Number with the value 100 and a Pointer NumberPtr which store the address of Number (Hex) and it's value. So I can print out Number which is 100 and than print out it's Memory from NumberPtr which is 0012FF60 and than I printed &Number which also gives it's Memory address just like the pointer did (Which it should) 0012FF60. Than I printed out *NumberPtr which gives that value of Number. Now my question here is what is the real point of doing this? When are pointers really used for example if I made a Console Text Game where would pointers come in use? Or if I made a 2D Pac Man game using an API why would pointers be used? I understand about Hex codes however because I use to do some 'hacking' on single player games before but I'm still confused on why a pointer is used even though I some what understand the basics of what it does. Thanks for any help you can provide!
  6. Jettoz

    New Game Idea - How to Implement?

    Disagree with me if you want but an idea for a game is a blueprint to that game design. Telling someone of a great RTS idea and going into details with units and what not is no different than giving blue prints to the public for the best new console system. I'm also talking about ideas in general not on here only, if you have a great idea why share it before you've made something? I've seen a lot of people with great ideas who will also make something and see if theory is equal to practical with their idea before sharing it with anyone. Well I don't think like other people so I'm not going to change my point of view on this, I'm done expressing my point of view on this subject.
  7. Jettoz

    New Game Idea - How to Implement?

    Quote:Original post by intrest86 Quote:Original post by Jettoz Umm don't share you ideas because that's just stupid. Someone could use your idea and make a product. We say it all the time: The idea is worth almost nothing. Actually making the game is the hard part. Sharing the idea isn't going to hurt him, especially since this group has a body of experience that allows it to suggest ideas and revisions to it. So what you're saying if I had the idea to make the first TV I should share it with people to beat me to that success? Well I'm sorry that's a stupid thing to do, if you just got a great game idea that could net you a lot of money and popularity for that game why would anyone with any intelligence go on a forum and spread the idea. The smart thing to do is get a team together under a contract to produced this idea copyrighted by you. You can have your opinion and I'll keep mine, I have a ton of game ideas that will never leave my head unless I program than make it into something. Just think about how Nintendo would be if they told their ideas on making a the SNES console which was one of the best developments in it's time or the idea of Zelda, Metroid or even Resident Evil and other titles. Ideas can be bad and good but also great if you tell people this idea thinking you should share it with others than people who have the power to use it and make it real and you my friend would be stupid to miss out on that success. EDIT: Just to add something I forgot, yes I understand that sharing an idea can allow others to help you making it a lot better. However todays society of people are nothing more than selfish people who would back stab you for $5, with the few that have respect for anyone but themselves. I've had ideas in the past that people stole from me, and yes they made it some where with these ideas while I'm left in the dust. I've learned from personal experience to keep ideas in your head and do your best to make them something more than just a thought.
  8. Jettoz

    Golf Game

    Just a small suggestion, make a simple 2D golf game to get the hang of some things and than make a 3D version after words. I'm not sure if you're new to programming/game programming but since your thread is in the beginner section I'm going to assume that you're new. Start simple before going onto something more complex, it will make it a lot easier in the long run.
  9. Jettoz

    which C# book should I buy?

    C++ isn't the same library as C# even though the sytnax is very much the same. Knowing C++ will let you catch on faster but you still need to learn C#'s library, ect...
  10. Jettoz

    which C# book should I buy?

    Go with Learning C# 2005, I've read this book before and it's great for starting out. Stay away from Game Programming books until you have an understanding of the language because rushing into Game Programming without knowing General Programming will make you a bad programmer. However since you're using C# for tools for games going with Learning C# would be the only book to pick out of the two.
  11. Jettoz

    Newbie starting out on Pacman

    I can't be of much help but you need to do a collision of some sort. When PacMan touches the pill it vanishes and if a ghost touches PacMan he dies, ect... Collision is something I've been having a hard time for over 5 years and still run into problems. Another way would be to make a Tile Map, have each movable spot have it's own square, for example see the picture I made below. http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/2339/expyo8.png What you need to do is have it check for the next tile, this can be done with an Array. Now the colored Tiles are walls so it checks for the walls (You need to map this in an Array with 1 for example as walls and 2 for movable spots.) However you will still need some kind of Collision. I hope this helps and gives a general idea on what you can do.
  12. Jettoz

    New Game Idea - How to Implement?

    Umm don't share you ideas because that's just stupid. Someone could use your idea and make a product. These are some engines you might want to use, of course check google for C++ 3D Engines. http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/ http://www.crystalspace3d.org/main/Main_Page http://www.truevision3d.com/home.php (Not sure about this) If you have Half-Life 2 you can use the Source Engine with C++.
  13. Using C# for this project would not be ideal right now, from what I've read on XNA it still doesn't have a way of allowing other people to play your games besides with the source code unless things have changed. (Please provide proof if I'm wrong.) They will need .NET framework 2.0 and XNA framework plus Direct X 9 and their video card must meet a requirement for pixel shader and other things which is pointless for a 2D game that is simple. Going with C# will cut programming time but that means nothing if no one can play your game and needs a 3D Video Card. (Not everyone who likes Old School 2D RPG's had a 3D Video card that has pixel shader 2.x) Stick with C++ and use D3D (Direct3D) to handle your 2D game, how this will work is you use D3D to set the camera so it's locked at an angle giving the same 2D look direct draw would give.
  14. Jettoz

    C++ and C# Question

    These threads usually attract the fanboy squad and start a good old language flame war. I use both C++ and C# however I'm not advanced yet in these languages. C++ is a lot harder than C# because you need to do a lot of things yourself, it's a low level language. C# is easier for new programmers because it's a high level language and has some things done for you such as the garbage collector for un-used objects to free memory. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low-level_programming_language http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-level_programming_language Low level languages are harder than High level because you need to do a lot of things yourself. If you're asking what you should learn first, I suggest C# only because C++ needs a lot more time to learn and might be harder to most people making it discouraging to learn programming. Some more links: C++ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C%2B%2B C# http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C_Sharp In the end you can accomplish most programs/games in C# that you could in C++ in less time with a little less speed and performance gain that you would get from C++. C# also needs the .NET frame work to run which means it wont run on all OS, however this is being changed as people make .NET work for other OS's such as Linux. If you use XNA (Used for making games in C#) you will be stuck with Windows for now until a port is made they will also need .NET and XNA framework downloads for people to run your game. With C++ they just need to click your exe and it will run just fine unless they're using Direct X which most people have anyways.
  15. Jettoz

    3d game maker

    There are some free 3D Game Engines but you need to know how to program. 3D programming is a lot harder than 2D programming and requires some advanced math. I've checked around a 3D Game Maker that isn't complete garbage and that would be free doesn't exist.
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