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  1. hydroo

    What monitor should I buy?

    I am totally in love with my http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/us/en/sm/WF05a/382087-382087-64283-72270-3884471-3648442.html s-ips pannel awesome brightness awesome footing and cabel channels everywhere A good OSD (sounds weird. I hate most OSDs of TVs and Monitors, for being unintuitive, being orderes weird ...)
  2. hydroo

    Lines of code in a lifetime

    about 100k I guess
  3. hydroo

    What's your dream job?

    Making Software for Space Exploration would be nice. (OSes, whatever is needed in space vehicles) Software/Math research to me sounds like the most interesting frontier for now. (Though, I still have 3 years left for studying CS) Generally working without having to worry about money, in private and in business. A paid employee who can do what he pleases. E.g. I think it would be useful if someone could spend time checking out new technologies to apply in the company.
  4. hydroo

    What would you do to make $5000 in 9 months?

    Pretty much any job would suffice. Get some extra work as a freelancer. If you have a field of expertise you might also double as a "consultant" kind of guy.
  5. hydroo

    Can I just say...

    People in this forum are are mostly a pain in the ass, because I cannot answer a single question faster and better than them 8[. I love gamedev.net.
  6. hydroo

    Where to store system wide settings?

    thanks for the input. But, nevertheless this might be what Lode could use.
  7. hydroo

    Where to store system wide settings?

    Uhm, had a look at http://doc.trolltech.com/4.5/qsettings.html#setPath And it says /etc/xdg. And yes, I have write access to this. Didn't know it before. Good to know. Since it's Qt's saying it is probably true?! regards
  8. hydroo

    Help me name my MIPS simulator

    YAMS (or better jams) - yet another mips simulator. MINX - MIPS is not x86 SIMD simulating interesting stuff on mips, dude. - I am bad at this, jep. simps (+on?) simulating mips
  9. Hi, I am currently trying to figure out which design pattern book is "the best"/"worth the money spend". Can you please recommend some from your experience? level: intermediate/advanced/very advanced (if it matters) What about Head first design patterns (2004)? Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture (2002)sounds fancy, too? Design Patterns. Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software (1995)? thanks in regard
  10. hydroo

    Arguments for niceties from your employer

    I don't get smarter by getting this certification. It is a sheet of paper saying "yes, he can". Personally I benefit from it, because I no longer have to convince someone of my skills in this area, because the sheet of paper does. Good point. The company can benefit by having guys with this certification. I am afraid the money dividers (the EU) are not that interested, because this particular certification has nothing to do with research (writing programs is engineering --- I'd have to find a correlation of 'code-quality' to 'research results' - maybe I can think of something). That one lost day is ok, I guess. We spend a good part of our work time visiting courses at the university we work for - or on other activities where the employer does not directly benefit from. A good reason for the project would be helpful anyways, mh. And @frob I have very good relationships with all my coworkers. Unfortunately our boss boss and the rules by which we play (public service bla) make it very hard to make independent moves without providing convincing arguments. Personal development has never been one, I am afraid. I'll talk some more and then try to convince my boss himself. We'll see what happens. Worst case is I have to spend the money myself, which would be ok, too. But setting a mark in this case could turn out to be a good start at getting other useful certifications/whatevers - I mean we then would already have a lighthouse to guide us. Mh. This could be a contra argument for the boss, fearing his coworkers annoy him with more of this kind. I am confused
  11. Goal: Getting a Certification for me and ~4 of my colleagues. (It is pretty cheap. 150$ per developer) Problem: Convincing the employer himself Problem #2: Giving a reason how the project itself benefits from this step. There is some formal stuff to consider when spending money from projects. Public service procedures require this. I want to approach my boss and am beginning to record ideas of argumentation at the moment. To be honest. I personally doubt that the project really benefits from getting some developers certified (without visiting a course - learning something new). Would you mind to give some advice and share your experience?
  12. thanks a lot [Edited by - hydroo on September 19, 2009 11:26:51 AM]
  13. I am compiling using -O0. It shouldn't optimize, should it?
  14. #include <utility> #include <iostream> using std::cerr; using std::endl; #define ASDF cerr << __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ << " " << i << endl #define ASDF2 cerr << __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ << endl class A { public: A() : i(-1) {ASDF;} A(int _i) : i(_i) {ASDF;}; A(const A& src) : i(src.i) {ASDF;} A(A&& src) : i(std::move(src.i)) {ASDF; src.i = -2;} ~A() {ASDF;} A& operator=(const A& rhs) {i = rhs.i; ASDF;} A& operator=(A&& rhs) {i = std::move(rhs.i); ASDF; rhs.i = -3;} int i; }; A returnMove() {ASDF2; return A(0); } A returnMove2() {ASDF2; return returnMove(); } int main(int argc, char** args) { A c(returnMove2()); return 0; } $ g++-4.4 -std=c++0x -O0 main.cpp $ ./a.out A returnMove2() A returnMove() A::A(int) 0 A::~A() 0 I expect multiple occurrences of the copy-constructor during the returning of the variables. But the output doesn't obey my prediction. Any clues what is going on? The naming is slightly misleading in this case. I don't use move semantic at all in this example. regards
  15. hydroo

    Qt Simple Tree Model Question

    If it does change something: I have been using Qt for 5 years. I wouldn't mind that extra node.
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