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  1. Compiler+Text editor Vs. and IDE question...

    Ah, thanks for the information! Do you know when a compiler and a regular text editor may be advantageous over an IDE? Such as for certain type of projects, situations, etc. I think I'm pretty aware of the pros of an IDE, now I just need pros of using just a compiler and editor. This is for a class I have in which we are suppose to question "experienced" people in our field and ask them specific questions--so more focus on the cons of an IDE and pros of the other environment-type would be prefered. Thanks for all the answers! And I guess this wasn't too wrong of a spot for this topic.
  2. Hello, I am new here and not sure this is the correct place to ask, but it seemed to be the most fitting... I was wondering if someone can describe a quick overview of writing code in a compiler environment and that of an IDE. I am somewhat familiar with working with IDE's to make simple programs, and have a small idea of how using a compiler and text editor works, but beyond that I am unsure. I would also like to know the advantages and disadvantage of both methods of programming, and how one can benefit certain programs or programming situations over the other, such as in game programming. From what I've gathered, using just a compiler makes for easier portability, as well as stronger and more language support. I've also heard it takes a while longer for a certain language to get an IDE for it, because one has to develop debuggers and other IDE tools for it. Anyways, if this is the wrong place, sorry! Hopefully you can move or delete it.
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