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  1. Anyone built a successful "hobby" team?

    There was a good topic about this just recently in the Software Engineering forum. Here it is: online projects and motivation It gives a lot of good ways and reasons why people stick it out on a project.
  2. Critique this resume!

    This is coming from a fellow and competitive job seeker but I do have some advice from my own experience and some I've learned after talking with others. The first thing I noticed in your resume is that you have a table in the word document resume you posted here. Get rid of that, it takes up a lot of space that you probably don't realize it does. Also if there is a blank line anywhere take it out you don't need it (Use different size fonts to put emphasis on things). Then feel free to make the margins smaller so you can fit more on the page. One thing I've been told that's a huge no-no and something that I see on your resume is that in your Technical Proficiency part you list a lot of languages and tool used. While that's great you know all those tools and languages it leads the reader of your resume to believe that you are a jack of all trades but master of none. I suggest taking out some of the languages you've only touched on briefly and keep the one's your more of a master of. I know this is sounds weird but I have been repeatedly told this by many professionals in the industry, so I urge you to take that advice. One thing you can do to shorten your resume is to shorten some of the descriptions that you have for your jobs. It will also help with the readability of your resume, I personally found it very wordy and thus most HR people won't take a second look at it if they felt the same way. Here is an example of how your first job could be shorten. Quote:Game Programmer 6/2007 – present K20 Center, Norman, OK  Developed games for PC and the Samsung Ultra Mobile Personal Computer platform.  Worked in a team of 9 programmers, 3 artists, and 1 designer.  Created design documents, program flowcharts, UML designs, and ERD database designs for game according to user specifications.  Collaborated with designer to translate game content from storyboards into missions and gameplay scenarios.  Used UnitTest++ to implement unit tests for various parts of the code.  Performed game testing and used Acunote and Trac for keeping track of bugs found.  Designed and implemented process for caching images on the local machine’s hard drive to reduce network traffic.  Created task tracking system and weather system for controlling in-game rain.  Designed and developed GUI (in CEGUI and Flash/Actionscript) and backend for several in-game modules such as Report Generator, Email, and Interactive Map.  Used Scrum project management method for agile software development  Used Visual Patch, True Update, and Setup Factory to create new builds and provided technical support to players. Just what I took out got rid of 8 lines of text and shortened all but 2 descriptions to less than one line. The majority of the things I cut out just was a lot of explaining of the jobs and that's what the interview is for so I've been told. This is where you can cut a lot of fat out and leave the good meat of your resume and maybe have enough room to add those two jobs you took out. This is my advice to you to help fix your resume. Take it or leave it if you wish.
  3. Irrlicht FPS game + website

    I know it's a work in progress but the control scheme is hard to use. With using WASD to move and the mouse to aim it's awkward to have the shooting button be control, I'd make it the right mouse click. Another things is that the aliens respond rather quickly. I had several spawn almost as soon as I just finished shooting them. Also as the other person said falling off the edge=bad, I'd fix that. Otherwise a good first attempt at a 3D game.
  4. Projectile Motion.

    I know this gets asked a lot based on the amount of post I found searching for the answer but I need help with understanding some of what I found. I'm trying to have a stationary object fire at another object that has a constant velocity. However I don't have the aim or the time at which the stationary object's bullet hits the moving object. Basically this forum post is exactly what I'm attempting to do:� On the third post the guy goes over the equation I need to solve the problem, however when he gets to here: Quote:Herein only t is unknown, and the whole formula is a quadratic equation in t. One can solve any quadratic equation of the form f(t) := t2 + c1 * t + c0 = 0 by the so-called "pq-formula" (well, it is called so in Germany), yielding in ta = - c1 / 2 + sqrt( c1^2 / 4 - c0 ) tb = - c1 / 2 - sqrt( c1^2 / 4 - c0 ) I get lost as I don't know where he got the c1 or c0. If someone could explain that to me where he got that, I'd greatly be appreciative.
  5. GunGirl - Platform Game Public Beta

    Well I played through the first level and most of the second before I had to stop. One suggestion I'd like to make is let the user choose the controls. The reason I say this is because some keys are hot keys for different operating systems. Like playing your game I found out the hard way that hitting the shift key 5 times is a short cut to sticky keys for windows vista and it kept interrupting the game, the main reason I stopped playing. Second some of the jumps are just on the double jump limit making it difficult if you didn't hit it just right and since you don't have a the control scheme showing anywhere unless you know about the F1 it's hard for someone to figure that out. At least for the first few levels you might want to make it easier to make the jumps. Third you might want to make more of a main menu. Shouldn't be to hard. Just so you can implement the first suggestion. Also you can make it so you can see credits and other things that will make it look more polished. Those are my suggestions but otherwise it played pretty good.
  6. GunGirl - Platform Game Public Beta

    Well you put this in the wrong section. I suggest try putting it in the Your Announcements section. This section is for discussing game design. Just from the screen shots I see you have a picture of Bruce Willis. I hope you got his permission to use his likeness or that it's just a place holder until you can get another person's picture. If not you might want to consider finding someone else's picture. I'll check out the game soon.
  7. Pointer Help

    Thanks for the help. I've been staring at this code all day and changing things. It was poor planning on my part. Thanks again for the help.
  8. Pointer Help

    I've tried passing it as just saveGame(player); but it didn't work and gave the same error.
  9. Pointer Help

    I'm attempting to write a text based game and make a save function however I am having trouble sending the player to the saveGame function. The line causing the error is near the bottom, I've put an comment saying ERROR HERE at the line. And did my best to make it noticable in the gameLoop #include "DungeonDunston.h" void gameLoop(bool newgame) { srand(time(NULL)); bool gameOver=false; PLAYER* human=new PLAYER; int decision, charChoice, remainingIntel, remainingMoney, remainingTime; int tempIntel=0, tempMoney=0, Event=0, number=0, totalscore=0; char saveGame, noSave, again; string name; while(gameOver!=true) //If game is not over continue playing. { if(newgame==true) //If it's a new game then have player select a character. { cout<<"You have several options as to what type of character you want. You can choose"<<endl; cout<<"between:"<<endl; cout<<"1) The Nerd- has more intellegence but does not have much money."<<endl; cout<<"2) The Frat Boy- has more money but has less intellegence."<<endl; cout<<"3) The Average Joe-has a good mixture of both."<<endl; cout<<endl; cout<<"What type of character would you like to be? "; cin>>charChoice; cout<<endl; cout<<endl; switch(charChoice) { case 1: //Set's up the Nerd choice with more intellegence human->setMoney(10); human->setIntel(20); human->setTime(200); human->setSteps(15); break; case 2: //Set's up the Frat boys choice with more money human->setMoney(20); human->setIntel(10); human->setTime(200); human->setSteps(15); break; case 3: //Set's up the regular guy human->setMoney(15); human->setIntel(15); human->setTime(200); human->setSteps(15); break; default: cout<<"You inputted a wrong number."<<endl; break; } newgame=false; // Story of what you are trying to do. cout<<"Today you have a test in your Comp 6320 class. Unfortunatley for you missed the"<<endl; cout<<"early bus and are running late to class. Luckily you made it to Dunstan Hall"<<endl; cout<<"but you had to come in the door that's the farthest from your room because of"<<endl; cout<<"the construction going on around the building. You have "<<human->getTime()<<" seconds before"<<endl; cout<<"class starts and you know that there are proffessors and other people who need"<<endl; cout<<"to see you along the hall but you don't have time for them. So do your"<<endl; cout<<"best to avoid them or at least get rid of them as soon as possible."<<endl; cout<<endl; cout<<endl; cout<<"If you run out of time to get to class or if your mentally exhausted or run out"<<endl; cout<<"of money for the blue book that you need to buy from the teacher since you"<<endl; cout<<"didn't have time to stop at the book store you'll fail the test. If you get low"<<endl; cout<<"on money or intellgence you can study or search for some loose change. You"<<endl; cout<<"better get going otherwise you\'re going to be late."<<endl; cout<<endl; cout<<endl; } else //If not a game set the old loaded game up. { //loadGame(); } // Actual game loop cout<<"What would you like to do?"<<endl; cout<<"1) Continue walking to class"<<endl; cout<<"2) Study (Takes time)"<<endl; cout<<"3) Search for change (Takes time)"<<endl; cout<<"4) Veiw your mental stamina and money"<<endl; cout<<"5) Quit the game"<<endl; cout<<endl; cout<<"Please choose an action: "; cin>>decision; cout<<endl; switch(decision) // Main portion of the game. { case 1: // Continue walking to class human->loseSteps(1); human->loseTime(10); Event=rand()%15; number=1+rand()%8; switch(Event) { case 1: human->loseIntel(number); cout<<"One of your professors pops out of their office and asks you if you have the "<<endl; cout<<"homework that you owe them. You give him the homework you owe him. "<<endl; cout<<"(Lose "<<number<<" intellegence)"<<endl; cout<<endl; cout<<endl; break; case 3: human->loseIntel(number); cout<<"One of your friends pop out of the study room and asks you if you have the stuff"<<endl; cout<<"for the project you are working on together. You give him your part of the"<<endl; cout<<"project. (Lose "<<number<<" intellegence)"<<endl; cout<<endl; break; case 4: human->loseMoney(number); cout<<"One of your friends pops out and asks if you have that money you owe him."<<endl; cout<<"You pay him the $"<<number<<" you owe him."<<endl; cout<<endl; cout<<endl; break; case 7: human->loseMoney(number); cout<<"The president of the ACM sees you coming down the hall and asks for the money for dues."<<endl; cout<<"You tell him you don't have much with you and give him $"<<number<<"."<<endl; cout<<endl; cout<<endl; break; case 8: cout<<"There is this girl who stops and ask you if you know where the room for her"<<endl; cout<<"class is. Being polite you tell her where the room is but it costs you another"<<endl; cout<<"10 seconds."<<endl; human->loseTime(10); cout<<endl; cout<<endl; break; case 9: cout<<"A grad student stops you in the hall and asks you to do a quick little problem"<<endl; cout<<"solving for his research project. (Lose 10 more seconds and "<<number<<" intellegence)"<<endl; human->loseTime(10); human->loseIntel(number); cout<<endl; cout<<endl; break; case 12: cout<<"A classmate comes out in the hallway and gives you some project work he owes you.(Gain "<<number<<" intellegence)"<<endl; human->addIntel(number); cout<<endl; cout<<endl; break; case 13: cout<<"A friend comes out in the hallway and gives you some money he owes you.(Gain $"<<number<<")"<<endl; human->addMoney(number); cout<<endl; cout<<endl; break; case 14: human->addTime(30); cout<<"You run into a friend and he wants to talk to you but you tell him you have a "<<endl; cout<<"test in a few seconds. He say hey your watch is running a little fast. "<<endl; cout<<"You still have "<<human->getTime()<<" before your test."<<endl; cout<<endl; cout<<endl; break; default: cout<<"You continue walking forward and no one bothers you."<<endl; cout<<endl; cout<<endl; break; } cout<<endl; break; case 2: // Study (increase intellegence) tempIntel=1+rand()%5; cout<<"You studying some and feel smarter. (Intellegence increases by "<<tempIntel<<")"<<endl;; human->addIntel(tempIntel); human->loseTime(10); cout<<endl; break; case 3: // Search for money (increase money) tempMoney=1+rand()%5; cout<<"Searching for change in your backpack and find $"<<tempMoney<<" you didn't know you had."<<endl; human->addMoney(tempMoney); human->loseTime(10); cout<<endl; break; case 4: // Prints out stats and positions cout<<"===================="<<endl; cout<<"| Veiwing stats. |"<<endl; cout<<"===================="<<endl; cout<<"You have: $"<<human->getMoney()<<endl;// Expected should be 10. cout<<"Your intellegence is: "<<human->getIntel()<<endl;// Expected should be 10. cout<<"You have "<<human->getTime()<<" minutes until your test."<<endl;// Expected should be 10. cout<<"The steps left you need to take to reach the class is: "<<human->getSteps()<<endl;//Expected should be 30. cout<<endl; cout<<endl; break; case 5: // Ends the game if you don't feel like playing anymore. gameOver=true; break; default: cout<<"Try again you inputed something wrong."<<endl; break; } // If quit has been choosen ask if they would like to save. if(gameOver==true) { cout<<"Would you like to save your game? (Y/N) "; cin>>saveGame; cout<<endl; cout<<endl; if(saveGame!='y'&& saveGame!='Y') //If they don't want to save make sure they don't want to save. { cout<<"Are you sure you don't want to save? (Y/N)"; cin>>noSave; cout<<endl; cout<<endl; if(noSave=='y' && noSave=='Y')//If they decided they wanted to save then save { /*----------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ saveGame( &human );//<--ERROR HERE /*----------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ } } else // It they choose to save then save. { //saveGame(); } } else //If they didn't quit check for other game ending reasons. { if(human->getTime() <=0) { cout<<"You are late to the test and failed."<<endl; gameOver=true; } else if(human->getMoney() <=0) { cout<<"You ran out of money and can't pay for the bluebook. So you don't go to"<<endl; cout<<"the test."<<endl; gameOver=true; } else if(human->getIntel() <=0) { cout<<"You are too mentally exhausted to take the test and fail to remember where you" <<endl; cout<<"were going."<<endl; gameOver=true; } } if(human->getSteps()==0) { gameOver=true; remainingIntel=human->getIntel(); remainingMoney=human->getMoney(); remainingTime=human->getTime(); totalscore=remainingIntel*remainingMoney*remainingTime; cout<<"Congratulations you have won the game!!!"<<endl; cout<<"You final score is: "<<totalscore<<endl; cout<<endl; cout<<"Enter your name for the high score list: "; getline(cin, name); getline(cin, name); cout<<endl; cout<<"Again, congratulations "<<name<<" again for winning."<<endl; cout<<endl; cout<<"Would you like to play again? (Y/N) "; cin>>again; cout<<endl; cout<<endl; if(again!='n'&& again!='N') { gameOver=false; newgame=true; } } } cout<<"Thank you for playing the Dunston Dungeon. We hope you play again."<<endl; cout<<endl; cout<<endl; cout<<endl; } #include "DungeonDunston.h" void saveGame(PLAYER *human) { char FileName[20]; cout<<"Enter the name of which you want to create the save? "<<endl; cin >> FileName; ofstream Save(FileName, ios::out); Save<<human->getMoney()<<" "<<human->getIntel()<<" "<<human->getTime()<<" "<<human->getSteps()<<endl; Save.close(); } I get error C2064: term does not evaluate to a function taking 1 arguments I'm having trouble figure it out any help would be greately appreciated.
  10. Going for a Job, Requires a Test

    If your looking to be a programmer check here: This topic came up a little while ago in the IDGA forums and the guys there made up a mock test. Most of it is based on what real people in the industry would ask for different positions. So I suggest checking that out. You can check out the topic on the IDGA forum here:
  11. QT tutorials?

    Thanks for your input. We finally got a hello world application up and running so maybe we'll just write a simple allegro program to run on the phone to show him that allegro would work. The only reason we are pushing the allegro is becuase I've had some experience with it unlike QT which none of us know how to use. I'm still looking for tutorials on QT just in case he still won't let use it or for some reason we can't get it working. We noticed in the designer there is a Tetris example called Tetrix, so we know it's possible to make the game and actually got to see all of the source code.
  12. QT tutorials?

    First off I'm going to say this I'm new to Linux. I'm working with a group to create a Linux version of Tetris for the Openmoko Neo1973 phone for a professor at my University. The big drawback is that the group I'm working with, it's all our first time using Linux. After trying to convince him to allow us to use Allegro for the game, he insists that we use QT to make the game, as he's not sure allegro would work on the phone. From my research QT is more of a GUI tool and not necessarily a great game maker. Am I correct or have I just missed something? If I am wrong and it can be used for games, could point me in the direction of some good tutorials for making games using QT? Thanks.
  13. Timer for tetris

    I'm attempting to make a text based Tetris. Currently I'm just setting up getting the block to fall set up. I have it so that the block falls to the bottom however the timer function doesn't work for some reason. I'm attempting to use sleep(5) however every time I compile it keeps giving me 'Sleep':identifier not found. I'm just trying to have it sleep for 5 seconds. What am I doing wrong and why isn't it compiling the sleep part? I have tried capatalizing it and making it lower cases as some of the things people said to do on google but neither worked. I am using Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition for windows, as from what I read on google it matters what OS and compiler you use. #include <iostream> #include <stdio.h> #include <time.h> using namespace std; int main() { int board[10][8]; for(int i=0; i<10; i++)// create board { for(int j=0; j<8; j++) board[i][j]=0; } //Creates square shaped block board[0][4]=1; board[0][3]=1; board[1][4]=1; board[1][3]=1; //print board for(int i=0; i<10; i++) { for(int j=0; j<8; j++) cout<<board[i][j]; cout<<endl; } int drop=0; bool enddrop=false; while(enddrop!=true)// while block hasn't reached the bottom of the board { for(int i=9; i>=0; i--) { for(int j=7; j>=0; j--) { if(board[i][j]==1 && board[i+1][j]==0)// if nothing underneath the block fall { board[i+1][j]=1; board[i][j]=0; } if(board[i][j]==1 && i+1==9)// check if at bottom { enddrop=true; } else drop++; } } cout<<endl; for(int i=0; i<10; i++)//prints out after block has fallen { for(int j=0; j<8; j++) cout<<board[i][j]; cout<<endl; } Sleep(5);//error occurs here } } Thanks any help would be appreciated.
  14. Which memory should I choose?

    Quote:Original post by Running_Wolf There isn't really much of a reason to go for the 4GB IMO unless you intend for it to be a complete desktop replacement. And only then if you intend on doing extremely intensive applications such as 3D Rendering using a professional modeling/rendering package. I do not own a desktop computer at all and do not plan on buying one anytime in the near future, so this will be my primary computer. I do plan on using the Torque game engine or/and other similiar type game engines depending on the projects I'm working on. As for upgrading myself, with a laptop and with my lack of hardware experience, that really isn't an option. Otherwise I'd totally agree. They both come with the different Ram, so it's not really a difference between the two. Matter of fact other than screen size, I really haven't found a difference between the two.
  15. Which memory should I choose?

    I'm looking at purchasing a laptop, in particularly the Dell Inspiron 1520 or the Dell Inspiron 1720. I was wondering when it comes to memory would you recommend the 2GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 at 667MHz or 4GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 at 667MHz? I'll mainly be using the laptop to play media applications (i.e. play movies, music, etc.) and play/program games. I know the 4GB would be better in general but it costs $800 more than the 2 GB which is why I'm wondering if it's worth it for what I want to do with the laptop. [Edited by - TKE Super Dave on August 1, 2007 1:32:41 PM]