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  1. I and my friend have just released a game! In the Deadlock Empire, the player assumes the role of a computer scheduler, and in each level receives a multithreaded program that he must break, for example by triggering a deadlock or putting two threads in a critical section at the same time. Play online: https://deadlockempire.github.io/ The game won the hackCambridge hackathon, see our demonstration on YouTube. Screenshots:
  2. Lesan

    You Don't Need to Hide Your Source Code

    DRM does work. Sure, many games will be cracked; but if the developers can a few weeks with DRM intact, they'll get a lot of money.   This ("Someone is just going to easily make their own game data and outcompete me.") is a very valid counter-argument. It's akin to modding, except that you can sell and market the "mods" as an original game, not requiring the original.
  3. Lesan

    Gonna ask again!

    Quote:Original post by Prinz Eugn Well, you got a 93% "hodnocení redakce", which I think means, roughly, "there is large chance of [it] causing painful hemorrhaging of the fingernails." Keep in mind I have no idea what the hell I'm talking about. "Hodnocení redakce" means "Rating of the editors" "Hodnocení čtenářů" means "Rating of the readers/visitors" I sent a PM with the translation to Ravuya.
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