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  1. erjo

    square roots with C++

    Try including math and using the function sqrt.
  2. I almost figured as much, but something on here has used Access, atleast in the past. It might've been the pollsystem actually... The connection calls to JET are blocking and slows everything down. I do know that I haven't gotten those errors in a long time though(a year or so atleast). Regards, Eric
  3. Just a small tip, if I may... Assuming the webserver this is running on is an IIS(I can't remember, although I have seen the error pages), changing the extensions on the asp files to aspx will make it use the newer, snappier asp.net engine. It will compile the pages instead of interpret them each and every visit, like asp classic does. The only actual code change needed is to put braces() on all method calls, such as response.write or server.createobject(aka, response.write("hello")...). The .net engine will default the language to VB and all will be well. Also, I seem to remember seeing JET engine errors from time to time. That means Access. Bad database. Change. Please. Regards, Eric
  4. bxela1, to say it quickly, read what CTar had to say. He brought up alot of valid points and good references. Look around on Microsofts website for the basic tools you need to get started. Learn the language, make some textbased games, move on from there. It'll take a long time though, be prepared to spend alot of time on programming if you want to become any good at it.
  5. This looks to be a heirarchial format, so you'd need to construct a tree to parse it properly. The "side"s belong to a specific "solid". Doesn't look like something you should tackle first thing if your new to c++.
  6. erjo

    C++ I guess I'm built backwards

    Harrism, that was the most confusing post I have ever read, and I know C++. To the OP: C++ isn't hard. It doesn't take very much to learn the basics. However, it is quite easy to screw up, especially when/if you get to the part about pointers. To use it to it's fullest, take advantage of the standard library. It speeds up development and it's, more or less, error free. As to "the line code before I go using library files that I have no idea how they do what they do", I'm not entirely sure about what you're talking about, but I'm guessing that you want to know how to start a program, where it begins. This should all be covered in the book you bought, but it's generally main() or WinMain, depending on platform. Since I'm not entirely sure I understood your question, this might be an answer to something completely different. If this didn't help, please respond with a better description of your problem and I'll see to answering it for you. Regards, Eric
  7. Can't tell you very much about the Unreal community, but the Valve community is HUGE, but scattered throughout the web. The Torque community is quite a bit smaller(still quite big though), but centered around a single point(the Garage Games website). // Eric
  8. AP, almost right. Drop the first one from floor #50. Drop the second one from floor #25 or #75 depending on if it breaks. Keep on narrowing down the possible floor in the same way(50, 25, 37, 44, 47, 46, 45 for example).
  9. erjo

    Not related but im in big trouble!

    Well, if you've got a LED that shows power on status or harddrive activity, those won't light up as they're connected to the motherboard and you will need to disconnect that to try this. However, if you've got a CD/DVD-ROM, the LED on that should light up...
  10. erjo

    Not related but im in big trouble!

    By shorting those two pins, the fan in the PSU will start spinning, and it will give currents out on all the pins that need current when your computer is on, like all the IDE/S-ATA powerpins, the four-pin P4 CPU power plug, and a whole bunch of pins in the main MB plug.
  11. erjo

    Not related but im in big trouble!

    Hi. Just because the PSU gives you a small current(like the one that enables POL and such) you can't be sure that it's working properly. Try it, it won't hurt you, and it might just be your problem.
  12. erjo

    Not related but im in big trouble!

    Hey. Try hotwiring your power supply. I'm pretty sure it's pins 14 & 16(left & right of the "clip"). The fans in it should atleast start. That way, you can rule that part out. // Eric
  13. erjo

    quadtree question

    Hi. It's really late so I need to make this short - if you need more help then say so and I'll elaborate in the morning. What you need to do is 'build' a quadtree from your heightmap. This means that you need to fill out all the layers until you reach some arbitary limit. Then, you construct a model of the frustrum(do a search for frustrum culling with google), and check if the current level is fully or partly inside the frustrum. If the level is fully within the frustrum, render the whole thing. If it's partly inside, repeat this process on it's four children. If it's fully outside the frustrum, then it isn't visible and can be thrown away(or rather, ignored until the view frustrum changes(you move the camera). From my experience, a pure heightmap isn't going to be much good once you want to make the rendering a bit more effective. It might be good to have to perform terrain colissions and such though. Hope the explanation helps, Eric
  14. erjo

    OpenGL OpenGL won't compile in VC6

    From what I can find at a glance, it seems like strsep() is a BSD only thing and thus not part of the standard.( MSDN ) // Eric
  15. erjo

    starting another program...

    I'm pretty sure you shouldn't include the "s in the string you send to system. And, about CreateProcess, check the examples. You can substitute most of the arguments for NULL.
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