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  1. RT @Petercampbell1: Never forget - Sealions are as fast on land as they are in water. So if you're against one in a triathlon, you've got…
  2. Right, time to build an Ikea wardrobe with my wife. You can start drawing up the divorce papers now.
  3. Happy birthday to this lovely little idiot. My lad Gabe, one year old today. https://t.co/UKuhjmJweh
  4. Migrants on Greek islands are being left in limbo without fresh water or basic facilities. Limbo is between Lesbos and Crete.
  5. A bad words? Autologically incorrect. Bedtime.
  6. Started to learn MODO's sculpting tools. Took just 20 minutes to freak myself out. https://t.co/Cng40o7Nae
  7. RT @HarbordCBC: Quit now. It's never going to get better than this headline and lede. https://t.co/vOUhGQPjy8
  8. Just realised my banoffee curd breakfast was so astonighingly good that I've forgotten to pack my lunch. #curd
  9. My Modo modeling tonight just shows the importance of sketches or referefence. Nice model, but nothing like what I need to make.
  10. RT @GarethJeffJones: The Orcs from @ralphbakshi's Lord of the Rings, before they were enhanced by rotoscoping. #LOTR https://t.co/6sd3aFsGzh
  11. Just came across a text file in our codebase containing the stark warning "Not for human use." Hmm, just who ARE our clients?
  12. My PC's installing update 2 of 9. Stay tuned for a Star Trek joke in about twenty minutes.
  13. Don't tell anyone, but I'm wearing my adventure hat in the office. Nobody's said anything so I think I'm getting away with it.
  14. Was up at the crack of dawn this morning, but *what* a crack. This, from our balcony, is why we bought this house. https://t.co/qe47c2UNqC
  15. Decided to finally rip and collate all my old CDs so I can box them up for good. Three CDs later my CD drive packed up. Well played, Monday.
  16. Tomorrow we go from being a homeless family with a rich solicitor to the logical opposite. Gimme the keys already.
  17. RT @retroremakes: Death Ray Manta is on sale - it's 80p-ish, Eurogamer Recommended and full o'fish and lasers. https://t.co/KfHZ1W3g1z http…
  18. Henry V, Act 1, in case you're looking for the bibliography for that joke.
  19. By far my best go on Nebulus ever. Managed the Broken Path in one life. Insta-death on The Nasty One. #retrogaming https://t.co/07VftC5Ugc
  20. Mortgage approved. Phew. Probability of ending up homeless before next weekend has reduced significantly.
  21. RT @happienoodleboy: The Willow Effect: Prologue is now on steam greenlight, if you like it, please go vote for it! https://t.co/qwGlCeSMPy
  22. RT @IGDZichu: The beard physics is getting better, slightly. #indiedev #IndieDevHour #gamedev Could probably do with less joints https://t…
  23. Remember when Theresa May tried to have Eid Mubarak deported?
  24. RT @happienoodleboy: I made a game, you can play it, it's free! https://t.co/1J85w6VQIG
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