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    Use BackBuffer as Texture Input

    Hey thanks! ok, when I think about it seems logical to me now You can't do this directly as you would be both reading from and writing to the same GPU-side resource at the same time, so you have two main options.[/quote] Of course I would read the background, warp it and then render the front of the object on top of it. Doing that at the same time can´t work on a logical level... did not quite see that before I guess I will go with the framebuffers then, no problem at all when post effects are applied (at some point in the future). They need offscreen buffers anyway. Thanks!
  2. Hi Guys! I´d like to implement a refraction like effect, and would like to warp the "background" of the object in some way. As the object is marked as translucent it is rendered in a separate queue after the opaque objects - so it can be assumed that at this stage the background has been fully drawn. Is it possible to use the actual BackBuffer as Texture Input or do I have to render to the scene to a separate RenderTexture and perform the read from this texture ? I would like to avoid the additional copying that is involved with that. Thanks a lot, Frederick
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