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  1. Actually you can hash a 7x6 Connect-4 board fairly simply in 63 bits, since you know that the empty holes must always appear above the pieces: 7*6 = 42 bits for the piece colours (0 = white or empty, 1 = black) 7*3 = 21 bits for the height of the columns (a three bit number containing a height of 0-6, 7 is invalid)
  2. Heightmap Generator problem. (C++)

    that should be new unsigned char[size*size] not new unsigned char(size*size) I'm not sure but I think the second one will allocate one char and sets its value to size*size, while the first one allocates an array of chars. Also please put code, /code tags (in square brackets) around your code to make it more readable in future. Also, use a debugger! It's a lot easier to find where your code is failing by single-stepping through it than trying to figure out which line of your code compiles to address 0x00401435.
  3. about threading

    No, generally you just move every object slightly every 60th of a second. So your loop looks like this: while (game is running) { for each object in the world { move object } for each object in the world { draw object } update sound, network, controls etc. }
  4. Choosing a Terrain Editor?

    Well they are somewhat different things - FreeWorld3D is a landscape/terrain editor and DeleD is a polygon mesh editor. You may need both, one for the landscape and one for the objects and characters which populate it. Off the top of my head, as far as landscape editors go there's also Grome (http://www.quadsoftware.com/). Anyway since there are free demo versions of both FW3D and DeleD why not just give them a try and see whether they are right for you?
  5. Collision Question

    I'm not a license (or physics library) expert but I think here are two to start with: http://sourceforge.net/projects/opende - BSD-style license http://sourceforge.net/projects/bullet - ZLib license