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  1. Hi there. it's taken 2 years but I think I have found a replacement hobby to programming. making battery cells and steam boilers lol. Its been really fun. Im still doing or learning electronics. AUTODESK has a virtual circuits program named AUTODESK CIRCUITS here. wow is all I can say about that nice app. Its a online app no need to down load just sign up. Here's a link to my YouTube channel if you would like to learn how to make a battery cell or maybe a mono tube rocket stove boiler.
  2. Ok cool. I'll unblock it. I think I clicked that one dirty add it was a game. I thought it was part of game dev image of the day. After that ad I installed adblock
  3. If the ads where safe I would allow them in but so many are malware. been bitten once not a gain. Are your ads safe, do you check them out first before allowing them on here.  
  4. No more hot days if you make this. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ITtlxjvLQis You can make it smaller.
  5. Unity

    Hey how did you do that cool google link thing.
  6. Hi. Is something over heating in your computer.
  7. Hey All. I used to Put C for class, reason was so I could use the actual name of the class as the variable name. Like CActor Actor; //works for me
  8. Hi again. I think I do if my memory serves me correctly, Your using 3DSMax and exporting .X files but the thing is when the plug in for .X files in 3dsmax exports what ever material is in the materials editor gets linked (Had me for a while) the fix  go into the materials dlg and remove none used materials. thats why all my objects became just skinned meshes for all things. Just some had less bones like A bone. That's what I think it is.
  9. Hi there. This is the second post of how this components system is giving you grief. Time to take a step back, Or at least put in a function call when one of the main objects dies that is linked to other components that it removes all links then deletes it self, call it some thing like RemoveAllLinkedComponentsFromMatserObject();. Or this may haunt you for ever.
  10. Hi. Have a look at google protocol buffers, works well for serializing.
  11. This may help, if the images load, here
  12. if its like the HoneyPot it should be banned practiced.
  13. say what. It should just be the whole worlds history is smeared.   What we have here is a race of beings that are that immature, that they would rather harm each other then respect each others difference's and work together.   Wonder what would of came if each culture had there own planet.  Star Wars....he..........
  14. WiredCat nice vid's. See how those messed up dogs attack they just keep going. eaten alive does not feel good at all.   There too quick for a flame thrower alas. But good armour and a gun let it latch and then blow its damn head off, but try to miss your leg when doing it. But since you have leg armour you can take your time doing so.
  15. Hi. Do you need to recompile the shaders for a 64 bit, or the mesh file needs to be saved as a 64 bit file.